’Her face really looks like that person. ’ The old man was staring at Yu Qi.

”Why are you staring at my granddaughter like that? ” Grandpa Tang asked the old man.

The old man realized he was staring abnormally at the girl.

”Oh, I ’m sorry.
Who is this young girl, Jiang Man? ” The old man asked Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang introduced Yu Qi to the old man.
”This is my granddaughter, Yu Qi. ”

Then he turned to the old man.
”This is my old friend, Wang San Yi.
He is also a doctor. ”

Yu Qi smiled and bowed.
”Nice to meet you, Grandpa Wang. ”

”Nice to meet you too. ” Wang San Yi said awkwardly.
He turned to Grandpa Tang.
”I don ’t know that you have a beautiful young granddaughter. ”

Grandpa Tang made a proud look.
”Of course, my granddaughter is the most beautiful girl. ”

Wang San Yi looked at his watch.
”I have something to do.
Oh, before that, let ’s take a picture of us together.
Tang Girl, come in together. ” Wang San Yi called Yu Qi to take pictures together.

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”I think it ’s better to take your picture together with grandfather. ” Yu Qi said.

”I want to tell others that Jiang Man has a beautiful granddaughter.
Without the picture, they might not believe me. ” Wang San Yi had to take a picture of Yu Qi.

Wang San Yi particularly begged Yu Qi.
After a few whiles, Yu Qi agreed to take a picture together with Grandpa Tang and Wang San Yi.
Long Hui became their photographer.

”Okay, see you again, Jiang Man, Tang Girl. ” Wang San Yi lifted his hand and left.

”You know him for a long time ago? ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang.

”Yeah, since I was very young and still learning about medicine. ” Grandpa Tang smiled recalled his memories with Wang San Yi.

”Seems you have already met the Long Brat. ” Grandpa Tang glanced at Long Hui.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Tonight, tell your lecturers, we are having dinner together. ” Grandpa Tang suddenly told Yu Qi.

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”Together? All of them? ” Yu Qi asked.

It is my treat. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi said.


Yu Qi came out together with Aoi to the lobby.
Since the hotel was nearby the location of the medical conference, there were a lot of people staying at the hotel.
Grandpa Tang and Long Hui were staying at a different hotel because the hotel was already house full.

It seemed that Yu Qi left her room a little earlier.
She did not find someone that she knew.
So, she leaned to the wall of the corner to wait for them.
She did not realize that a group of men kept looking at her.

Then someone from the group approached Yu Qi.
Aoi sensed that an unknown man was approaching his master, so, he gave a warning to his master.

Someone is approaching you. ’ Aoi sounded like an emergency situation operator.

Hearing the warning issued by Aoi, Yu Qi looked around.
Yeah, there was someone approaching her.
Then the man stopped, not far from Yu Qi ’s standing.

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”Miss, are you alone? If you are alone, I want to invite and join us for dinner. ” The man smiled.
It was obvious that he always did something like this.

”No, I ’m waiting for my friends and lecturers. ” Yu Qi rejected politely.

”Then, let me change the word.
I want you to join us for dinner, is that clear? ” The man gave a dangerous smile right now.

Yu Qi wanted to retort but someone already made his speech.

”Are you sure you want to lose both of your legs after dinner? ”

The man turned back and saw a man also with a dangerous smile.
He never thought one day he would know about the fear.
The man behind him really could install the fear into his body.

”Brother Hui, you are here. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Still not going? ” Long Hui glared to the man.

Hearing that, the man ran away.
He was looking for his friends.
None of them was here.
Meaning they already left him alone.

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”You are like a hero who saved a damsel in distress. ” Yu Qi commented.

”I will always try to save you as I much I can. ” Long Hui looked into Yu Qi ’s eyes.

Right now, none of the people here in their world.
Only two of them.

Two of you…
Stop flirting with each other. ” Grandpa Tang reminded them that they were in the lobby.

Yu Qi was blushing.
Meanwhile, Long Hui kept his cool.
Then after fifteen minutes later, all of the students and lecturers from Yu Qi ’s university gathered.

Mrs Mo, the lecturer went to Grandpa Tang and said thank for inviting them for dinner.
Dinner with the legendary doctor like Grandpa Tang was an honour for them.

They went to a luxury restaurant.
Yesterday ’s restaurant could not win against this restaurant.
It was a five star restaurant.

”You can choose whatever you want but you need to finish the food.
Don ’t be greedy. ” Grandpa Tang said after they sat down in the private room.

They started to browse the menu book.
They chose the food that they wanted to eat but they remembered to control themselves as they recalled Grandpa Tang ’s word.

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Firstly, Yu Qi wanted to settle the food for Aoi.
She opened the book and let Aoi chose his food himself.
He put the paw on the pictures of food he wanted to eat.

You can ’t have that much in one go. ” Yu Qi stopped Aoi.

Aoi sulked.

”If you sulked again, I will not order for you. ” Yu Qi said.

’Master, don ’t.
I will not sulk again.
Please order the food for me. ’ Aoi made an attack with his cute face.

Yu Qi laughed.
” Okay.
Don ’t worry.
I will order them for you.
You glutton. ”

Long Hui that sat beside his beloved Qi Qi smiled when he saw this scene.
His beloved Qi Qi really loved this dog.

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