Owner Of The Miracle Space


After battling with Long Hui on the bed for a long time, Yu Qi fell asleep.
Seeing his beloved Qi Qi sleep, Long Hui also fell asleep.

Six hours later, both of them woke, cleaned up and had breakfast together.
Both of them did not need to go to work.
So, they planned to stay at their penthouse for today.

”Qi Qi, I have something to tell you. ” Long Hui suddenly sounded so serious.

It got Yu Qi's attention.
She turned to Long Hui.

”What is it? ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.

”Firstly, get your pets together.
We will go somewhere. ” Long Hui asked her.

Yu Qi was confused.
Did he just decide to stay home today? However, Yu Qi immediately called Aoi, Shino and Xiaohua.

Shino sat on Yu Qi's shoulder.
Aoi was on Yu Qi's arm.
Xiaohua was on Yu Qi's arm before Long Hui took her into his arm.
Xiaohua did not think much about that and stayed quietly in Long Hui's arms.

Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi's hand.
And suddenly, the scene changed.
From the living room to the forest.
Yu Qi and her contract beasts looked around in shock.

”What just happens? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

Long Hui smiled.
Before he answered it, Xiaohua shouted.

”This is where I live before. ” Xiaohua recognized the place.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi turned to look at Xiaohua and turned back to Long Hui.

”This is Miracle Space. ” Long Hui stated.

”Wait, what? That Miracle Space? How? ” Yu Qi became more shocked to hear it was the Miracle Space.

”I just realized a few days ago that I can come into this Miracle Space.
I don't know why. ” Long Hui said.

A few days ago, he was feeling weird and when he came to his sense, he was standing in the forest.
He did not panic and began to explore the place.

After exploring the forest for a few minutes, he found the whole building, Kui Yue, name on the sign board.
Of course, he recognized it.
The way white building in the Miracle Space.
After exploring other areas, he finally knew that this place was the Miracle Space.

”You can come in and come out of this Miracle Space? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yeah. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Wow, it is like my Sere Space. ” Yu Qi said.

'Master, maybe because he is the owner of this Miracle Space.' Bo Ya suddenly talked to Yu Qi.

'What do you mean?' Yu Qi asked.

'It was like our space.
Master makes this space.
So, you can come in and come out of the space.
It is the same applied to your fiancee.
Did he make this Miracle Space, right?' Bo Ya explained the logic.

'Oh, that is kind of valid.
Thank you, Bo Ya. ” Yu Qi thanked Bo Ya.

'Glad to help you.' Bo Ya said.

”Brother Hui, I think I know why you can come in and come out of this Miracle Space. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”You know? ” Long Hui asked.

Just now, Bo Ya told me that since you are the one who makes this Miracle Space, you can come as you want.
Just like my Sere Space. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Owh, I see. ” Long Hui nodded.

In the past, it was true that he made this Miracle Space.
When he thought about Yu Qi's space, he felt that what Yu Qi said was reasonable.

”Master, does this mean I can come and see my family again? ” Aoi asked.

I guess. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She remembered that Aoi was from this Miracle Space.

Aoi jumped out of Yu Qi's arms and jumped around excitedly.

”You can spend time with your family for the time being. ” Yu Qi said to the excited Aoi.

”Really? Are you sure? But I need to be with you to protect you. ” Aoi thought about Yu Qi's safety.

”You don't need to go much about that.
I did not plan to go anywhere for the time being.
Just go to the hospital and the lab.
That's all. ” Yu Qi stated.

”I will stay at Qi Qi's side for the time being.
I will come and take you outside if I have to leave for work. ” Long Hui said.

Hearing that, Aoi's eyes shined as he was happy to hear that.

”Well, let's go to your house.
You remembered the way, right?' Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Aoi nodded.

So, they walked through the forest to go to Aoi's family.
One hour later, they were at the familiar cliff.
They went down and arrived at the fog area.
They could sense something in front of them.

Then Aoi made some sounds.
A similar yet different creature from Aoi appeared from the fog.
Aoi went to talk to them.

”Master, let's go inside, ” Aoi shouted to Yu Qi.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

They walked in.
Aoi was happily talking to his parent.
He told them that he would be staying over for the time being.
This made his parent happy with the news, especially his mother.

His mother approached Yu Qi and bowed a little while saying something.

”Master, my mother said thank you for staying with me here. ” Aoi became his mother's translator.

Yu Qi smiled and nodded to Aoi's mother.
They stayed for a while and decided to leave.

”Xiaohua, since you are also from this place, do you want to stay here too? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No, I don't have anyone here.
It is better to stay with you and Bo Ya. ” Xiaohua shook her head.

If she decided to stay here, she would become alone.

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