A man rushed over and greeted Long Hui and Yu Qi with respect. 

”Welcome Mr Long, Miss Tang.
I am the manager of this restaurant.
Let me lead you to your room. ” The manager smiled.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked the manager.

While they were led to the room, the manager enthusiastically explained about the room.

”We have a lot of private rooms but the one you ’re going to use is the most luxurious room called Moon Room.
The room is for our black card users. ” The manager stated.

”I see. ” Yu Qi responded.

”Wait up! ”

They heard someone shout.
When they turned around, they saw a man.
He looked at the manager.

”I heard you mention a private room.
When we were outside, didn ’t you say that there was no private room left? Why do you lead these people to a private room? ” The man demanded an explanation.

The manager did not panic.
He even smiled. 

”Sir, the waiter outside is not lying.
There is no private room left. ” The manager gestured his hand to Yu Qi and Long Hui.
”However, that is for normal private rooms.
We have other rooms.
However, these rooms are only available to the VVIP customers. ”

”Then, give me these private rooms too. ” The man made a demand.

”Sir, I already told you that those rooms are just for the chosen customers. ” The manager did not back off.

”Call your manager.
I want to talk with him. ” The man shouted in anger.

”I am the manager for tonight. ” The manager stated.

”Then call the owner. ” The man shouted again.

The manager glanced once at Long Hui before turning back to the man.
Yu Qi noticed it and narrowed her eyes while smiling.

”Sir, we have rules here.
If you can ’t obey the rules, we want you to leave this premise. ” The manager said.

”Want me to leave? I don ’t want to leave. ” The man snorted.

”Then, we will have to escort you out. ” The manager took out his phone to call someone.

”Huang Jian Zhi, what are you doing here? ” Another man came over.

”Bro, they have other private rooms.
But they just don ’t want to give it to us. ” Huang Jian Zhi said.

The new man looked at the manager asking for an explanation.

”As I explained earlier, these private rooms are for VVIP customers only.
The normal private rooms are indeed fully booked for tonight.
I am sorry about that. ” The manager said.

”I see…
I am sorry for my brother ’s behaviour. ” The newcomer apologized to the manager.

”What are you talking about, Bro? ” Huang Jian Zhi was not satisfied yet.

”Shut up! Don ’t make a scene here.
We can eat at the main hall just fine. ” The new man scolded Huang Jian Zhi.

”Since we are clear, we will be going now. ” The manager said. 

The manager gestured for Long Hui and Yu Qi to follow him.

”Bro, why are you giving in? ” Huang Jian Zhi asked. 

”Do you see who ’s with him? ” The man asked.

”Huh? Who? ” Huang Jian Zhi asked.

”Colonel Long Hui. ” The man stated.

”What? He? ” Huang Jian Zhi was shocked. 

It seems he is the VVIP customer for this restaurant. ” The man said.

”He will not remember me, right? ” Huang Jian Zhi asked.

”I don ’t think he will care about you.
You should stop behaving like this.
If I didn ’t come here, you would probably offend this restaurant and Colonel Long too. ” The man scolded Huang Jian Zhi again.

”I am sorry. ” Huang Jian Zhi apologized.

”Let ’s go back to our table. ” The man walked away.

Huang Jian Zhi followed him from behind.

Yu Qi and Long Hui arrived at their room.
When the manager opened the room for them, Yu Qi was surprised to see the design of the room.
It was Japanese style completed with the tatami floor mat.

It is fabulous. ” Yu Qi liked the Japanese style. 

”I am glad you like the style.
Come in and have a seat.
You can look at the menu first.
When you are ready to order, just press the button over there and someone will come and take your order. ” The manager said. 

The manager bowed and left. 

”Is this restaurant yours? ” Yu Qi tilted her head while looking at Long Hui.

”Yes and not. ” Long Hui answered.

Yu Qi frowned.
”What kind of answer is that? ”

”It is not 100% mine.
It is 50-50. ” Long Hui said.

Then, how is the other person? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Third. ” Long Hui stated.

”Third? Third Brother? ” Yu Qi asked for confirmation.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui nodded.

”By the way, how is his condition? ” Yu Qi wanted to know his news.

”Why do you want to know about him? ” Long Hui put a look.

Yu Qi chuckled when she saw the look on Long Hui ’s face.
”What? Are you jealous? ”

”I am not. ” Long Hui did not admit that he was jealous when she asked about his third brother.

Yu Qi laughed.
”Don ’t be jealous, okay? I am asking because he was once my patient. ”

Hearing that, Long Hui told her about Liang Mo Han ’s condition.
”He is recovering well.
The doctor told him to rest for about another two months. ”

That is about right. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”I am glad he is recovering well. ”

”Why? ” Long Hui asked.

Because he is your brother. ” Yu Qi stated.

Let ’s order the food. ” Long Hui said wanting to end the conversation about Liang Mo Han.

”Sure. ” Yu Qi did not reject. 

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