Demand To See The Owner


Chi Yuan could not ask someone to help her to find out what evidence they had against her.
She tried to ask other sources to help her but they did not want to get involved with her.

So, she decided to follow his uncle's words.
She wanted to meet with the owner of Yue Cooperation.
She stepped into the building and went to the front desk.
The receptionist smiled at her and asked what her purpose for coming to Yue Cooperation was.

She introduced herself and told them that she wanted to meet with the owner.
The receptionist asked the standard question of whether she had an appointment or not.

But can you please call him and ask about that? Last time, my uncle came without any appointment too and the owner agreed to meet with him after a call. ” Chi Yuan said.

”Are your uncle, Chi Guang Wei? ” The receptionist asked.

”Yes, he is. ” Chi Yuan nodded.

This receptionist was the one who received Chi Guang Wei.
It was true that after she called Min Liang, the owner agreed to meet Chi Guang Wei.
The receptionist thought it would be the same as his niece.
Maybe they had to discuss something.
The receptionist nodded.

”Please wait for a moment.
I will call Mr Min. ” The receptionist told Chi Yuan.

”Sure. ” Chi Yuan smiled.

The receptionist called Min Liang.
Min Liang was currently busy, frowned as he heard the phone call.
He answered.

”Yes? ” Min Liang asked.

”Mr Min, this is the front desk.
Someone wants to meet the owner without the appointment. ” The receptionist informed Min Liang.

”Who? ” Min Liang asked.

”She is Chi Yuan, Chi Guang Wei's niece.
Do I need to send her up? ” The receptionist replied.

”Chi Yuan? Tell her to wait, I will ask the owner. ” Min Liang said.

The call ended.

”How is it? ” Chi Yuan asked seeing the receptionist was done with her phone call.

”Mr Min said you need to wait.
He will ask the owner first. ” The receptionist informed Chi Yuan.

”Oh, okay. ” Chi Yuan smiled.

Even though she was smiling, she would not help to feel disgusted interacting with a lower class person.
If not because she needed this help, she already snapped and scolded this receptionist.

Min Liang went to Qin Xia's office and saw his boss currently close his eyes while sitting on the chair.

”What? ” Without opening his eyes, Qin Xia asked.
He also sensed Min Liang's presence.

”Someone wants to meet you, Mr Qin. ” Min Liang said.

”Who? ” Qin Xia asked.

”Chi Yuan. ” Min Liang mentioned the name.

Hearing the name, Qin Xia slowly opened his eyes.
”Her? ”

”Yes. ” Min Liang nodded.
”Do you want to meet her? ”

”I don't want to waste my time. ” Qin Xia closed his eyes again as he waved his hand telling Min Liang to get out of his room.

Min Liang got out.
He also felt ridiculous that Chi Yuan wanted to meet Qin Xia.
She already irked Qin Xia's anger.

Min Liang called the receptionist to tell Qin Xia's answer.

”Miss Chi, I am sorry to inform you that you can't see the owner. ” The receptionist said to Chi Yuan.

”What? He does not want to meet me? ” Chi Yuan could not believe her ears.

”Yes. ” The receptionist noticed the change in Chi Yuan's voice.

She knew that the woman in front of her was getting angry.
But it was not her fault.

”Can you call him one more time? Let me talk to him personally.
Who you call, Mr Min, right? Call him again. ” Chi Yuan started to demand.

”Miss Chi, we all are busy.
Mr Min already told you that the owner does not want to meet you.
You should leave. ” Another receptionist interrupted when she saw her partner in trouble.

”Just call him.
Let me speak with him once. ” Chi Yuan demanded again.

”Miss… ” The other receptionist wanted to speak up but the first receptionist stopped her.

I will call him one more time. ” The first receptionist nodded with a smile.

She called Min Liang again.
She heard that Min Liang answering the phone.

”Mr Min, this is the front desk again.
We are sorry for disturbing you again.
But Miss Chi here wants to talk with you personally. ” The first receptionist stated.

”She wants to talk with me? ” Min Liang asked.

”Yes. ” The first receptionist said.

”Give the phone to her.
Meanwhile, you can call the security guard to escort her out after she is done talking to me. ” Min Liang said.

”Yes, Mr Min. ” The first receptionist nodded.

She then passed the phone to Chi Yuan.
Chi Yuan took the phone from the first receptionist.

After passing the phone to Chi Yuan, the first receptionist whispered something to the another receptionist telling her to call the security guards and asking them to get ready to escort this woman in front of them out after she finished talking with Min Liang.

Another receptionist nodded and called someone using another phone.

”Mr Min, right? ” Chi Yuan asked.

”Yes. ” Min Liang answered.

”Can you please arrange the meeting with your owner? I have something to talk about with him. ” Chi Yuan said.

”Miss Chi, my boss does not want to meet or talk with you.
So, you can stop harassing our employees and leave our establishment. ” Min Liang stated.

”Mr Min, I need to talk with your boss.
It is something important. ” Chi Yuan still wanted to try her luck.

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