Chi Yuan looked at the room that she had been trashing.
She immediately called the maids to clean the room.

The maids were shocked to see the room’s condition.
They knew Chi Yuan must be mad when she trashed the room.

“Clean this room in one hour.” Chi Yuan said before she left the room.

She did not dare to go outside at this moment.
The reporter and paparazzi would chase her if they saw her outside the house.

She was lucky that her house was guarded by security guards.
So, no one could easily enter the house.
However, sometimes, people could enter the condominium building using some tricks.

A reporter aka paparazzi used another identity to sneak into the building.
He used the identity of a food courier.
He bought some food to convince the security guards to enter the building.

At that time, the security guards did not think much and allowed him to enter the building.
The paparazzi were happy when he successfully entered the building.

From the information he got before, he immediately searched for Chi Yuan’s news.
He entered the lift and went up to the floor where he believed Chi Yuan’s house was there.

The lift stopped and the door was opened.
He looked at the floor.
It was on the correct floor.
He approached the house and knocked on the door.

ραпdα nᴏνa| сom

“Is this Chi Yuan’s house?” The paparazzi asked.

Before the person had time to answer, the paparazzi saw Chi Yuan behind the person.

“Who is that?” Chi Yuan asked.

“Miss Chi, can you please allow me to interview you?” The paparazzi shouted to Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan was shocked.
She immediately shouted.
“Get out.
Close the door.”

However, the paparazzi already entered the house.
He rushed to Chi Yuan.
Chi Yuan was scared.
She fell to the ground.

Then, an unexpected thing happened.
A maid hit the paparazzi with the flying pan.
The paparazzi fell unconsciously.

“Get him out of my house.
Hurry up!” Chi Yuan shouted.

The maids quickly pulled the paparazzi and threw him out of the house unconsciously.
Then they closed the door and locked it.

“Why do you just open the door without asking for confirmation?” Chi Yuan asked angrily at the maid who opened the door.

The maid quickly apologised for her mistake.
She did not mean any harm.
She did not know something like this would happen.

Chi Yuan kept scolding the maid.
She did not say anything to another maid who hit the paparazzi.
She did not appreciate what the maid did to her.

I will deduct your salary for this month.” Chi Yuan shouted.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

The maid bit her lips.
She wanted to cry but she held back.
Only tears fell from her eyes.

The other maid was sympathetic to her colleague but she could not do anything to help her.
If she spoke for her colleague right now, the anger might move on her as well.

After saying these things, Chi Yuan went to grab her phone.
She wanted to call the security guards.
She scolded the security guards for not doing the job of letting an unknown person into the building.

She also told the security guards to come up and got the person away from her house.

The security guards were shocked.
They remembered that a food courier entered the building just a few minutes ago.
They sent two security guards to the scene.

The security guards indeed found someone laying down unconsciously in front of the house.
They brought the man out and called the ambulance.
The ambulance came and brought the man to the nearest hospital.


Chi Guang Wei was feeling hopeless when the company’s shares kept going down.
He already asked his acquaintances for some help.
But they all ignored him.

After some digging, he found out the ones behind this was Yue Cooperation.
He did not know why Yue Cooperation started to attack his company.

Chi Guang Wei went to the Yue Cooperation.
He wanted to know the reason behind this acquisition.
He went to the front desk.

“Yes, sir.
What can I help you with?” The receptionist asked.

“I am Chi Guang Wei, Quowen Market’s CEO.
I want to meet Yue Cooperation’s owner.” Chi Guang Wei said.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” The receptionist asked.

“No… But…” Chi Guang Wei said.

“I am sorry to say this.
Without the appointment, you can not see the owner.” The receptionist displayed a smile.

“I have something important to discuss with him.
Can you please make a call?” Chi Guang Wei was begging.

For his company’s sake, he was willing to do anything.
Without the company, his life might be finished.

The receptionist was having trouble.
She looked at her partner.
Her partner whispered to her telling her that she should make the call asking whether the owner was willing to meet this man or not.

The receptionist nodded and smiled at Chi Guang Wei.
“I will call Mr Min for confirmation.
Please wait for a minute.”

“Thank you.
Thank you.” Chi Guang Wei nodded.

If Chi Guang Wei was in another situation, he would not be so polite to the receptionist.
But now, it was different.
This was the company that could snatch his company from him.
He did not want to cause a scene here.

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