”Hey, I hired you.
So, you need to listen to my order.
Quickly stop them from arresting my niece. ” Li Cui shouted.

None of the bodyguards moved to help Chi Yuan.
Even though this woman hired them, it was just to protect Chi Yuan from people disturbing her.
They did not dare to offend authorized people like the police officer.

”I said stop them. ” Li Cui shouted again.

One of the bodyguards finally stepped forward. 

”Finally, someone listens to me. ” Li Cui nodded.

”We will not listen to your order any more.
So, we will not stop the police officers from taking the criminal.
We don ’t care if you want to fire us or not.
Well, you can complain to our agency. ” The bodyguard stated.

”You! ” Li Cui glared sharply at the bodyguard who talked just now.

”Auntie, I don ’t want to be arrested like this. ” Chi Yuan cried out loud.

Chi Yuan was trying to escape from the police officers.
The police officers were not so lenient toward Chi Yuan.
They held Chi Yuan firmly. 

”Bring her out. ” The leader of the police officers ordered. 

So, Chi Yuan had been dragged out of the ward.
Since there was a commotion.
People came to watch the commotion.
They were surprised to see the police officers bringing a woman in handcuffs out of the hospital. 

Some of them took a picture of Chi Yuan who was resisting arrest.
Li Cui tried to stop the police officers too.
In the end, she also had been arrested for hindering police officers ’ work.

Some of the people who took the pictures posted the pictures on the internet.
Since Chi Yuan was on a hot topic recently, the citizen knew her. 

”Is this girl involved in the plagiarism case recently? ”

That is she. ” 

”Why is she getting arrested by the police this time? ” 

”It must be the case. ” 

”I don ’t think so. ” 

”She must havedone something bad. ” 

”I was at the scene earlier. ”

”What scene, bro? ”

”The scene where I watched her get arrested.
I know why she got arrested. ”

”Hey, tell us quickly. ” 

”Don ’t make us wait like this.
Hurry up! ” 

”She had been arrested for murder. ” 

”What? ” 

”Is that really the truth? ” 

”Stop lying to us. ”

”I am saying the truth.
It is up to you whether you want to believe me or not. 

If that is the truth, it is terrifying.
A pretty and soft-looking woman like that dares to commit a crime such as murder. ”

”We really can ’t judge a book by its cover. ” 

’Look really can ’t be trusted. ”

Many people read the post and commented about it.
It became instantly famous. 

Chi Guang Wei was having a meeting with the other shareholders when his secretary rushed over to his side. 

”CEO Chi, I have something to tell you. ” The secretary said.

”What? ” Chi Guang Wei asked.

It… ” The secretary was reluctant to tell the news here in front of everyone.

”Just tell me now if the news is urgent.
If not, get lost. ” Chi Guang Wei scolded the secretary.

The secretary was embarrassed when Chi Guang Wei scolded her like that.
She thought to tell him alone since this news was quite shameful.
But since he told her like this, she did not care anymore if he was embarrassed anymore after hearing the news.

”CEO Chi, your niece had been arrested for a murder case. ” The secretary told the news.

The secretary ’s voice was not too loud or low.
Everyone heard it. 

Chi Guang Wei turned to the secretary.
”What did you say? ” 

”Your niece, Miss Chi Yuan had been arrested for a murder case.
Your wife, Madam Chi, has also been arrested. ” The secretary dropped another bomb.

”What? My wife too? ” Chi Guang Wei stood up immediately. 

”Yes. ” The secretary nodded.

”It seems CEO Chi has another important thing that needs your attention.
You should handle that first. ” A shareholder, Mu Chen smiled.

Chi Guang Wei gritted his teeth.
Mu Chen had opposed him several times.
Mu Chen must be happy when he had another trouble. 

”We will continue this meeting at another time.
The  meeting is adjourned. ” Chi Guang Wei stated.

CEO Chi, good luck. ” Mu Chen said again.

Chi Guang Wei quickly walked out of the meeting room.
He loosened the tie on his neck.
He condemned Chi Yuan for making such trouble at a time like this. 

And that was not a small one.
A murder.
’That bitch, what was she thinking? Why couldn ’t she lay low at a times like this? ’ Chi Guang Wei scolded Chi Yuan in his mind. 

Chi Guang Wei arrived at the police station half an hour later.
He walked to the counter to ask the police officers about his wife and niece. 

”I am Chi Guang Wei.
Is it possible for me to meet with my wife, Li Cui and my niece, Chi Yuan? ” Chi Guang Wei asked politely.

”Li Cui and Chi Yuan? ” The police officers asked for confirmation.

”Yes. ” Chi Guang Wei nodded.

”You can bring your wife back.
As for your niece, you can have a 10-minute talk with her. ” The police officer stated.

”My niece can ’t come home? ” Chi Guang Wei asked.

”No, she is the primary suspect in a murder case.
We can ’t release her. ” The police officer said.

”Murder? She doesn ’t commit that, sir. ” Chi Guang Wei said.

”We already have the evidence. ” The police officer snorted.

Chi Guang Wei panicked.
From the police officer ’s reaction, the evidence was probably a solid one. 

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