The emcee of the conference went up to the stage.
She started to talk.

”Dear guests, please take a seat in front of the stage.
We as the organizer have invited someone special to give you a talk.
Please. ” The emcee invited the guests to sit on the chair prepared in front of the stage.

”Na An, let ’s go. ” You Qi pushed Ding Na An to sit.

”Okay. ” Ding Na An followed Yu Qi.

”I wonder who will go to give a talk here.
He or she must be well known. ”

Yu Qi heard someone talking.

”Of course.
Otherwise, the organizer would not invite him. ”

Ding Na An leaned over.
”Who do you think? ”

Yu Qi shook her head.
”I don ’t know.
Probably a well-known doctor from this country. ”

The guest filled the seats.
The emcee once again went up to the stage with a smile.

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”Thank you for your cooperation.
Without any waiting, we would like to welcome the famous doctor that specializes in both traditional and western medical knowledge, Professor Doctor Tang Jiang Man. ” The emcee announced.

Ding Na An and Yu Qi looked at each other.
They obviously surprised by this.

”Yu Qi, you don ’t know about this? ” Ding Na An asked.

”No. ” Yu Qi answered.

”I see.
Well, let ’s hear about the lecture. ” Ding Na An said.

Grandpa Tang gave the lecture about the roles of traditional medicine in primary health care.

”Thank you for the organizer for inviting this old man to this medical conference.
In the recent past, there has been a growing interest in Traditional medicine/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) and their relevance to public health both in developed and developing countries.

Diversity, flexibility, easy accessibility, broad continuing acceptance in developing countries and increasing popularity in developed countries, relatively low cost, low levels of technological input, relative low side effects and growing economic importance are some of the positive features of traditional medicine.

In this context, there is a critical need to mainstream traditional medicine into public health care to achieve the objective of improved access to healthcare facilities.
However, evidence suggests a disparity between personal choices the public make in terms of integration of different medical systems and the TCAM policy formulation and their implementation.
According to WHO some of the major policy challenges include safety, efficacy, quality and rational use of traditional medicine. ”

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Grandpa Tang stopped for a moment.
He adjusted his tone before starting talked again.

” There is also new knowledge generated in the west and other developed countries with a mix of ancient and contemporary scientific knowledge such as phytomedicine, health supplements and macrobiotics among many others which are of relatively recent origin.
There are other therapies such as reiki or shiatsu which are of 20th-century origin.

Often some of these are also a blend of one or more of older medical knowledge systems.
Some consider homoeopathy and chiropractic systems not as traditional medical systems as they were developed in Europe post 18th century after the introduction of modern medicine.
Many other new forms of TCAM therapies can be grouped under this category.
Since some of the new forms of alternative health knowledge are often guided by modern knowledge issues related to their acceptance may be different.

In communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV, traditional medicine has proved its significance.
The global incidence of malaria is around 300 million per year leading to mortality as high as 1.124 million and around 40% affected population have no access to the effective modern drug.
Two of the major drugs used in malaria management such as quinine and artemisinin are derived from traditional medical knowledge in Peru and China respectively.

Traditional medicine is an important source for several such potential drugs for contemporary applications in various infectious diseases.
A recent survey showed that 78% of patients living with HIV/AIDS in the USA using CAM medicines similar patterns have been reported in many other developed and developing countries.

A number of systematic studies on efficacy are slowly emerging suggesting antiretroviral, immunomodulatory and opportunistic infection reducing effects of traditional management methods. ”

Grandpa Tang delivered the message of the importance of traditional medicine should not be buried.
Grandpa Tang looks very excited while gave the audience the talk.

After 1 hour talk, Grandpa Tang finished the lecturer.
He had been escorted by the people to walk around to see the booths.
The presenters that Grandpa Tang went at their booths were excited.
They wanted Grandpa Tang to comment about their research.

”Yu Qi, don ’t you want to go and meet your grandfather? ” Ding Na An asked.

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”Well, Grandfather looks busy.
I will meet him when he finishes his work. ” Yu Qi said.

They looked around the booths.
The medical conference surely worth his name.
There was a lot of interesting research presented.

”Yu Qi. ”

Yu Qi heard her name had been called.
She knew who was the owner of this voice.

”My granddaughter. ” Grandpa Tang showed a childish expression that made everyone dumbfounded when they saw the legendary doctor who well respected, acting like this.

”Yu Qi dear, why don ’t you come and greet me? ” Grandpa Tang sulked.

”I want to greet you but seeing you looking busy, I hold back. ” Yu Qi coaxed Grandpa Tang like a kid.

Everyone that watched the scene felt like a mother coaxed her child and the child that very old.
Some of them were about to laugh when watching this scene.

”Sir, this is? ” One of the organisers asked.

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The onlookers also wanted to know this beautiful girl.

Grandpa Tang then showed a proud face.
”This is my granddaughter.
Tang Yu Qi. ”

The one who knew Grandpa Tang believed that Grandpa Tang did not have a granddaughter.
He only had three grandsons that also worked as a doctor at the Binhai Nation.

Grandpa Tang knew that he would have this kind of reaction.
However, he did not want to explain more about that.

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