”Good. ” Qin Xia was satisfied.

He did not care about others.
He just cared about his junior sister.
After all, they just had their reunion.

The man was relieved that Qin Xia did not bother to touch other memory cards.

”Well, the final thing that I want you to do is to follow that person ’s instruction. ” Qin Xia said.

”Huh? ” The man was confused.

”If that person calls you asking if you complete the job, tell him that you have.
Ask him to prepare the money and you will place the memory card in that locker.
Hmm, you can put the memory card around 8 p.m.
tonight.  And your job is done there, understand? ” Qin Xia looked at the man.

I understand. ” The man nodded.

”Oh, before I forget, if you receive a job regarding Tang Yu Qi, don ’t accept it.
Otherwise, you don ’t know when or how you die. ” Qin Xia directly threatened the man.

The man trembled as he nodded several times.
I will not dare to accept that job. ”

Of course, he did not dare.
His life was more important than money.
The money could be obtained but he only had one life.

I will leave now.
Enjoy your life. ” Qin Xia smiled while leaving the room.

The man who just stood straight felt his legs losing their strength and fell down.
He was so scared.
Even though that man did not do much, he knew that man could do anything if he did not speak the truth.

Better spoke the truth, otherwise, that man might come.
He did not want to face that man anymore.
One was enough.

Qin Xia returned to the office.
Min Liang rushed to his boss ’s side when someone called him telling him about Qin Xia ’s return.

”Mr Qin… ” Min Liang greeted Qin Xia.

”Enter my room right now. ” Qin Xia ordered Min Liang as soon he saw Min Liang.

Min Liang followed Qin Xia ’s footsteps since he also had something to report to Qin Xia.

”Mr Qin… ” Min Liang was just about to talk.

”Send someone to watch locker no 444 at the main train station.
Someone will put something into the locker around 8 p.m.
You can send someone to watch the locker around.
If you see someone take the item from the locker, follow them silently and report everything to me. ” Qin Xia said.

”I will arrange it right away. ” Min Liang stated.

He did not dare to ask the meaning of the order.
He would follow Qin Xia ’s order.

”Before I leave, I want to remind you that we have a dinner appointment with Director Quan from RND. ” Min Liang stated while looking at the tablet in his hand.

”Make sure there are no women allowed at this dinner. ” Qin Xia said.

”Yes, Sir. ” Min Liang nodded.

Min Liang already told another party that his boss disliked having women when he was having dinner appointments.
Otherwise, Yue Cooperation would reject cooperating with them unless that woman was in charge of the deal or project that they worked on together.

Qin Xia was not looking down on women but he hated those women who wanted to seduce him.
Not to mention, those people who used women to strike the deal with him.

The man who the paparazzi did as Qin Xia told him to do.
He felt that someone was looking at him when he put the memory card into the locker.
He thought Qin Xia sent someone to watch him.

The man did not dare to stay there anymore.
He immediately left the place right away.
He did not want to stay at this place anymore.

Qin Xia went to the restaurant with Min Liang.
They could see that Director Quan was with other people.
Two of them.
One was male and another one was female.

Director Quan stood up when seeing Qin Xia walk into the room.
He also urged the man and woman to stand up together to greet Qin Xia.

”Director Quan, may I know who are they? ” Min Liang asked politely.

”Oh, they are my assistant.
Cindy and Shou. ” Director Quan introduced them to Qin Xia and Min Liang.

Min Liang nodded.
Qin Xia did not say anything.
The discussion worked smoothly.

Cindy requested to leave the room for a moment.
Shou also wanted to go to the restroom.
Director Quan began to praise Cindy in front of Qin Xia.
Qin Xia began to feel annoyed about this.

”We will call you about this deal. ” Min Liang noticed his boss ’s expression.

Qin Xia stood up.
Min Liang also followed his boss.
Director Quan knew that he could not stop them from leaving.
He just hoped that this deal would be in his hand.

Qin Xia and Min Liang walked out.
Qin Xia noticed Cindy and Shou in one area.
They were talking to each other.
Min Liang could not hear them since they were far away but Qin Xia could hear them.

”Mr Qin is very handsome, ” Cindy said.

”Do you think you can win him? ” Shou asked.

”I think yes. ” Cindy was confident with her beauty.

”From what I understand, Mr Qin disliked women, ” Shou said.

”What? Do you want to say you can get Mr Qin ’s attention? Do you think he is gay? ” Cindy made a disgusting expression.

”Well, he dislikes women.
So, he must like men. ” Shou snorted.

”Then, let ’s compete. ” Cindy declared war on Shou.

”Bring it on. ” Shou looked at Cindy.

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