Chi Yuan did not get out of her house.
She did not dare to go out because it seemed the reporters wanted to catch up and talked to her regarding the plagiarism case.

Chi Yuan also got the call telling her that the victims wanted to sue her, so, she needed to be prepared.
Chi Yuan told them they needed to submit the evidence first if they wanted to sue her.

The representative of the victims just told her that they already had the evidence and that she did not need to worry about that.
Chi Yuan was shocked.

Chi Yuan was so angry.
She needed to know what kind of evidence they had to counterattack the evidence.

Then she thought about hackers.
Those people only cared about money.
They might help her to find the evidence.

She tried to use her connection to contact the hacker.
The hacker that she needed to contact was Han Baise.
Chi Yuan ’s connection used Han Baise before.
That was why Chi Yuan managed to get through Han Baise.

Chi Yuan wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible.
So, she tried to message Han Baise right away.

Chi Yuan: Hello, is this hacker Shiro?

Han Baise just finished working and glanced at his screen company when he heard the sound notification.
It was his other laptop.
The one that he used for another purpose, not for work.

He did not recognize the username.
He looked at the message.
’A side job…
Meaning money.
He replied to the message.

Shiro: Yes, what?

Chi Yuan was glad that the hacker finally replied to her.

Chi Yuan: I have a job for you.

Shiro: What kind?

Chi Yuan: I want to know something from other people.
The information that they have about me.

Shiro: Hmm…
For what?

Chi Yuan: The information that could destroy me.
I want to destroy that information.
I will pay you 50K.

Shiro: I will try.

Han Baise did not need to ask about the person ’s identity.
He could investigate it by himself.
The person was not a hacker.
She could not try to hide anything from Han Baise.

After a bit of digging, Han Baise found out about her identity.
Chi Yuan? Was this woman his boss ’s enemy? She got into trouble again?

He looked up the trouble that she got into.
So, she wanted him to destroy the evidence that the other opponent had.
It was easy for him but why should he help her?

He did not want to do it.
This woman liked to create trouble for his boss.
He nodded.
No need to help this woman.
He decided to reject the job.

Shiro: I am sorry I can ’t do it.

Chi Yuan was relieved that the hacker decided to help her earlier.
Hackers really liked money.
She became relaxed.
She just needed to wait until the hacker finished his job and she did not have to worry about anything anymore.

Then, the message she received destroyed her hope.

Chi Yuan: Why can ’t you do it?

Shiro: I don ’t have the mood to do it.

Chi Yuan: What? Mood?

Because of her anger, she threw her phone on the sofa.
Did he just tell her that he did not have the mood to do it and rejected her request? Humph! She would try to find another hacker.
She did not believe that only this one hacker existed.

As Chi Yuan began to search for another hacker, Han Baise decided to tell Yu Qi about that.

Shiro: Miss, do you remember Chi Yuan?

Yu Qi was just finished washed up and wanted to go to the bed when she received the message from Han Baise.
She read the message.

Yu Qi: What is going on? What about her?

Yu Qi seriously did not know what happened to Chi Yuan.
And it was kind of weird when Han Baise suddenly texted her about that woman.

Shiro: She contacted me wanting my help with her plagiarism case.

Yu Qi was surprised when she read it.
She immediately looked up Chi Yuan ’s plagiarism case.
It was all over the internet.
She was curious about that.

Chi Yuan was not so famous.
But her news was over the Internet.
And Chi Yuan could stop the news be trending but she could not.
Meaning someone wanted others to know about the news and Chi Yuan could not do anything to stop that to happen.

Yu Qi: So, do you want to help her? How much does she want to pay you?

Shiro: 50K.

Yu Qi: 50K?

Shiro: Yeah.

Yu Qi: I don ’t think you should accept the job.
It is much lower than your normal pay.

Han Baise was speechless.
He thought Yu Qi would not want him to accept the job because Chi Yuan was her enemy but she put her amount of money as her standard whether he wanted to accept the job or not.

Yeah, Yu Qi was not wrong.
Han Baise usually got paid around 500K to one million for his service.
Well, Shiro the hacker was quite a famous one.

Shiro: I don ’t want to accept the job.

Yu Qi: Sure…
Up to you.
How about your office at the office? Do you like it?

Yu Qi remembered putting Han Baise as the head of the IT department.
When she came to visit the company, she did not see Han Baise over there.

Shiro: Hmm…
I like it.

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