”I will go and see my wife and niece. ” Chi Guang Wei said.

”Follow that officer. ” The police officer pointed to his colleagues. 

Chi Guang Wei followed the police officer.
The police officer brought him to meet Chi Yuan first.

Chi Yuan was sitting in jail crying.
She heard someone coming and lifted her head.
She was glad when she saw her uncle.
She rushed to the bar.

”Uncle, get me out of here.
I don ’t want to be here anymore. ” Chi Yuan begged Chi Guang Wei. 

”Did you really commit the murder? ” Chi Guang Wei said in a very low voice to avoid the police officer from hearing it.

Chi Yuan stopped crying but her tears were still flowing down.

”I didn ’t kill her.
But I hired someone to kill her. ” Chi Yuan also answered in a low voice. 

Chi Guang Wei was very angry when he heard that. 

”Why are you being so stupid? ” Chi Guang Wei scolded Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan was silent.
She did not know what to say but she wanted her uncle to get her out of here.
”Uncle, please don ’t leave me here. ” 

Chi Guang Wei sighed.
His brother and his sister in law entrusted Chi Yuan for him to take care of her.

”I will try to persuade the other family to withdraw the lawsuit. ” Chi Guang Wei said.

”Thank you, Uncle. ” Chi Yuan was relieved when hearing that her uncle would help her.

She just needed to stay here for a while.
She believed she could get out of this place. 

”The time is over. ” The police officer said. 

Chi Guang Wei followed the police officer to his wife.
His wife was also crying. 

”Husband! ” Li Cui cried out loud.

The police officer opened the lock and told Li Cui to get out. 

”Thank goddess you are here, husband.
You have saved me. ” Li Cui hugged her husband.
”You just need to save Yuan-er. ” 

”She needs to stay here. ” Chi Guang Wei stated.

”What? Do you intend to leave her here? You can ’t. ” Li Cui said.

”The police said that she committed the crime and it is not a normal crime.
It is a murder, don ’t you understand? We will help her from outside.
Just let her stay here for a while. ” Chi Guang Wei phrased it to his wife.

Li Cui calmed down.
She understood that.
”Okay. ” 

”Let ’s go home for the time being. ” Chi Guang Wei walked away. 


Yu Qi was surprised when she received a guest this morning. 

”Senior Brother Xia? Is it really you? ” Yu Qi blinked several times when she saw Qin Xia in front of her. 

”Hmm… ” Qin Xia nodded.

”Why are you here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Today is Master ’s death anniversary.
I want to take you to go and visit Master ’s grave. ” Qin Xia stated.

”Today is his? ” Yu Qi was shocked.

”Hmm… ” Qin Xia nodded.

Yu Qi did not know about that since the calendar that they used in past was different from the current one. 

”Let ’s go then.
But wait.
Before that, can we stop at the flower shop? I want to buy Master ’s favourite flower. ” Yu Qi stated.

Let ’s go. ” Qin Xia nodded.

So, they stopped at the nearby flower shop.
The shopkeeper welcomed them.

What kind of flower Do you want to purchase? ” The shopkeeper asked.

”Give me a bunch of pink carnations and irises. ” Yu Qi said.

”Do you want to put them together? ” The shopkeeper asked again.

”Put them separately. ” Yu Qi stated.

Please wait for a moment. ” The shopkeeper nodded and went to complete Yu Qi ’s order. 

”Why do you also buy pink carnations? ” Qin Xia asked.

Qin Xia knew that his Master ’s favourite flower was the iris.
So, it was not weird when she bought that one.
But pink carnations?

”Do you know about flower language? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No. ” Qin Xia shook her head. 

”The meaning behind pink carnation is gratitude and the concept of never forgetting someone. ” Yu Qi smiled sadly.

Qin Xia knew her feeling.
He put his hand on Yu Qi ’s head.
Yu Qi chuckled.
It must be his senior brother ’s way to comfort her.

The shopkeeper returned with two bouquets.
Yu Qi was about to pay but Qin Xia quickly swiped his card. 

”Thank you, senior brother Xia. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Let ’s go. ” Qin Xia stated.

They returned to the car and left the city. 

”Senior brother Xia, how do we go to the cultivation world? Do you have a teleportation device? ” Yu Qi asked after putting the bouquets into her space.

”I don ’t need that. ” Qin Xia said.

”Then, how will we go there? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”You will know it later. ” Qin Xia ’s corner lips curved up. 

After driving for a while, they arrived at a mountain.
It was a place for hiking.
Since it was the weekdays, no one was there.
Qin Xia parked the car and both of them exited the car.

”We need to go up a little bit. ” Qin Xia stated.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

So, they walked up into the mountain.
However, they did not use the hiking track.
It was not a problem for them.

Qin Xia stopped at one point.
”I think here is okay. ” He looked around and used his sense to detect anyone ’s presence.
”It is all clear. ”

”Senior Brother Qin, can you tell me now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”We don ’t need to use the device.
I will open the path to the cultivation world by myself. ” Qin Xia stated.

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