After they were done eating, Yu Qi walked Qin Xia around.
She wanted to show him the changes in her space.

Qin Xia was surprised when he entered the pagoda.
It was indeed different from what he remembered.
It already had a lot of modern stuff such as the elevator and the computer ‘Mary’.

“I tell you it is different now.” Yu Qi said it proudly.

It is indeed different now.
You are really a weird one.” Qin Xia chuckled.

“Senior Brother Xia, you can not say something like that to your own junior sister.” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.
“You are also a weird one.
Making yourself insane, playing with knives and hanging out with thugs.”

“Oh…” Qin Xia smiled.

Yu Qi was saying the truth.
At one point, he was doing that kind of thing.
He was feeling bored with his life at that time.
So, he joined a gang and played the role of the madman who liked to play with knives.

However, he was really grateful for that.
If he did not join that gang, he would never meet his junior sister.

“It would have been a lot better if I found you a long time ago, you would not have suffered so much during your childhood.” Qin Xia said regretting that.

ραпdα nᴏνɐ| сom

“Like you said earlier, everything that happened has its reasons.
I am happy with what I have now.
I barely remember what happened when I was a kid.” Yu Qi stated.

After spending time inside Yu Qi’s space, Qin Xia returned to his house in Yu Qi’s same way.
However, this time, Long Hui followed them too.

The security guards were surprised to see the woman return again with another man.
They were curious but they did not dare to ask at all.

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi into his arms after returning to Yu Qi’s space.
He had waited long enough.
He began to arouse Yu Qi until she asked for more.


Since they were in Capital City, Yu Qi suggested that Long Hui visited his maternal grandparent.
Even though his maternal grandmother was quite mean to Yu Qi, his maternal grandfather was quite good.
He did not stop Long Hui from having a relationship with Yu Qi.

So, before they went to his maternal grandparent’s house, they went to buy gifts for them.
It was the weekend.
So, a lot of people were in the shopping mall.  They met someone that they knew there.

“Hui, long time no see.” A voice greeted Long Hui with an enthusiastic voice.

Yu Qi and Long Hui turned around and saw Chi Yuan with her friends.
Yu Qi had a slight smile on her face while Long Hui kept his straight face.

“Long time no see, Miss Chi.” Yu Qi greeted Chi Yuan.please visit pαпᵈα-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ

Chi Yuan gritted her teeth while smiling when Long Hui ignored her.
He did not look at her either.

“Excuse us.
We have to go.” Yu Qi did not want to waste their time talking to Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan really had a thick skin.
She dared to greet Yu Qi and Long Hui after what she had done to Yu Qi and Long Hui.

“Wait, why don’t we have lunch together?” Chi Yuan suggested.

Yu Qi chuckled.
“Ms Chi, I don’t know why you can act normally in front of me after what you had done to us.
Don’t tell me that you forgot about it.
We even went to court to settle that matter.”

Yu Qi could see that Chi Yuan’s expression slightly changed.

“Why are you acting like this to Chi Yuan? You are so rude.” One of Chi Yuan’s friends reprimanded Yu Qi.

“Rude? Why does she need to treat this woman with respect when this woman tries to ruin her reputation? The way she treats this woman is good enough.” A woman interrupted the conversation.

Yu Qi turned around and saw Gu Ning together with Wei Ding Ye.
Gu Ning waved her hand to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi smiled while nodding her head to Gu Ning.

“You probably should know about the incident.
I do not dare to be friends with her.” Wei Ding Ye acted.

“Wei Ding Ye!” Chi Yuan looked at Wei Ding Ye.
“Your grandmother would dislike hearing about this.”

“Yeah… yeah… You can go and report this to her.
Do you think I still care about that?” Wei Ding Ye snorted.

After Wei Ding Ye left the house after being told by Grandma Wei, she refused to return home even after her parents asked her to.
Wei Yan, Wei Ding Ye’s father and Gu Muxue, Wei Ding Ye’s mother gave up asking her to return.

Gu Muxue saw Grandma Wei’s treatment of Wei Ding Ye and told her husband about that.
It was better for Wei Ding Ye not to return home after all.

Wei Ding Ye grew up watching her grandmother spoil Chi Yuan.
None of the other grandchildren had the privilege like Chi Yuan.
In the beginning, she did feel jealous of Chi Yuan.

She even went to complain to her grandmother but her grandmother got angry with her by telling her that she needed to behave like Chi Yuan.
She did as her grandmother said but her grandmother ignored her and still treated Chi Yuan better.
She gave up after that.

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