Rejected To Help Her


Li Cui was shocked to hear that Chi Yuan was admitted to the hospital.
She quickly called her husband to tell him about the situation.

”What? Was she admitted to the hospital? ” Chi Guang Wei frowned as he heard the news.

Chi Guang Wei knew Chi Yuan's purpose today.
He was the one asking her to go to Yue Cooperation.
He was happy that Chi Yuan listened to his words and went there.
How did she end up admitted to the hospital?

Li Cui then explained to her husband about the situation.

”You can go and look for her.
I am busy right now. ” Chi Guang Wei was indeed busy with the company.

Li Cui agreed to do so.
Chi Yuan was like a daughter to her.
Of course, she was worried about Chi Yuan.
She got ready to go to the hospital.

When Li Cui went to the hospital, there were some reporters lingered around to get some news about Chi Yuan.
When they saw Li Cui, they knew her identity.
They rushed to her side.

However, Li Cui came with her bodyguards.
The reporters could not get closer.
But it was not stopping the reporters to ask some questions.

”Mrs Chi, are you coming for Miss Chi? ”

”Mrs Chi, can you tell us the situation? ”

Li Cui ignored the reporters and walked straight into the hospital.
She asked the nurse at the counter about her niece.
The nurse told her the ward's number.

Li Cui went to her niece's ward.
When she saw the ward was not a single room, she told her bodyguard to go and make the arrangement to change the ward.

She did not want her niece to pack together with others.
Her niece needed privacy at a time like this.
After the transfer, Chi Yuan regained consciousness.

”Yuan-er… ” Li Cui rubbed her niece's head.

”Auntie… ” Chi Yuan cried when she saw her auntie.

”Why do you go there? Should you stay at your apartment? ” Li Cui asked.

”Uncle tells me to go there to save the company. ” Chi Yuan blamed her uncle for this.

”I will talk to your uncle about this.
For now, you just need to rest. ” Li Cui stated.

”Hmm… ” Chi Yuan nodded.


Wei Zichen just came back from his business trip.
When he stepped into the house, he saw his mother waiting for him.

”Mom? ” Wei Zichen said.

Usually, his mother would not welcome him like this.

”Great, you are back.
I have been waiting for you. ” Grandma Wei said.

”Huh? What is this? ” Wei Zichen did not understand.

Feng Ni Lan noticed her husband's return and welcomed him.
”Welcome home, dear. ”

”I want you to do something. ” Grandma Wei demanded.

”Mother, Zichen just return home.
Can you please let him come inside the house first? ” Feng Ni Lan asked her mother in law.

”Tsk. ” Grandma Wei clicked her tongue and went inside.

Wei Zichen was confused by this situation.
He looked at his wife for an explanation.
Feng Ni Lan noticed her husband's stare.

”Come inside first.
I will explain to you later. ” Feng Ni Lan sighed.

Both husband and wife entered the house.
Grandma Wei was sitting in the living room.

”Come and sit here.
I have something to talk about. ” Grandma Wei called Wei Zichen.

Wei Zichen went and sat in front of his mother.
”What is it, Mom? ”

”Do you hear about Yuan-er? ” Grandma Wei asked.

Wei Zichen frowned.
Why did he need to know about that girl? ”No. ” He answered in short.

”First, she had been caught in a plagiarism case.
Second, her uncle's company had been facing acquisition.
I want you to help her settle these problems. ” Grandma Wei stated.

Wei Zichen frowned once again.
”Mom, why do I need to help her? ”


”Just do what I say. ” Grandma Wei slapped her knee.

”Mom, you want me to interfere with these problems? Do you want my career to be ruined? ” Wei Zichen asked.

”Huh? Of course not! ” Grandma Wei denied it.

”Then, why do you want to interfere with these problems? ” Wei Zichen asked.

”You know Yuan-er since she was small.
Why don't you pity her at times like this? ” Grandma Wei asked.

I know her since she was small but why should I endanger my career for an outsider like her? She is not blood-related to me and our family. ” Wei Zichen stated his opinion.

”Who says she is not blood related? ” Grandma Wei shouted.

Wei Zichen and Feng Ni Lan were in silence.
They looked at Grandma Wei.

Grandma Wei thought she misspoke.
She coughed several times.
”Even though she is not blood related, she is still like my granddaughter. ” She muttered.

”Whatever you say, I will not interfere.
If she is really guilty, she should pay the consequence. ” Wei Zichen would not change his mind.

”Feng Ni Lan, talk sense to your husband. ” Grandma Wei looked at her daughter in law.

”Mother, I also agree with Zichen.
We should not get involved with their business. ” Feng Ni Lan stood with her husband.

”You two! ” Grandma Wei shouted.

”What are you shouting about? ” Grandpa Wei appeared in the living room.

”Dad. ”

”Father. ”

Grandpa Wei acknowledged both of them.
”Tell me, what is going on? ”

Wei Zichen told his father everything.
When Grandpa Wei heard this, he became angry with Grandma Wei.

”What are you thinking, forcing your son like that? ” Grandpa Wei pointed at his wife.

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