Su Yu Hi ’s statement was like a bomb to Yun Minli.
She was very shocked right now.

Thank you.
I will go up later.
I have to settle something right now. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Su Yu Hi stated.

The call ended there.

”Now, do you hear that? I do have the power to fire you. ” Yu Qi looked at Yun Minli.
”I already know you are not suitable to work here.
We do value the skill but we also value the character of the worker.
You are very disrespectful to others.
You are not fit to work here. ” Yu Qi stated.

Please don ’t fire me. ” Yun Minli began to panic.
She then turned to her brother in law.
”Brother Xin, please help me.
You need to help me.
Otherwise, I will tell my sister to divorce you. ” She even threatened Xin Chengfu.

Xin Chengfu frowned.
He could not do anything.
Su Yu Hi said this woman in front of him had the power to fire people working at this company with a valid reason.

She used the reason that Yun Minli was rude toward people.
Her job required her to treat people with politeness.

”Yun Minli, I can not do anything. ” Xin Chengfu said.

”Hey, I will tell my sister about this. ” Yun Minli shouted at her brother in law.

”Miss Yun, please go to the HR Department to get your one month ’s salary.
If you still stay here, I will ask the security to take you away. ” Yu Qi said.

Su Yu Hi ’s secretary, Ming Shuo, came to the front desk to pick up Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, Mr Su is waiting for you. ” Ming Shuo said politely.

He was behaving very respectfully to Yu Qi.
He behaved like this because he knew that the true owner of the Qinyue Group was Yu Qi.

I can go up by myself.
You should handle this matter. ” Yu Qi said to Ming Shuo.

Ming Shuo was confused.
What matter? He wanted to ask Yu Qi more but Yu Qi already walked away to the lift.

Ming Shuo quickly asked others about that.
He found out that this Yun Minli had offended Yu Qi.
She insulted Yu Qi with words that could ruin Yu Qi ’s reputation.
How stupid this woman was.

Furthermore, he also received the report that this Yun Minli was rude to female visitors.
She always told that the female visitors wanted to seduce Su Yu Hi.

This kind of woman needed to be fired from the company.
It was not good for the company image if the receptionist was rude to the visitor.

”You should follow what Miss Tang tells you before. ” Ming Shuo stated.

Yun Minli rushed to Ming Shuo.
She changed her target.

”Mr Ming, please don ’t fire me.
I don ’t have anywhere to do it.
I really need this job. ” Yun Minli begged.

She thought if she could not get Su Yu Hi, it was okay.
Ming Shuo was a good man too.
He was the secretary for Su Yu Hi.
His salary must be great.

”You already offend Ms Tang.
You will want to work here? Dream on. ” Ming Shuo stated.

Yun Minli could not believe what she heard.
She could not believe that the woman had the power to fire her even though she already listened to Su Yu Hi ’s earlier.

”Why can she fire me? Only Mr Su can fire me. ” Yun Minli was to argue.

Ming Shuo got closer to Yun Minli.
”You offend the owner of the company.
How can you still want to work at her company? ” He said in a low voice.

It is impossible. ” Yun Minli shook her head.

”You can go get your salary. ” Ming Shuo stated.
He then looked at Xin Chengfu.
”You work at HR Department, right? ”

”Yes. ” Xin Chengfu nodded.

”Deal this. ” Ming Shuo said.

”Yes, Sir. ” Xin Chengfu nodded.

Yun Minli could not stay at this company anymore.
Well, he was a little relieved.
But at the same time, he was quite worried about his wife ’s acceptance.
But it was not his fault.
Yun Minli offended someone that she should not offend.

Yu Qi walked to Su Yu Hi ’s office.

”Mr Su, I am here. ” Yu Qi knocked on the door.

Su Yu Hi knew who was outside his room.
He knew Yu Qi ’s voice.

”What are you doing? Enter the room. ” Su Yu Hi said from inside.

Yu Qi laughed as she opened the door.

”Hello, Mr Su. ” Yu Qi greeted Su Yu Hi.
”Should I call you CEO Su? ”

”Then should I call you Chairman Tang? ” Su Yu Hi replied.

Yu Qi laughed.
She sat in front of Su Yu Hi.

”How are you, Brother Yu Hi? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You dare ask that? ” Su Yu Hi lifted up his eyebrow.

Yu Qi just grinned.

”After missing for one week, you suddenly called me asking to change the name of our company. ” Su Yu Hi complained.

After Yu Qi came out of Miracle Space, she immediately called Su Yu Hi regarding the name of the organization.
At first, the name was YQ.

After that, it was changed to Qinyue Group.
Su Yu Hi did not care much about that.
But it was a lot of work to do when wanting to change the name.
He needed to change everything.

I will not change the name again. ” Yu Qi still grinned.

”Humph! If you want to change it again, I will let you handle everything. ” Su Yu Hi stated.

You ask me to change to discuss about work, right? Let ’s start. ” Yu Qi said.

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