Chi Guang Wei went to Chi Yuan’s apartment.
He was stopped by the security guards due to a previous incident where someone disguised himself as a food courier sneaked out into the building.

Chi Guang Wei told them that he was Chi Yuan’s uncle and need to meet her.
The security guards then called Chi Yuan for confirmation.

After hearing Chi Guang Wei’s voice, Chi Yuan knew it was her uncle.
The security guards allowed Chi Guang Wei to enter the building.

Chi Yuan invited her uncle into her room and asked the maid to prepare some drinks.

“Uncle, do you have ways to save me?” Chi Yuan asked.

“Save you? I barely have a way to save the company.” Chi Guang Wei retorted in anger.

Chi Yuan was confused as to why her uncle snapped back at her angrily.

“What?” Chi Yuan asked again.

“You harmed our company.” Chi Guang Wei pointed his finger at Chi Yuan.

“What? I never meant to harm the company.
Uncle, someone must tell you a lie.” Chi Yuan stated.

Why would she harm the company? She also relied on the company.
Without the company, she would not be here.

“Do you know our company is currently facing an acquisition?” Chi Guang Wei asked.

“Yes.” Chi Yuan nodded.

“Do you know who’s?’ Chi Guang Wei asked back.

“No.” Chi Yuan shook her head.

“Yue Cooperation.” Chi Guang Wei told Chi Yuan.

“What? But we are not in the same field.” Chi Yuan was shocked to hear the news.

“I went to ask them about the reason why they doing this to us.
Do you know what their answer is? You!” Chi Guang Wei pointer his finger again.

“Huh? But I don’t remember doing someone to Yue Cooperation.” Chi Yuan shook her head again.

“They told me that you harmed the owner’s precious person.
As the reason they did this to our company.” Chi Guang Wei stated as he gritted his teeth.

“But I don’t know who.” Chi Yuan felt terrible.

“That person must be someone from the plagiarism case.” Chi Guang Wei conducted.
“Yue Cooperation attacks us now and it collides with your plagiarism case.
It must be someone from that case.”

“But Uncle, this is so strange.
If that person has Yue Cooperation as his backer from the start, why did that person still come to work with us?” Chi Yuan felt weird about this coincidence.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“I don’t care.
You need to apologize to them.
Admit your mistake.” Chi Guang Wei demanded.

“Uncle, if I apologize and admit to them, meaning I will admit to their accusation, my reputation will be ruined.” Chi Yuan stated.

Chi Yuan did not want to apologize.
As she said, if she apologised and admitted to their accusation, her reputation would be ruined.
She could not live here anymore.
This was her place.
She did not want to move away.

“Do you want to lose the company?” Chi Guang Wei shouted angrily.

He thought that Chi Yuan did not think about the company at all.

“Uncle, why don’t we find out that person first? After finding him or her, I will apologize to her in private and have a slow talk about the acquisition.
With that, we can save the company and my reputation.” Chi Yuan gave a suggestion.

Chi Guang Wei also thought it was a good suggestion.
“But how do you plan to find them? How many people did you copy their design?” He asked.

“Hmm… I think about 10 people.
I don’t remember the exact number.
But I don’t think it exceeds 10 people.” Chi Yuan tried to recall.

“Then, I will leave it for you to settle it.
But remember we don’t have much time.
The shareholders think it is best for the change.” Chi Guang Wei told the truth.

“What? Those shareholders want that?” Chi Yuan could not believe her ears.

“Yes, right now, a part of them still wants to be on our side.
That is why we still manage to hold.
What if they change their mind? We will not be able to stop the change.” Chi Guang Wei sighed.

Both uncle and niece were in silence.
Chi Guang Wei thought about another idea.

“Yuan, I have met the owner of Yue Cooperation.
He is still young.
Probably around your age.
It is good if you manage to catch his heart.” Chi Guang Wei smiled.

ραпdα nᴏνa| сom

“I know you will understand.” Chi Guang Wei nodded.

“But…” Chi Yuan did not want to do that.
Her heart belonged to Long Hui.
She still wanted to get married to Long Hui.
Long Hui was still not married yet.
She still had a chance.

“What? You are still thinking to get married to that Long Hui? He already has a fiancee and is in love with her.” Chi Guang Wei wanted Chi Yuan to understand that Long Hui would never be hers.
She should change the aim.

“Uncle, I can’t.
I want to be with Hui.” Chi Yuan stated.

“Stupid girl.
There are so many men in this world.
It is even better than that Long Hui.
Not to mention, he is just a soldier.” Chi Guang Wei slapped the table.

“He is not just a soldier but high ranking one.” Chi Yuan retorted.

“I don’t care.
You need to settle this.
Whether you go and find that person or meet Mr Qin, the owner of Yue Cooperation.
If you can’t settle it, I will personally pulled you to apologize in public.” Chi Guang Wei gave the final words and left Chi Yuan’s apartment.

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