The kind receptionist pulled the mean receptionist again.

”Minli, stop it. ” The kind receptionist, Fan Yan said to the mean receptionist, Yun Minli.

”What? Am I wrong? A lot of women came to meet Mr Su who had been throwing out.
She must be the one. ” Yun Minli stated while looking down at Yu Qi.

Fan Yan turned to Yu Qi.
”Miss Tang, I am sorry for her behaviour. ”

”Is she often treating others like this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well… ” Fan Yan could not answer that.

Hearing this, Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
This kind of person should not be working at the front desk where a lot of people came in.
The front desk workers would give the first impression of the company.

”What? Do you want to report me? My brother in law is working in HR Department.
You can not do anything to me. ” Yun Minli said arrogantly.

That was right.
Yun Minli was recruited by her brother in law, Xin Chengfu.
It was under Xin Chengfu ’s wife ’s request.

At first, Yun Minli wanted to work for the same department as her brother in law but the requirement was very strict.
So, Yun Minli only landed her hand on the receptionist job.

”Your brother in law? I see… ” Yu Qi just smiled.

Fan Yan was very stunned when she saw Yu Qi smile.
Yu Qi was indeed very beautiful.

”Brother in law. ” Yun Minli saw her brother in law and called him.

Xin Chengfu glanced at his sister-in-law.
He frowned.

”What is it? ” Xin Chengfu asked.

”Brother Xin, this woman seems to want to report me. ” Yun Minli said.

Xin Chengfu looked at the woman in front of Yun Minli.
He was very surprised to see Yu Qi ’s beauty.
After a while, he recognised Yu Qi.
However, he did not manage to greet Yu Qi first, Yun Minli was already interrupted.

”Brother Xin, you are my sister ’s husband.
You can not be seduced by this vixen. ” Yun Minli said.

Xin Chengfu, Fan Yan and others who listened to that statement were shocked.

”What are you talking about? ” Xin Chengfu was angry at Yun Minli.

”I just remind you since you are mesmerized by her beauty. ” Yun Minli argued.

Xin Chengfu was very angry.
This woman really needed to be taught.
He ignored Yun Minli and turned to Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, please forgive us. ” Xin Chengfu bowed his head 90 degrees.

Xin Chengfu was very scared right now.
Yu Qi was the boss of Qiaosu Entertainment, Song Su Jin ’s boss.
What if she asked Song Su Jin to talk to Su Yu Hi about him? It might cost his work.
He regretted helping Yun Minli get this job.

Yun Minli was shocked to see her brother in law apologise deeply to this woman.
Did this woman have a high position than her brother in law? She began scared about this.
She feared that this job would be disappeared by her hand.

”She is your sister in law? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Xin Chengfu said.

”Working at the front desk meant she would be greeting a lot of people.
She must be polite to all of the people who walk in.
But she does the opposite.
What if she offends others like our important client? The company would lose the face. ” Yu Qi reminded Xin Chengfu.

I will have a stern talk with her. ” Xin Chengfu said.

”Stern talk? It is not what I mean. ” Yu Qi stated.

”What? Do you want to fire me? You can ’t do that.
You don ’t have the power to fire me. ” Yun Minli got what this woman tried to do.

”Oh, really? You will see. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Yun Minli, apologize to Miss Tang right away. ” Xin Chengfu scolded Yun Minli.

”Xin Chengfu, how dare you ask me to apologize to her? Do you want to impress this woman so much? Don ’t you forget that you are the husband of my sister? ” Yun Minli shouted angrily.

People looked at Yun Minli like she was an idiot.
They did not know why Yun Minli thought about that.

”What are you saying? Quickly apologize to Miss Tang. ” Xin Chengfu said again.

”Humph! I will never apologize to this woman.
She just depends on men to bully others. ” Yun Minli pointed her finger at Yu Qi.

”I depend on men to bully you? ” Yu Qi chuckled.
”I will let you experience it. ”

Yu Qi called Su Yu Hi.
Su Yu Hi answered the call.
Yu Qi put on out speaker mode.

”Brother Yu Hi, are you busy right now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, you arrived.
Come to my brother.
I have a lot of things to discuss.
About Nigeru Koen, the investment of the Koki Project, the most important one is Saisei Ryokan development at Fanghai Nation.
You need to go there to survey the place. ” Su Yu Hi talked very fast.

People who listened to the words were stunned.
Why did Su Yu Hi, their boss want to discuss something like that with Yu Qi? It was almost like Yu Qi had something with their company.

I will go up.
But for now, let me ask you something? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Huh? What is it? ” Su Yu Hi was confused.

”Do I have the power to fire people working at this company? ” Yu Qi asked.

You do.
You can hire or fire people if you have a good reason.
We are not unreasonable, okay. ” Su Yu Hi stated.

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