Being Escorted Out By The Security Guards.


”Miss Chi, stop begging like that.
It is pathetic.
I think you still have something more important than this, right? ” Min Liang asked.

Chi Yuan gritted her teeth as she called the lawsuit.

”If you have nothing to say, I have so much work to do.
Have a good day. ” Min Liang ended the answer.

hello… ” Chi Yuan said.
”Damn it. ” She threw the phone back to the receptionist.

”Miss Chi, please leave our company. ” The receptionist said politely.

”I will wait here. ” Chi Yuan wanted to try her luck again.

If she waited until the day ended, she might meet with the owner when he wanted to return home.

”Miss Chi, Mr Min already gave me the order that you need to leave now.
If you don't want, our security guards will help you with that. ” The receptionist said again.

”What? ” Chi Yuan looked at her back.

There were two security guards behind her waiting to escort her back.

”Wait, you can not treat me like this. ” Chi Yuan stated.

”You come to our company demanding to meet our big boss.
Who do you think you are? ” The other receptionist snorted at Chi Yuan.

”How dare you snort at me like that? ” Chi Yuan pointed her finger at the receptionist.

I dare to do it.
What can you do to me, huh? ” The receptionist chuckled.
”I know about your scandal.
You are still brave to come here. ”

Yeah, she knew about Chi Yuan's news.
She liked to read about the gossip and she happened to come across Chi Yuan's news.

”Escort Miss Chi out. ” The first receptionist told the security guards.

”Miss Chi, please leave our building. ” The security guard said.
It was still in the polite way.

I don't want to leave. ” Chi Yuan said.

”Then, we will make you leave. ” The security guard said.

He signalled to his partner.
He grabbed Chi Yuan's right arm.
The other security guard grabbed Chi Yuan's left arm.

Chi Yuan struggled to make the security guards release her but no bail.
”Let me go. ” She shouted.


The security guards ignored her and brought her out of the building.
After they were out, they immediately released Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan did not ready and fell to the ground.
”Ouch! You! I will sue both of you! ” She shouted.

The security guards ignored her words and entered the building.
Chi Yuan gritted her teeth and stood up.
She wanted to enter the building again.

However, before she managed to do so, she was blocked by a group of people.
Chi Yuan realised that they were a group of reporters with mics and cameras.

”Miss Chi, can you comment a little about your plagiarism case? ”

”Miss Chi, what are you doing here? ”

”What are you going to do with the lawsuit? ”

”Miss Chi, are you coming here to help Yue Cooperation help you? ”

”What is your relationship with Yue Cooperation? ”.

”Is really true that you plagiarism other designers? ”

”Why do you want to meet the owner of Yue Cooperation? ”

”What are your feeling after being rejected by the owner of Yue Cooperation? ”

”Do you come here to ask Yue Cooperation's help? ”

”Miss Chi, please answer our questions. ”

Chi Yuan was feeling a headache when facing a lot of questions from the reporters.

”No, leave me alone. ” Chi Yuan said.
Her voice was faint that no one listened to her.

The reporters kept shouting questions at Chi Yuan.
She could not handle it anymore.
So, she fainted.
Everyone was shocked to see her faint.

”What should we do now? ”

”Call the ambulance quickly. ”

”Yeah? It is not good if she died here. ”

”We might face the consequences of this. ”


So, someone called the ambulance.
Chi Yuan was laying on the ground without anyone's care until the ambulance came and took care of her.

The two receptionists also watched the scene.

”I hope she will be okay. ”

”Sister Li, she was rude to us earlier.
She deserves it. ”

”But it is not good of she died.
But how did the reporters know that she was here? ”

”I told them. ”

”Huh? How? ”

”Well, I secretly turned on the live mode on the social platform.
That is why the reporters knew that she was here. ”

Don't do something like this anymore. ”

”Yes, Sister Li. ”

The two receptionists returned to their workspace and continued working.

Chi Yuan became more famous after she was on the social platform.
Not to mention the clips from the reporters also went viral.

Gu Ning and Wei Ding Ye were hanging out together after a class when she saw the viral video about Chi Yuan.

”Ding Ye, watch this. ” Gu Ning showed her phone to Wei Ding Ye.

”What? ” Wei Ding Ye asked.

Gu Ning did not say anything just let Wei Ding Ye watch the video.
After that, Wei Ding Ye laughed a loud.
They were at the cafe.

The sudden laugh made everyone look at Wei Ding Ye.

I was loud.
Continue doing your things. ” Wei Ding Ye apologised to others.

”Funny, right? ” Gu Ning also smiled.

”What is she thinking coming out when the reporters want to meet you? ” Wei Ding Ye said.

”She must be stupid. ” Gu Ning said.


”What is she trying to do? Asking Yue Cooperation to back up her? ” Wei Ding Ye asked.

”Who knows. ” Gu Ning made a gesture that she also did not know.

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