“Sir Qin, please wait.
We will get Fung Yinluo for you.” Fung Tong said.

Qin Xia suddenly laughed out loud.
Everyone did not dare to move.

“Are you done discussing among yourselves?” Qin Xia asked after laughing.

“Sir Qin, we will give Fung Yinluo to you.
So, please spare our family.” Fung Ming said.

We are innocent.”

“Fung Yinluo is the bad one.”

Fung’s family members shouted.
Fung Ming did not say anything just stared at the family members who shouted about wanting to kill his daughter.
His heart went cold.

“Innocent? Bad? Are you sure?” Qin Xia stated.

Qin Xia sneered.
“When Fung Yinluo told you all about my junior sister’s space, you all were greedy, wanting her space to be yours.
You even wanted her to be your family slave.
So that you can use her space at your will.
And some of you even suggested that she should be married to your family members.
Am I right?”

Xie Likui was standing beside Qin Xia doing nothing.
But when Qin Xia was exposing the plan where the Fung Family wanted to make his beloved a slave and wanted to marry her to their family, he finally showed some emotion.

“You wanted to make her a slave? You wanted to marry her to your family?” Xie Likui stepped forward and asked the Fung Family.

The Fung Family noticed Xie Likui.
The aura that Xie Likui emitted was not normal.
Not everyone had this kind of aura.
They felt oppressed by this man’s aura.

Some of the Fung Family members could not stand the pressure.
They kneeled on the floor.

“You should know that your family is not so innocent.” Qin Xia stated.

Xie Likui began to kill everyone.
Qin Xia joined too.
Some of them rushed out of the hall.
Qin Xia and Xie Likui did not worry that they would escape because they already made a barrier around the family mansion.

No one could escape the barrier unless they had someone familiar with the formation.
But the Fung Family did not have anyone like that in their family.

Qin Xia fought with Fung Ming.
Fung Ming was not weak.
He fought Qin Xia with all his might.
He already hated Qin Xia for making his daughter in her current state.

But Fung Ming was not strong enough.
Qin Xia killed him with three moves only.
Then Xie Likui and Qin Xia proceed to kill everyone in the family.
They did not miss anyone.
Children, women and servants.

Xie Likui went to Fung Yinluo.
From what Qin Xia said, Fung Yinluo was the one who told everyone that Qin Yue had the space.
Because of that, his beloved was targeted.

Even though Xie Likui knew that Fung Yinluo already went crazy, he was not satisfied.
Xie Likui kicked the door.

The maid who attended Fung Yinluo looked at the door.
It was an unknown man.

“Who are you? What do you want?” The maid asked.

Xie Likui did not answer the maid and was directly killed the maid.
The maid was shocked when she was killed without knowing anything.

Fung Yinluo was smiling.
When she saw Xie Likui, she stood up from her bed.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Oh, you are my lover.
Come here.
Come here and sit.” Fung Yinluo waved her hand to Xie Likui.

Xie Likui stared at this woman.
This woman was the cause of his beloved dead.
His beloved had died but the culprit was still alive.
The more he thought about that, the more hate he felt toward Fung Yinluo.

Fung Yinluo saw that the man did not respond to her or come to her side.
She stepped forward approaching the man.
She was about to reach out her hand.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her hand.
Her hand dropped to the ground while the blood burst out.
Fung Yinluo shouted in pain.

pAn,Da nv,e1

“Why did you do this to me? You are mine.
You should not hurt me like this.” Fung Yinluo questioned Xie Likui.

Xie Likui smirked.
“I am yours?” He kicked Fung Yinluo.

Fung Yinluo smacked into the wall.
The blood came out of the mouth too.

“Are you done?” Qin Xia asked.

All of the family members had been killed.
No one was left except for Fung Yinluo.

“I want her to suffer more.” Xie Likui stated.
“I will destroy her root.”

When the root had been destroyed, the cultivator would be a normal human being without any strength.

“Good, I will cut her hands and legs off.” Qin Xia added.

Xie Likui placed his hand on Fung Yinluo’s forehead.
Fung Yinluo was happy when Xie Likui touched her forehead.
She thought Xie Likui wanted to heal her.

Xie Likui gathered all of his strength in his palm.
He wanted to give a very painful strike on Fung Yinluo”s root.

“Argh!!!!!!!” Fung Yinluo shouted in pain when Xie Likui stroked her root.

Fung Yinluo’s root had been destroyed.
Now she already became a normal human being.

Qin Xia stepped forward.

“You should have been a good friend to my junior sister.
She told you about her space because she trusted you so much but you betrayed her just like that.” Qin Xia said.

Qin Xia strikes Fung Yinluo’s hand and legs.
The joins had been cut.
But Qin Xia stopped the bleeding.

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