“Why do you stop her bleeding?” Xie Likui frowned.

“This way, she would be suffered longer.
She is a human being right now.
She needed to eat.
Without eating, she would suffer hunger and eventually die.
Don’t you think it will be perfect suffer to her?” Qin Xia smiled.

Xie Likui was silent.
That was indeed an excellent way to leave a human being to suffer before dying.

Both of them left Fung Mansion.
Qin Xia looked behind.
He clicked his fingers.
The huge fire surrounded the Fung Mansion and burned everything.


Xie Likui returned to the forest where he and Qin Yue used to hunt monsters together.
The forest was full of their memories together.

Xie Likui went to the inner part of the forest where they built a white mansion together when they were together.
He stepped inside the mansion.

Inside the mansion, there were two statuses of a man and a woman standing beside each other.
The statuses were him and Qin Yue

It was Qin Yue’s idea to build the statuses.
They promised each other that they would be together forever.
But Qin Yue left him alone right now.

The tears that he had to hold back came out naturally in front of Qin Yue’s status.

“Yue… Yue… Yue… I am sorry… I am sorry… I don’t stand by your side… I am really sorry.” Xie Likui was mumbling something while sobbing.

Xie Likui was sobbing for a long time.
He did not know how much time had passed.


Xie Likui called what Qin Yue wanted to turn this place into a training space.

He would achieve what Qin Yue wanted.
He returned to his master, the bearded old man to study more about creating the space.

He also went to Qin Xia for help.
Qin Xia was surprised by what Xie Likui wanted to do but he did not stop him.
Qin Xia even gave everything that Qin Yue previously owned.

Qin Yue left a lot of notes about weapons, potions and space.
It was sealed in a box.
Qin Yue told Qin Xia that no one could open the box except for someone.

Qin Xia was confident that someone was Xie Likui.
Meaning this box was meant to be with Xie Likui.

Xie Likui recognized the box.
Qin Yue made the box in front of him.
She even asked for his blood for the recognition method.
So, only Qin Yue and Xie Likui could open the box with their blood.

Xie Likui thanked Qin Xia for this and left.
He continued to study for 20 years.
After he felt confident about this, he returned to the white mansion.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

He stood in front of the two statuses.
He looked up at Qin Yue’s status.

“Yue, I miss you.” Xie Likui smiled sadly.

Xie Likui took a long breath while closing his eyes.
After he opened his eyes, the look on his face changed.

The next few days, the cultivation world had been exploded with the news that the south forest had been missing.
Everything went missing.
The tree, the river, and the monsters were gone.

No one could explain why that happened.
Some of them suspected that a battle took place in that forest and destroyed everything.
Another theory said that an immortal came and took interest in that forest.
So, he brought the forest back with him.


“It had been five days.
Why don’t Sister Yu Qi woke up yet?” Dian Qi Qi saw while watching Yu Qi.

“Don’t worry.
She looks fine.
Even Long Hui is still not waking up.” Dian Shu Xian calmed his younger sister down.

That’s right.
It had been five days since Yu Qi and Long Hui fell into this state.
At first, they thought Yu Qi and Long Hui had been chosen.
The same thing happened to some of the people here.

But after two days, others woke up except for Yu Qi and Long Hui.
Dian Qi Qi thought they would wake up later.
She went to ask Dian Zin Fang who that been chosen too about his experience.

Dian Zin Fang told her about his experience.
He had received an ancient sword technique and had been training for about two years.

At first, he did not want to stay long because he did not want to be trapped in the miracle space for another ten years but the master who taught him told him that the time flow was different here.
He would not miss the time to return.

Others also said the same story except for the inheritance that they got.
Everyone got different inheritances.

However, the fifth day arrived today, Yu Qi and Long Hui still were not waking up.
Dian Qi Qi even tried to wake them up and a formation appeared surrounding both of them making it impossible to get close to Yu Qi and Long Hui.

Dian Qi Qi sometimes saw Yu Qi and Long Hui’s bodies glow in the light.
Everyone was curious about that.
They wondered what kind of inheritance Yu Qi and Long Hui got making they had stayed inside for such a long time.

“You should not be too worried.
I am sure that Yu Qi and Long Hui are fine.” Wan Yang My comforted Dian Qi Qi.

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