”You are his fiance? ” Micheal Sebastian asked Yu Qi.

I am. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Oh… ” Micheal Sebastion was slightly disappointed when knowing this.

He thought he could hire Yu Qi to work at his hospital.
With this girl ’s talent, his hospital could be famous.

”I am sorry, Director Micheal.
Well, if I am not his fiance, I still can not work for you. ” Yu Qi stated.

”What? Why? ” Micheal Sebastian asked.

”I have my research centre to take care of. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, you are doing research too? ” Micheal Sebastian asked.

”What kind of research do you do? ” One of the doctors asked.

”You can check them in the medical journal.
I have posted four of them. ” Yu Qi said.

”The Medical Journal? The famous one? ”

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The doctors were surprised.
They knew how hard and difficult it was to have their research to be published in the Medical Journal.
Having the research published in it means the research was well conducted and had a big impact on the world.

Yu Qi was finally released from those doctors.
She went to Long Hui ’s side.

I am tired of answering their questions. ” Yu Qi said.

”Why didn ’t you stop them? ” Long Hui asked.

”They are very sincere in learning, how could I stop that? ” Yu Qi said.
”Third Brother is in a stable condition right now.
But he needs three months of rest in bed. ” She started to explain Liang Mo Han ’s condition.

”Good for him. ” Long Hui was relieved to hear that.

”How did he get so seriously injured ? ” Yu Qi asked.

Well, Liang Mo Han was seriously injured.
In fact, he was lucky that Yu Qi arrived not too late.
To be honest, having that big of wood struck on his abdomen could lead him to death.
But Liang Mo Han managed to stay alive until Yu Qi arrived and operated on him.

”The bomb exploded near him.
It hit the wood too.
The explosion sent the wood flying over and hit him in the process.
I remember you give me the pills.
So, I gave it to him.
I was glad that he did not die right away. ” Long Hui stated.

Yu Qi remembered about the pills.
It was the pills that could help in a life-death situation.
The pills could stop the bleeding from over bleeding.

”Good. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”The situation was dire at that time.
I didn ’t expect someone from our enemy ’s side was still alive.
He threw a bomb in Third Brother ’s direction. ” Long Hui explained.

”Then, did you catch the person? ” Yu Qi asked.

He escaped.
I didn ’t have time to go after him.
I was worried about Third Brother. ” Long Hui was quite regretful about that.

”It is okay.
You made a good choice.
Your action saved Third Brother.
If you rushed to go after the enemy, your Third Brother would probably cross over right now. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yeah… ” ’ Long Hui put his head on Yu Qi ’s shoulder.
”Let ’s go to our camp first. ”

”Sure. ” Yu Qi nodded.

So, they went to the camp.
When Long Hui arrived, he was immediately surrounded by soldiers.

”Colonel Long, how is Mr Liang ’s condition? ” One of the soldiers asked.

”He is in good condition now. ” Long Hui told them.

God bless Mr Liang ’s condition. ”

The soldiers were happy to hear the news.

”You are injured.
What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked the soldiers.

Some of the soldiers were still injured.
Yu Qi was worried when she saw them.

”Where is your Direct Care? ” Yu Qi who did not receive the answer to her question turned to Long Hui and asked him.

”At the west.
I will show you the way. ” Long Hui said.

”Order your injured soldiers to come to Direct Care immediately. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.
He then turned to his soldiers.
”The injured ones, go to the direct care right now.
Spread my word immediately. ” He ordered the soldiers.

The soldiers could not help to obey the order.
”Yes, Sir. ” They saluted.

Long Hui rushed to Yu Qi ’s side and walked away.

One of the soldiers could not help to wonder about Yu Qi ’s identity.

”Who is the woman? Why did our colonel listen to her order? Is she ranking higher than Colonel Long? ”

”Well, she is probably ranked highest in Colonel Long ’s heart. ” Someone said.

”What do you mean by that? ”

”You don ’t know? She is our colonel ’s fiancee. ”

”What? She is the rumoured one? ”

”Yes. ”

”This is the first time I see her.
She is indeed looking like a goddess. ”

”Colonel Long is sure lucky to have such a stunning fiancee. ”

Let ’s go to direct care.
Colonel Long ordered us to go and get treatment if we were injured. ”

Let ’s go. ”

The soldiers rushed to the direct care.

Long Hui looked at his fiance.
He knew that his fiance wanted to keep working when she saw the injured soldiers.
The direct care was already packed with injured soldiers.

The doctors and nurses were working to treat the soldiers.
They noticed Colonel Long.
They greeted him.

”I am a doctor too.
Let me help you guys. ” Yu Qi told them.

They were very grateful for Yu Qi ’s offer.
They were lacking manpower.
Yu Qi treated the soldiers.
Her speed was very fast.
One by one received the treatment.

The doctors and the nurses were also surprised by Yu Qi ’s speed.

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