Getting A Secret Patient


Chi Yuan had been given a sedative.
She finally calmed down.
Li Cui rushed to the hospital when she heard about her niece's condition.

After hearing from the doctor, Li Cui got one of the bodyguards to tell her what had happened to her niece.
The bodyguard explained what happened.
Even though he did not know what had been discussed by Chi Yuan and the lawyer, he knew what made Chi Yuan rant.

Li Cui scolded the bodyguards for letting the lawyer meet her niece.
The bodyguard felt very wrong when he heard the scold.
However, he did not respond and just let Li Cui scold him.

Chi Yuan was the one who wanted to meet the lawyer, but he.
He wanted to talk to Chi Yuan about that but she refused and still allowed the lawyer to enter the ward.


Yu Qi was doing her checking routes as usual in the morning.
After doing that, she started to receive the patients from her office.
When she was about to finish that, the nurse told her that someone needed her at the director's office.

She was surprised.
It was her first time being called by her uncle in such a way.
She nodded and told the nurse that she would be going once she was done with this patient.

After the last patient, Yu Qi walked to the director's room.
She knocked on the door.
After getting the permission, she opened the door.

I am Doctor Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi told him her name.

Yu Qi.
Come in and close the door. ” Tang Jung Wen told her.

Yu Qi did as she was told.

”Sit down. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

Yu Qi sat in front of Tang Jung Wen and waited for Tang Jung Wen to talk.

”Someone requested your skill. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi did not quite understand.

”It is the government's request.
They need you to treat someone. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

”Someone? Who? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Here. ” Tang Jung Wen pushed a file to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi took the file and read the information inside the file.
She did not show any reaction when she read the information.
Tang Jung Wen noticed that.


”If it is from the government, does it means this is a confidential secret? ” Yu Qi asked.

The government requested to keep this a secret.
You need to sign this confidential document as well. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

Yu Qi looked at this.

”There is no room to reject? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”You can reject it.
But you still need to sign the document since you already read the information.
But I don't think you will reject it. ” Tang Jung Wen smiled.

”Uncle, you know me well. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”You are my father's disciple.
He would never run from this. ” Tang Jung Wen stated.

That's right.
I am quite interested in this patient.
I will accept it. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Then sign the document. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

”How many people will be involved in this? ” Yu Qi asked.

I don't have a specific number right now. ” Tang Jung Wen told her.

While she was signing the document, she asked another question.
”When can I see the patient? ”

”He will be transferred to our hospital within one week. ” Tang Jung Wen replied.

”He will be transfer here? ” Yu Qi was surprised.

”Yes. ” Tang Jung Wen nodded.

”I thought he will be at the hospital in Capital City. ” Yu Qi uttered.

”No, the patient requested to be at our hospital. ” Tang Jung Wen stated.

”I see…
I am done signing this document. ” Yu Qi pushed the document to Tang Jung Wen.
”Can I take this file with me? ” She wanted to know more about this patient.

You can take it.
But remember don't let anyone see what is inside. ” Tang Jung Wen reminded her.


”Okay, uncle.
Is there anything else? ” Yu Qi asked.

You can go now. ” Tang Jung Wen waved his hand.

I will take my leave first. ” Yu Qi stood up from the seat and left the room.

Yu Qi went to her room first, cleaned up and left the room to go to the research centre.
She did not want to get disturbed by anyone.
Her research room was the best place.

After getting to the research centre, Yu Qi was greeted by Neko-chan.

”Master, long time no see.
I miss you. ” Neko-chan greeted Yu Qi with her voice.

I have a lot on my hand. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I want to go out with you, Master. ” Neko-chan sighed.

You can exist in this building.
I will try to rewrite the data so that you can come with me later, okay. ” Yu Qi compromised.

Sure… ” Neko-chan agreed.

”How about the others? ” Yu Qi asked.

They are busy doing their own research.
Their conditions are okay. ” Neko-chan made her report.

She had been instructed by Neko-chan to monitor people inside the building.
If they were not fit to work, they would be forced to get a rest.

”Well, Yi Qihan still likes to sleep everywhere, ” Neko-chan said.

Just let him sleep. ” Yu Qi said.

”I dislike seeing him sleep everywhere. ” Neko-chan rolled her eyes.

Yu Qi laughed.

”I will read something.
And I don't want to be disturbed.
You can go and do your thing. ” Yu Qi stated.

”Okay… ” Neko-chan nodded.


This chapter is edited by Tzin99…
Thank you for your help…

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