Suddenly the bright glow from Yu Qi and Long Hui’s bodies became bigger, almost blinding everyone who was watching them.
It was only for one second.
Then the light disappeared.

Feeling the blinding light had disappeared, everyone kept looking at Yu Qi and Long Hui.
They could see that both Yu Qi and Long Hui finally opened their eyes.

Dian Qi Qi wanted to rush to Yu Qi but to her surprise, Yu Qi rushed to hug Long Hui.
She wondered why did Yu Qi react like this after she woke up.

Long Hui felt that his body had been hugged right after he opened his eyes.
He still thought he was still in a dream.

He looked down and saw it was his beloved Qi Qi hugging him.
His beloved Qi Qi was crying.

“Qi Qi, why are you crying like this?” Long Hui gently patted Yu Qi’s head.

“I am sorry… I am sorry…” Yu Qi said repeatedly in between her sobbing.

“What is going on, hmm?” Long Hui still asked in a gentle tone.

Yu Qi finally looked up.
Her face was full of tears.
Long Hui was shocked to see his beloved Qi Qi crying like this.
Everyone was also surprised when seeing Yu Qi like that.

Long Hui panicked.
He thought Yu Qi was in pain.
That was why she cried like that.

“Qi Qi, tell me.
Are you in pain or something?” Long Hui asked.

“I am really sorry.
I left you alone.
You dealt with the pain for such a long time.
I am sorry.” Yu Qi went sobbing again.

Long Hui was confused.

“Likui, I am sorry.”

When Yu Qi mentioned the name, it struck Long Hui away.
He looked at Yu Qi in disbelief.

“You….” Long Hui looked at Yu Qi.

Bucong Jiye was also watching Yu Qi and Long Hui.
She heard that Yu Qi was calling the wrong name.

“I didn’t know that her fiance’s name was Likui?” Bucong Jiye stated.

“I thought his name is Long Hui.” Bucong Nanyi said.

“Then, who is Likui?” Bucong Jiye sneered.

Bucong Jiye wanted to say that Yu Qi was cheating with another man named Likui.
Since people hated dirty cheaters.

Dian Qi Qi glared at Bucong Jiye sharply.
However, she did not say anything.
She turned to Yu Qi and Long Hui again.

Yu Qi was still crying.
But she finally got a hold of herself.
She forgot that Long Hui did not have any old memories of when they were Qin Yue and Xie Likui.
But she could not hold herself when seeing Long Hui.

She missed “Xie Likui” so much.
After she exploded herself, her soul did not shatter away.
Usually, when cultivators decided to end their lives, their souls would be shattered away.
They could enter the reincarnation path.

However, it was not the same for Qin Yue.
Her space protected her soul.
Her soul was lingering at that place where she exploded herself.

Her soul was happy when she saw Xie Likui coming to the place.
Then her soul had been attached to Xie Likui.
After that, she was together with Xie Likui the whole time.please visit panda(-)

When he went to get revenge on her behalf with Qin Xia, when he was studying, she was together with him for the whole time.

She was crying too when she witnessed Xie Likui crying because of her death.
At that time, she regretted the decision that she made when she decided to explode herself.

When Xie Likui decided to create the space, she also helped Xie Likui with the final step.
That was why a part of Qin Yue’s soul appeared from the status.

pAnD a(-)

This time, Yu Qi looked at Long Hui in disbelief eyes.
“You know?”

“You are really Qin Yue?” Long Hui questioned Yu Qi again.

Yu Qi nodded several times.
Her teary eyes did not look away from Long Hui’s eyes.

Long Hui quickly hugged Yu Qi.
“Qin Yue, Yu Qi…” He mumbled the two names.

Everyone was confused when watching both Yu Qi and Long Hui.
They did not understand a thing.
Likui, Qin Yue… Who are they?

Yu Qi never thought that Long Hui would be in the same state as her.
Reliving their past life.
Long Hui released Yu Qi from his hug.

“Xie Likui.”

“Qin Yue.”

Yu Qi and Long Hui smiled at each other.

“Sister Yu Qi, are you okay now?” Dian Qi Qi tried to wave at Yu Qi.

“Oh, I am sorry.” Yu Qi wiped her tears.

“Don’t wipe like that.
Your skin will be in pain.” Long Hui pulled out a handkerchief and wiped Yu Qi’s tears gently.

“Thank you.” Yu Qi smiled at Long Hui.

“I am really sorry to make you see this.” Yu Qi apologised to Dian Qi Qi.

“Oh, I don’t mind.
But what happened actually? Why are you crying like that?” Dian Qi Qi wanted to probe into the detail.

“It is between us.
I can’t tell you.” Yu Qi said.

“Why can’t you tell us? Why? Are your secret dirty?” Bucong Jiye joined the conversation.

“Shut up, Bucong Jiye.
It is not your business.” Dian Qi Qi stated.

“Well, I am asking.” Bucong Jiye smirked.
“Who is Likui? I think it is a man’s name.
Why are you calling his name?”

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