Grandma Wei was feeling weird when Chi Yuan did not come to her house today.
So, she immediately called Chi Yuan.

At that time, Chi Yuan just finished trashing her room.
She was quite tired.
When she heard the call and looked at the name that appeared on the screen, she clicked her tongue.
However, she adjusted her mood and answered the call.

“Hello.” Chi Yuan answered with an unusual voice.

Grandma Wei noticed the change.
She began to worry and immediately asked about that.
“Dear, what happened to your voice?”

Hearing the concern from Grandma Wei, Chi Yuan wanted to sob but she held back.
“Nothing, Grandma Wei.”

“I know you.
You did not come to my house today.
You must be having trouble.
Your voice sounds like you want to cry.
Tell me, what happenssssss?” Grandma Wei asked softly.


Grandma Wei became panicked.
“My dear, why are you crying like that? Tell grandma.
Who knows if I can help?”

“Grandma Wei, my career is over.” Chi Yuan finally said that.

“What? What happened?” Grandma Wei asked.

Wei Su Kee just happened to walk into the living room.
She saw that Grandma Wei talked on her phone.
Then she heard Chi Yuan’s voice.
She stopped walking and wanted to listen to their conversation.
Usually, her grandma liked to put on the speaker mode, so, she could hear what they were talking about.

“Someone told others that I plagiarism their design.
They want to sue me.” Chi Yuan stated.

“What? Is that really true?” Grandma Wei asked.

“They are lying.
I don’t do it.
They are just jealous of my talent and want to put me down by telling such nonsense.” Chi Yuan said.

Wei Su Kee who listened to the conversation knew about the incident.
Well, it was on the Internet news.
She just happened to read the news.
A lot of people stepped up telling the same story that Chi Yuan stole their designs and made them as her design.

Grandma Wei began to feel angry when she heard about that.
“What? How dare them?”

“I don’t know what to do.” Chi Yuan cried.

“My dear, don’t cry.
Grandma will try to help you, okay?” Grandma Wei calmed Chi Yuan down.

Wei Su Kee looked at Grandma Wei.
Her grandmother coaxed another girl like she was the precious one.
She felt like Chi Yuan was the one granddaughter that her grandmother had.

She felt that she and the others were the fake grandchildren because her grandmother never coax them as she did to Chi Yuan.
Then she heard her grandmother continue.

“I will ask your Uncle Zichen to look at what he could help you with.” Grandma Wei stated.

“Thank you, Grandma.” Chi Yuan said.

Wei Su Kee was speechless.
Why her grandmother wanted her father to get involved in that mess? Her father was a politician.
He should not involve in such an incident.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

The call ended.
Grandma Wei wanted to go to her room and was surprised to see Wei Su Kee behind her.

‘What are you doing here?” Grandma Wei asked.

“Grandma, you should not get my father involved in Miss Chi’s matter.” Wei Su Kee advised.

She did not refer to Chi Yuan as Sister Yuan anymore.
She called Chi Yuan, Miss Chi.

“What are you talking about?” Grandma Wei frowned.

“I heard your conversation earlier.” Wei Su Kee stated.

“What? Why do you listen to my conversation?” Grandma Wei asked in anger.

“Grandma, you put on the speaker mode.
Even if I don’t want to listen, I still could listen to it.” Wei Su Kee said.

“Then you should leave.” Grandma Wei shouted.

Feng Ni Lan heard the shout.
She came to see what make her mother in law shout like that.
Then she saw her daughter with her mother in law.
She knew that her mother in law was shouting at her daughter.

“What happens here?” Feng Ni Lan asked.

“Humph! Look at your daughter.
She dared to listen to my call.” Grandma Wei pointed at Wei Su Kee.

Feng Ni Lan turned to look at her daughter.
Her eyes asked her daughter.

Wei Su Kee knew that her mother wanted to know what happened.

“Mother, I don’t intend to listen to Grandma’s call but she put on the speaker mode.
Then I heard about her wanting my father to help with Miss Chi’s incident.
I just tell her that the father should not get involved in Miss Chi’s incident.
It will look bad on Father’s career.
That’s all.
But Grandma began to shout at me.” Wei Su Kee explained.

Feng Ni Lan also read about Chi Yuan’s incident on the internet.
She also agreed to Wei Su Kee.
Her husband should not get involved in that kind of incident.

“What? I just want my son to help Yuan-er a little bit.
That’s all.
What is the problem?” Grandma Wei did not want to lose.

“Mother, if Zichen got involved with this, as Su Kee said, it will look bad on Zichen’s career.
His opponent could use this against him.
Do you want to ruin his career?” Feng Ni Lan said to her mother in law.

“Huh? Stop saying something like that.
I just want him to look at Yuan-er’s case a little bit.
Nothing like that will happen.” Grandma Wei did not want to listen to her daughter in law and her granddaughter’s opinion.

Feng Ni Lan sighed.
She looked at her daughter and shook her head.
Wei Su Kee knew that Grandma Wei would not listen to them.
She gave up.

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