“Brother Hui has another thing to do.
He will not be joining us today.” Yu Qi informed the others.

“Oh, is it about his job?” Wei Su Zien asked.

I don’t know much about that.” Yu Qi stated.

“I see.
We can not do anything if it is related to his job.” Wei Ding Ye stated understanding the situation.

“Well, let’s enjoy the play.” Wei Su Zien stated.

“But looking at this map, do you think we can enjoy everything?” Wei Su Kee asked when she looked at all of the attractions of Nigeru Koen.

“Well, I think we can’t.” Wei Su Zien said.

“Don’t need to worry about that.
Most of them are still not open yet.
Like this areas.” Yu Qi pointed at the play-like water park attractions.

Nigeru Koen was a big theme park that consisted of water play and earth play.
Nigeru Koen would be the largest theme park in the Binhai Nation.

After Yu Qi started the construction, many investors wanted to invest in the play after seeing the potential.
Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi to accept some of them.

Bai Cooperation also wanted to invest in the project but Yu Qi rejected them straight away.
She told Su Yu Hi to block any investment from Bai Cooperation.

She did not care if others thought she was petty or something.
But she did not want Bai Cooperation to get involved in her business and make money from her project.

“This skala is very big.” Gu Ning commented.

“Well, let’s go and play.” Yu Qi stated.

“Let’s go and try slingshot.” Wei Ding Ye stated.

“Hmm… Sure.” Yu Qi nodded.

They went to play.
They tried all the available activities.

Wei Su Kee was a bit afraid to try those kinds of play but she strengthened her mind and went for it.
After trying it, she thought it was kind of fun.

After playing for a while, they looked at the time.
It was already lunchtime.
Li Yan brought them to the food store.
There had a lot of food stores in Nigeru Koen but only two of them were opened today.

One of them sold mac and cheese.
Another one sold hamburger rice.
They took both foods.

“When will this theme park officially open?” Gu Ning asked.

“Hmm… Probably three months from now on.
Well, we are still in the middle of hiring people.
We still need to train them too.” Yu Qi stated.

“This place will be popular in no time.” Wei Ding Ye stated.

It is very suitable for a parent to bring their children to enjoy the vacation.” Wei Su Kee gave her opinion.

“But they might need more than one day to enjoy everything here.” Wei Ding Ye stated.

It is so much and has a lot of activities to play.” Gu Ning agreed with that statement.

“I wonder how you manage everything?” Wei Su Zien asked.

“Of course, I can not handle everything.
I hired a lot of competent employees.
They will manage everything.
I will help them if they encounter a problem that is beyond their reach.” Yu Qi said.

“You are still working as a doctor, right?” Wei Su Kee asked.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“Yeah… As a surgeon.
But now I spent most of my time on research.” Yu Qi stated.


“Enough about me.
How about you guys?” Yu Qi asked them too.

“I am currently in my final year.” Wei Ding Ye said.

“Same here.” Wei Su Kee nodded.

Well, they were the same age.
It was not weird at all.

“I am currently working as an assistant in the welfare department.” Wei Su Zien stated.

“I am working as an intern at the tourism department.” Gu Ning said.

“So, both of you are working under the government.” Yu Qi looked at Wei Su Zien and Gu Ning.

“Hmm… Probably influence from our parents.” Wei Su Zien nodded.

That’s right.
Wei Su Zien and Gu Ning’s parents were working for the government.

“I still have six months of internship.
You can come to me if you want the tourism department to help you promote this theme park.” Gu Ning offered her help.

“I will think about it.” Yu Qi said.

After finishing lunch, they continued playing until the evening.

“Grandma, where is everyone?” Chi Yuan asked when she did not see Wei Su Kee and Wei Su Zien at all.

“They left in the morning.
Ni Lan, where did they go?” Grandma Wei saw Feng Ni Lan who was about to walk to the kitchen, called her and asked about those two children.

“They went to hang out with Yu Qi and Long Hui.” Feng Ni Lan said.

Her children told her that when she asked where they wanted to go early in the morning after breakfast.
Her mother in law was not there at breakfast time.

“What? They went out with them? Why didn’t you stop them?” Grandma Wei asked?

She hated it when her grandchildren got close to Yu Qi.

“Mum… Why can’t Su Zien and Su Kee get closer to their cousin?” Feng Ni Lan asked with a frown.

“Hui is their cousin.
Not that girl.” Grandma Wei corrected Feng Ni Lan.

Yu Qi is going to be Hui’s wife.
She will be their cousin in law.
There is nothing wrong with them getting closer to Yu Qi.” Feng Ni Lan stated.

She ignored Chi Yuan who already frowned when she mentioned who would be going to be Long Hui’s wife.
Feng Ni Lan began to dislike Chi Yuan who did not know when she needed to stop fantasizing about being Long Hui’s wife.

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