It was the first day Yu Qi returned to her work.
She already had surgery scheduled for her.
It was three hours of surgery.
It was not a difficult surgery.

She was not a main surgery but an assistant to Professor Lian.
She learned a lot from this surgery.
After the surgery, she went to her room to receive patients.

Only after 2 p.m., the work began to slow.
The number of patients decreased.
She remembered talking to Shino yesterday.

Shino told her that Long Hui was very busy at all times.
They made a plan to attack a base.
That was what Shino remembered.

After exchanging some words more with Shino, she went to sleep.

A nurse called in telling her people were wanting to meet her but they were not patients.
Yu Qi was confused.
Why did they want to meet her if they were not sick?

However, Yu Qi nodded telling the nurse that she would meet them.
After a few minutes, someone knocked on her door again.
Then, the door was opened.

An old man came in.
It was Old Man Wong with his grandson, Wong Mubai.
Yu Qi stood up.
Of course, she remembered this old man.
He had an interesting poison.

”Elder Wong, Mr Wong. ” Yu Qi greeted them.

”Doctor Yu Qi, long time no see.
I heard you were on a long day off. ” Elder Wong stated.

I have some matters.
How is your health? ” Yu Qi asked.

I am in much better shape compared to before. ” Old Man Wong was not lying.

”So, why do you want to see me today? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I come here to personally thank you.
Without you, I already step into the afterlife. ” Old Man Wong bowed his head.

Yu Qi was not comfortable having an old man like her grandfather bowing his head to her.

”Elder Wong, please rise your head.
It is my duty to try to save you. ” Yu Qi stood up from her seat.

Old Man Wong raised his head.
He smiled.

”Doctor Yu Qi, are you single right now? Why don ’t you try to date my grandson? He is a very capable young man. ” Old Man Wong promoted his grandson.

”Grandfather! ” Wong Mubai was surprised.

Old Man Wong did not know much about Yu Qi.
So, he assumed that Yu Qi was single.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Thank you for the offer.
But I already have a fiancee. ”

”Really? ” Old Man Wong was a little bit disappointed.
He thought it was a good chance to have a nice granddaughter-in-law like Yu Qi.

”Grandfather, her fiancee is the grandson of Great General Long. ” Wong Mubai told his grandfather.

”What? Really? ” Old Man Wong turned to Yu Qi.

Great General Long ’s name was not unknown.
Not to mention his grandson.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded while smiling.

”Oh, then, Mubai, you don ’t have a chance at all. ” Old Man Wong commented.

Wong Mubai was speechless when his grandfather said that.
Yu Qi also felt funny when Old Man Wong put it like that.


Yu Qi looked at the building.
It was a new 20-floor building that was just being built recently.
This building would be an office headquarters for Qinyue Group.

Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi had the plan to combine all of Yu Qi ’s businesses under one name which was Qinyue Group.
It would be much easier to handle everything in one place.

It was her first time coming to this building.
Su Yu Hi told her to come to the business to discuss something.
In the meantime, she could come and see their new office.

She entered the building.
People in the lobby immediately looked at her.
Well, her beauty attracted all of them to look at her.

Yu Qi went straight to the receptionist at the front office.
There were two of them.
One of them was smiling but another one was looking at Yu Qi up and down like she was judging Yu Qi or something like that.

The kind one asked Yu Qi.
”Yes, Miss, what can I help you with? ”

”I want to meet Mr Su.
Is he here? ” Yu Qi asked.

Before the kind receptionist answered the question, the mean receptionist quickly rolled her eyes.

”One another tries to seduce our boss. ” She asked.

Even though she said it in a low voice, having good hearing, Yu Qi heard that.
Yu Qi turned to the mean receptionist.

”What do you say? ” Yu Qi asked.

”What? Am I wrong? ” The mean receptionist was very brave to respond to Yu Qi.

The kind receptionist pulled the mean receptionist ’s hand telling her to stop.

”You are telling me, I am coming here to seduce Mr Su? ” Yu Qi asked.

It was not too loud but also not too low.
Everyone in the lobby could hear that.

Some of the people in the lobby recognised Yu Qi.
They were speechless to hear someone say Yu Qi came here to seduce Mr Su.

The kind receptionist was also speechless.
She knew this woman.
It was Tang Yu Qi.
She was already engaged to the most handsome man, Long Hui.
How could Yu Qi find another one?

But the mean receptionist did not know Yu Qi at all.
Well, she came from a small town recently.
Her relative helped her to land this job.
She was jealous to see Yu Qi ’s beauty.
It was true that some women came to seduce Su Yu Hi before.

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