”Where did you place Tang Yu Qi? ” Grandpa Tang asked the nurse at the reception.

The nurse tried to find the name, but could not find anyone admitted by that name.
However, at that time, Long Hui had just come out to take care of Yu Qi ’s admission procedures and came across Grandpa Tang.

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”Long Hui, where is Yu Qi? ” Grandpa Tang turned to Long Hui.

”She is okay.
She is just resting right now. ” Long Hui told Grandpa Tang.

”Let me check her. ” Grandpa Tang would not be satisfied unless he was able to check Yu Qi himself.

Let me process her admissions first. ” Long Hui quickly complete the admission procedure with no problems.

Once he was done, the two of them went to Yu Qi ’s room.
Seeing that Yu Qi was still sleeping, Grandpa Tang sat down beside her bed and took her hand in order to read her pulse.
Grandpa Tang continued to read her pulse for a while.
When he confirmed that his granddaughter was not in a serious condition, he breathed a sigh of relief.

”Nothing is wrong with Young Miss, right? ” Sister Chu Xiao asked.

She is okay. ” Grandpa Tang answered.

”Take care of her.
I need to go and handle her kidnapper. ” Long Hui excused himself.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.
He did not care what would happen to those kidnappers and he knew that Long Hui would settle them properly for Yu Qi.

Long Hui called Ren Qian Yi about the kidnappers.

”Where are those damn kidnappers? ” Long Hui was not able to hold in his anger anymore and demanded to know the location of the kidnappers from Ren Qian Yi.
He wanted to vent his anger to those damn kidnappers.

”I sent them to the police station.
I ’m still at the scene.
I will go after finish my job here. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”What are their names? ” Long Hui inquired.
He wanted to do something, so, he needed their names in order to proceed.

”The old man ’s name is Yu An Wong and another man ’s name is Hong Nan. ” Ren Qian Yi told Long Hui.

”Search everything around the villa.
I will try to locate his other properties. ” Long Hui ordered.

”Yes, Sir. ” Ren Qian Yi accepted the order.
He knew Long Hui wanted to destroy them completely.

”I will send you all the information I can as soon as possible. ” Long Hui said.

Long Hui was still on the hospital ground when he found a quiet place and opened his laptop to try and find any information about those two.
Not long after that, he found what he was looking for.
It turned out that the two of them were part of a group that was smuggling drugs into the country.

Long Hui gave a cold smile.
This was enough to put them behind bars.
For how long? Long Hui would try to put them there as long as he could.


”I want my lawyer. ” The old man shouted.

Those who heard that shout did not react at all.
The police officers could not do anything.
From what the soldiers, who had come to detain those two, told them, they needed to wait until Major Long came to settle this matter personally.

The chief of the police station knew about Long Hui.
He was on the same side as Long Hui, of course.
Those men must have done something that seriously irritated Long Hui, making Long Hui wanted to settle it personally.

”I want my lawyer. ” The old man shouted again.

Now the door opened.
The cold eyes of the man that walked through the door made the old man shivered without warning.
That person!!!

”You will not need him anymore. ” Long Hui said and sat in front of the old man.

The old man looked at Long Hui.
He was so scared of this young man.

”Because you will go to jail after this. ” Long Hui continued again.
”I already got the evidence about you and your men smuggling drugs into this country.
That crime is enough to put you behind bars for a very long time.
Don ’t even bother to think about escaping because I will not allow that to happen.
I already cut off your escape route, so don ’t bother about that. ”

You… ” The old man could not say anything.

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”You are stupid for kidnapping my beloved.
Enjoy your stay behind bars. ” As Long Hui said the last sentence, he stood up to leave the room.

The old man was in shock.
So, this was about that devil girl.
He was starting to regret all of this.
If he did not kidnap the devil girl, all of this would not have happened.
All of his hard work, destroyed just like that, because of a woman.

Long Hui gave all the evidence that he had gathered to the chief.
He knew that this would be enough to accomplish his goal.

”About the bodies in the villa… ” The chief wanted to ask about that.

”The girl that he kidnapped killed them in self-defense. ” Long Hui told the chief.

”Okay. ” The chief knew what Long Hui meant.
That meant it was over.
No need to investigate any further.

Ren Qian Yi and other soldiers were waiting for him outside of the police station.
When Long Hui came out he quickly gave some orders to them.

”This mission is complete.
You can all go back to the military camp. ”

The soldiers looked at each other.
They felt like they did not use much energy on this mission.
When they arrived at the location, the job was already completed.

”Major Long ’s girlfriend is amazing.
She can kill many people in one go. ”

”Do you see her shot? That was terrifying! Even I could not do that! ”

”Yeah, I saw that too.
That was a clean shot to the forehead. ”

”She is a good match for our Major Long. ”

The soldiers discussed the girl and their Major Long.
Yu Qi had already been accepted by this group of soldiers.

Ren Qian Yi did not follow these soldiers back to the military camp.
He wanted to know about the condition of his sister in law, so he followed Long Hui.
He knew that Long Hui would be going to check Yu Qi too.

They arrived at the hospital where Yu Qi had been admitted.
When Long Hui arrived in the earlier room when Yu Qi was there before, she was gone.
Then he grabbed the doctor passed by the area and asked.

”Where is the patient in this room? ”

Responding to the question, the doctor answered.
”This patient had been moved to the VIP room. ” The doctor knew about this patient since the director made the order himself to move the patient to the VIP room about two hours ago.

That patient was the granddaughter of the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man.
So the director made that order to please the legendary doctor.

”Do you know where is it? ” Long Hui asked again.

”Yes, I can show you the way. ” The doctor led the way.
From what he saw, this man might be some important figure as well, based on his aura.

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Long Hui followed the doctor to Yu Qi ’s room.

”This is her room. ” The doctor showed to him.

”Thank you. ”

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