Yu Qi turned towards the voice.
Her eyes were staring at the person stupidly.
She did not think she would end up seeing this person here.

”She already has an appointment with me. ” The man came towards her and put his hand on Yu Qi ’s waist claiming her as his.
The man showed a provocative smile to Qin Xia.

”Surprised to see you here, Major General Long. ” Qin Xia also gave a smile.

”I just happen to be here.
And this is a coincidence to see you trying to get someone who does not belong to you. ” Long Hui stated.

”Major General Long, you will actually scare that person and she will run away from you ” Qin Xia mocked Long Hui.

”I believe you will not succeed. ” Long Hui put an arrogant look on his face.

Qin Xia knew he would be just wasting his time if he waited for Yu Qi ’s answer.
He knew that the moment Yu Qi ’s eyes landed on Long Hui ’s figure, she would not accept his invitation.
So, he left.

Yeah, that man was Long Hui.
Yu Qi was still staring at Long Hui.
Long Hui smiled when he looked at Yu Qi ’s foolish staring.
Long Hui placed his hand on Yu Qi ’s cheek.

”Oh, you are a real person. ” Yu Qi claimed.

”You think I ’m an illusion? ” Long Hui chuckled.

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I just could not believe myself.
I just thought I ’m seeing you because I probably miss you so much. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui also smiled when hearing his beloved Qi Qi missed him.

Ding Na An understood this couple wanted some private time.
So she excused herself to look around.

”I will go and look around.
Take your time. ” Ding Na An left.

”However, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Escorting someone. ” Long Hui answered simply.

”I see.
Does the person have a high profile in our country? ” Yu Qi asked more.

”You know him. ” Long Hui smiled meaningfully.

”I knew him? ” Yu Qi ’s brain quickly in the process of remembering the high rank profile person she knew.

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She then made a guess.
”Does your grandfather come here too? ” The high profile person that she could remember was Long Hui ’s grandfather, Long Fei Yi.

”No. ” Long Hui shook his head.
”It is your grandfather. ”

”What? You are escorting my grandfather? Is he a high profile person? ” Yu Qi just could not believe herself.

”Qi Qi, you really not know about your grandfather ’s influence, don ’t you? ” Long Hui asked.

Actually, Long Hui already knew that Yu Qi would be travelling to Fanghai Nation for this medical conference.
He got to know from his spy in the university.
The military issued some order that they would be escorting that famous in the medical conference.
From that, he knew that would be Grandpa Tang.
It was perfect for him.
So, here he was.

”To be honest, yeah.
I don ’t.
For me, he is just my grandfather who is crazy about the herbs. ” Yu Qi laughed.

”What if your grandfather hear about this? ” Long Hui smiled.

”He might laugh off about it.
Because it is the truth.
He is indeed crazy about the herbs. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

The couple was just chatting with each other.
They did not care about anyone around them who were looking at them.

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”Look at that couple.
They are really matched with each other. ”

”I noticed that before this handsome man came, this girl had been talking with another handsome man. ”

”Really, she must have dumped that another man because this one looks very very handsome. ”

”What a bitch! ”

”You should not call someone like that.
The other man maybe just her friend.
This man can be her real boyfriend.
You can see from the girl ’s behaviour.
When she was with another man, she knew to keep the distance between her and that another man.
Now look, we can see the girl ’s body language. ”

The couple had been a public discussion topic.
However, the couple did not know about that.
Long Hui walked around with Yu Qi without any complaint.
He just followed Yu Qi and waiting for her whenever she stopped and asked the presenter at the booths.

They met Grandpa Tang while looking around.

Grandpa Tang saw Long Hui stuck close to her granddaughter felt a little bit annoying.
”Humph! ” He made the sound when he was looking at Long Hui.
After, he turned into a lovely grandfather when facing his granddaughter.

”Do you learn something from this conference? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

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”Of course.
There is a lot of medical knowledge here. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I thought you would not pay any attention to the conference since he is here. ” Grandpa Tang glanced to Long Hui.

”Of course not.
He has just accompanied me. ” Yu Qi defended Long Hui.

Long Hui smiled when he hearing his beloved Qi Qi defended him like that.

”You…! ” Grandpa Tang wanted to reply back but someone called his name.

”Tang Jiang Man, long time no see. ”

Grandpa Tang was being greeted by an old man.
He might be of the same age as Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang turned and saw his old friend.
”Oh, it is you.
Long time no see. ” Grandpa Tang greeted the old man back.

”I really don ’t think I will see you here.
We had not seen each other for about 20 years, right?. ” The old man asked in a nostalgic look.

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It is already 20 years since we last met.
I really did not realize that.
Actually, I did not plan to come.
However, it just happened that way. ” Grandpa Tang laughed.

”You can still travel and has a strong body.
It is great.
I already could not travel so far. ” The old man made the comment.

”Of course. ” Grandpa Tang made a proud look.

”Grandfather, this is? ” Yu Qi looked at her grandfather.

The old man finally looked at the girl that had been standing beside his friend.
He did not give a proper look at the girl since he was excited to see his old friend.
When he laid his eyes on the girl, he was very shocked.

’This face…
This face…
She is… ’

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