”Second Sister In Law, you are here. ” Ren Qian Yi shouted as he spotted Yu Qi.

The name attracted a lot of attention.
They looked at Yu Qi curiously.
Lieutenant Colonel Ren was sometimes calling Colonel Long ’Second Brother ’, did that mean this woman was Colonel Long ’s woman?

”You are here too? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course, we are a team. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

Your injury seems recovered pretty well. ” Yu Qi checked Ren Qian Yi ’s injury.

”Second Sister-in-law, can you tell me? ” Ren Qian Yi sounded like he wanted to ask about some secrets.

”What? ” Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up.

”Second Brother ’s strength increased a lot this time.
Did he do secret training? Or do you give him some medicine to eat? Second Sister-in-law, you can ’t play favourites.
You can give me some medicine too. ” Ren Qian Yi begged.

Yu Qi was kind of speechless.
Well, it was not a lie if they went to do secret training.
But it was not normal secret training for a normal human.
It was for cultivators.

”I don ’t have that kind of medicine.
Well, your second brother did some training.
You can ask him about the manual.
He might gladly give it to you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Ren Qian Yi gulped when he saw that smile.
It was a similar smile that he got from Long Hui when Long Hui wanted to punish him.

No need for that.
I am okay.
I will stick to my training. ” Ren Qian Yi shook his head.

If that is what you want. ” Yu Qi did not force Ren Qian Yi.

Yu Qi left Ren Qian Yi alone and rushed to another patient.

Another soldier at the next bed asked Ren Qian Yi.
”Lieutenant Colonel Ren is that Colonel Long ’s woman? ”

She is.
Beautiful right? But you better not anger her.
She is the same as Colonel Long. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”No way.
She looks very sweet. ” The soldier did not believe Ren Qian Yi.

Up to you. ” Ren Qian Yi rolled his eyes.

While Yu Qi was in Direct Care, Long Hui handled the work stuff with his subordinates.
A lot of soldiers were injured in this mission.
There were a lot of things to handle.

Even though the mission could be counted as a successful one but the main culprit managed to escape.
Only their base was completely destroyed.

To build another base without being discovered by anyone was pretty difficult.
The culprit also needed money for that.
He must lie down quietly for some time.

Long Hui snorted.
He swore that he would find and drag down those bastards.

He was working until the time showed 9:30 p.m.
He remembered Yu Qi.
He stopped working and left his office.

Before he left, he had time to say something to his subordinates.
”Go and eat. ”

The subordinates sighed.
They were already feeling hungry.
So, they rushed to the canteen to eat.

When they arrived at the canteen, they smelled something delicious.
They could see a lot of soldiers were still enjoying eating.

”Yeah, what is the menu today? ”

”Why does it smell so delicious? ”

The latter asked.

”Oh, today is a special day. ”

”What? Why? ”

”Because Colonel Long ’s fiance was the one who cooked the meal today. ”

It is very delicious. ”

”Go and get your food before it is gone. ”

The latter was surprised.
They did not expect that Colonel Long ’s fiance could cook a delicious meal like this.

After Yu Qi treated the injured soldiers, she went to the kitchen to see the menu.
Yu Qi asked the chef about the meal that they wanted to cook.
She wanted to help.

Well, she wanted to put her medicine into the food to fasten the recovery of the injured soldiers.
After cooking the food, the chef was eager to ask for the recipe from Yu Qi.
Yu Qi did not mind giving it to the chef.

Yu Qi wanted to find Long Hui.
That man still did not eat.
She stopped one of the soldiers.

”Excuse me, do you know where is Colonel Long? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, I think I saw him walking to Direct Care earlier. ” One of the soldiers said.

”Oh, thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The soldiers were so mesmerised by the smile that they stopped thinking about others at moment.

”Colonel Long ’s fiance is very stunning. ”

”Colonel Long is a lucky man. ”

Long Hui was indeed at Direct Care.
He wanted to see Yu Qi.
He thought Yu Qi would be at Direct Care.

”Brother Hui. ”

Long Hui heard his name being called.
Only one person called him by that name here.

”Where are you going? ” Long Hui asked.

”Oh, I went to the kitchen to cook. ” Yu Qi said.

”Cook? ” Long Hui was confused.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She leaned over and whispered to Long Hui ’s ear.
”I am putting some medicine to help your soldiers ’ recovery faster. ”

”I see.
Thank you. ” Long Hui was grateful for what Yu Qi did for his men.

”You must not have eaten yet.
Let ’s go eat. ” Yu Qi remembered Long Hui has still not eaten yet.

”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.

They walked to the canteen.

”I will go back tomorrow. ” Yu Qi said.

”If it was not for work, I would want to accompany you. ” ’ Long Hui sighed.

”Finish your work first. ” Yu Qi reminded Long Hui.

I will ask someone to send you back. ” Long Hui stated.

”Okay. ”

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