“What? Chi Guang Wei comes to our company?” Min Liang raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, Mr Min.
He wants to meet with the owner.” The receptionist told Min Liang.

“Let him wait.
I will ask the owner first.” Min Liang said.

The receptionist hangs up the call.
Chi Guang Wei looked at her with expectation.

Mr Min told you to wait.
He will ask the owner first.” The receptionist said to Chi Guang Wei.

Chi Guang Wei was happy with the answer even though it was not confirmed yet whether he could meet the owner or not.

Min Liang went to Qin Xia’s room to tell him about Chi Guang Wei’s arrival.

“What?” Qin Xia already sensed Min Liang coming.

“Chi Guang Wei is coming to meet you, Mr Qin.
Do you want to meet him?” Min Liang told Qin Xia straight to the point.

“He comes?” Qin Xia lifted his eyebrows.

He must find out about the acquisition from someone.” Min Liang stated.

Qin Xia was silent for a moment.
“Hmm… Let’s meet him, then.”

Min Liang was surprised to hear that Qin Xia agreed to meet Chi Guang Wei.
He did not know what Qin Xia wanted to do.

He then called the receptionist again to allow Chi Guang Wei to come up.
The receptionist informed Chi Guang Wei about that.

Chi Guang Wei was happy to hear it.
He followed the receptionist who would guide him to go upstairs.


Yu Qi was still in Guanying City.
She was with Madam Yi and Yi Sanyi.
It was one day after the grand opening of the HuiQi Jade store there.

They were having lunch at a famous restaurant in Guanying City.
Madam Yi was inviting her out.

“Does the food taste great?” Madam Yi asked.

“Hmm… It is not too bad.” Yu Qi stated.

Yu Qi still had time before she returned to FINN City tonight.
So, she accepted the invitation.

“The grand opening yesterday was a success.
Later, I don’t have to go to FINN City if I want to go to HuiQi Jade.” Madam Yi said happily.

They were chatting happily until someone approached Madam Yi and greeted her.

“Oh, Madam Yi, nice to meet you here.” A middle aged woman greeted Madam Yi.
She was with a young woman.

“Nice to meet you too.” Madam Yi gave a restrained smile.

The middle aged woman looked at Yu Qi.
“So, who is this?”

“This is my friend, Miss Tang.” Madam Yi introduce Yu Qi to the middle aged woman.

“Oh, just your friend? I thought she might be your future daughter in law.” The middle aged woman tested the market.

The young woman beside the middle aged woman turned hostile toward Yu Qi.
She glared sharply at Yu Qi.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Yu Qi glanced at the young woman, did not understand why this young woman looked at her with hostility.

“I also would like her to be my daughter in law too.” Madam Yi laughed at her words.

“Whose daughter are you?” The young woman immediately asked Yu Qi.

“What does it matter to you?” Yu Qi asked the young woman back.

“Who is your boyfriend?” The young woman asked another question again.

“Like I ask you before, what does it matter to you?” Yu Qi repeated the same question.

“Miss Tang, my daughter is asking you whose daughter you are because she simply wants to know more about you.” The middle aged woman interrupted.

“Oh, I am an orphan.” Yu Qi stated.

Well, she was not lying or anything.
It was the truth.

The young woman snorted when she heard the answer.

“You are just an orphan.
You must be wanting to climb the social ladder, am I right?” The young woman asked.

Madam Yi’s face frowned as she heard the statement.
The middle aged woman noticed the change and quickly pulled the young woman’s sleeve.
But the young woman did not notice it as she was focusing on Yu Qi.

Yu Qi chuckled when she heard the question.
“Me? Climbing the social ladder?”

“What? Did I guess wrong? I don’t think so.
A woman like you probably has that kind of dream.
Wanting to get married to a rich family.” The young woman said.

“Are you sure you not talking about yourself?” Yu Qi replied back.

“What? I don’t need to get married into a rich family.
My family is rich.
So, no need for me to do that.
Unlike you.” The young woman snapped.

“So, your family is rich? Does it mean you don’t have anything under your name?” Yu Qi asked.

“My family is rich.
That is it.” The young woman said.
She then looked at Madam Yi.
“Auntie Yi, you should be careful with a woman like this.
Most women like her are the gold digger.”

The young woman thought Madam Yi would appreciate her advice on Yu Qi.
However, she was surprised to see Madam Yi look angry at her.

“Madam Nan, this is what you teach your daughter?” Madam Yi asked the middle aged woman.

ραпdα nᴏνa| сom

“How dare you come to me and disrespect my friend like this?” Madam Yi said.

“Madam Yi…” The young woman did not understand why Madam Yi was so angry.
She just told her the truth.

“She did not have to get married to a rich family.
She is a millionaire.” Madam Yi stated.

“What? No way.” Both mother and daughter were shocked.

“She is the owner of HuiQi Jade Store.
You should know the brand, right?” Madam Yi revealed Yu Qi’s identity.

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