Test Subject


Yu Qi sat down and opened the file.
She started to read the information.

”Mong Jinan, 50 years old. ” Yu Qi said.

When she read the information further, she began to frown.
She did not think that this patient was ill.

”What the hell? ” Yu Qi shouted.

”Master, what's wrong? ” Neko-chan was silently watching the K-drama and asked Yu Qi when she heard the shout.

Continue watching your K-drama. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Yu Qi sighed.
This patient obviously did not ill but was injected with a lot of viruses into his body.
It seemed this patient had been used as the test subject.
That was she guessed.

She really wondered what did happen to him.
He was 50 years old.
Seeing the viruses accumulated in his body, he must be injected with the viruses since he was young.

Yu Qi wondered how he could survive until now having viruses in his body like that.
It was really a difficult task.
But she did not give up and was excited to see him.

Mong Jinan, Yu Qi wanted to know more about him.

”Neko-chan, can you please search about Mong Jinan? ” Yu Qi asked Neko-chan.

Mong Jinan? Wait a minute. ” Neko-chan quickly searched for the words.

After a few times of trying, Neko-chan frowned.
”Master, I don't find anything relevant. ” She was flustered.

I see…
His identity has been kept a secret. ” Yu Qi thought about that.

Her thought had been disturbed by a phone call.
She looked at the name.
She immediately picked up the call.

”Hello. ” Yu Qi answered the call.

”Have you finished your work? ” Long Hui asked.

I am at the research centre. ” Yu Qi said.

I will pick you up. ” Long Hui stated.

Call me if you are already inside. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Okay. ” Long Hui smiled.

The call ended.
Yu Qi took Mong Jinan's file and entered the space.
She stored the file inside.
She did not dare to leave the file around.
Her space was the safest.


She quickly asked Yu Qi.
”Master, does Mong Jinan a person or what? ”

”A person. ” Yu Qi stated.
Then she continued.
”Neko-chan, don't hack around to find the information about this person anymore.
His data is confidential.
You might be caught. ”

Yu Qi noticed what was in Neko-chan's mind.
She had to stop her immediately.

”Erkk…. ” Neko-chan pouted when Yu Qi stopped her.

”Listen to me, okay? We will find his information together, okay. ” Yu Qi coaxed the AI.

okay…. ” Neko-chan nodded.

Then Yu Qi got a text message from Long Hui telling her that he had arrived.

”I will go home.
Bye. ” Yu Qi said to Neko-chan.

Goodbye, Master. ” Neko-chan waved her paw.

Yu Qi left her room and saw a group of people also walking to leave the building.

”Miss Tang. ” They greeted her.

Are you going home? ” Yu Qi replied.

”Yes. ” They answered.

Take care of yourself. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Miss Tang is really beautiful. ”

”Yeah, it is the first time I seeing her face to face. ”

They praised Yu Qi several times for her beauty and brain.

Yu Qi already walked away but she still could hear the conversation.
She coughed a few times feeling embarrassed about the praise.
She walked out.

Long Hui who was waiting for her noticed something.

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi quickly approached Long Hui she saw him.

”Why are you blushing? ” Long Hui narrowed his eyes.

”Just now, I meet people.
They also want to go home.
They greet me and I also greet them.
After I walk away, they start to praise me.
It is so embarrassing. ” Yu Qi put her hands on her cheek.

The cold inside Long Hui's eyes disappeared when he heard her explanation.
Long Hui chuckled.


”What they say is true though. ” Long Hui stated.

”Not you too. ” Yu Qi smiled.
”Hmm, let's eat outside tonight. ”

”Sure. ” Long Hui agreed.

They left the place.

”Where do you want to eat? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi thought about that for a moment.
Let's eat at Heavenly Kitchen. ”

Heavenly Kitchen was a new restaurant that opened a few months ago.
Yu Qi had been going there once with her hospital colleagues.

The food there tasted good.
The environment was also good.

”Sure. ” Long Hui nodded.

They arrived there.
The waiter smiled welcoming them.

Is there any private room available? ” Yu Qi asked.

The waiter smiled and apologised to Yu Qi.
”I am sorry, Miss.
Today, we have a full booking. ”

”I see…
It's okay.
We will just have a table in the main hall. ” Yu Qi did not care much about that.

Long Hui stepped in and showed something to the waiter.
The expression on the waiter's face changed.
He became more respectful.

”Sir, welcome to our establishment.
I will inform the manager. ” The waiter stated.

”Just prepare a room for us. ” Long Hui waved his hand.

I will do it right now.
Please wait for a moment.
The waiter bowed down and rushed inside.

”What did you show him making him so respectful toward you? ” Yu Qi asked.

This… ” Long Hui showed her a black card with a restaurant logo on it with his name.

”Black card. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I will ask someone to issue one for you. ” Long Hui said.

”Is that okay for you to do so? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No worries. ” Long Hui smiled.

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