He was more interested in the girl who entered just now.
He wanted to know what the ancestor meant when he told him that she already knew the way. 

“I will go in first.” Qin Xia said.

The man nodded and bowed.
He went to see the girl.
He searched for the girl around.
Then he found her in the most sacred place which the former room of the beloved junior sister of Qin Xia. 

He rushed over to prevent the girl from entering the room.
But when he heard after that was shocking.

“Senior Brother Xia build the same courtyard for me.
It has been thousand years but he still remembers the design.
He even remembers the fan.” The girl laughed.

The man trembled.
He slowly approached the girl.

“Young Miss Qin Yue?” The man tried to call Yu Qi.

“Yes?” Yu Qi answered.

She felt that she returned to where she was Qin Yue. 


But I go with Yu Qi now.” Yu Qi stated.

“It is really a miracle.” The man cried.
“Young Miss Yu Qi, I am Lan He, the keeper of this place.”

“Nice to meet you, Sir Lan He.” Yu Qi greeted him with respect.

“Young Miss Yu Qi, you don’t need to call me like that.
Just call me Lan He.” Lan He felt scared when Yu Qi called him like that. 

“You are people under my Senior Brother Xia.
I can not disrespect you like that.” Yu Qi stated.

“This…” Lan He did not know what to do. 

“Senior Brother Xia will not be mad at you.
If he does, I will cover it for you.” Yu Qi smiled.

“Okay.” Lan He gave up. 

“By the way, Sir Lan He, who else lives here?” Yu Qi asked.

“There are 4 keepers including me, Hong Zhou, Huang Jin, and Luse Man.” Lan He stated.

As Lan He was about to tell Yu Qi more about that, they sensed that some people rushed toward this place.

“Intruder.” Hong Zhou shouted when he looked at Yu Qi.

“Stop!!! Master brings her in.
You can not attack her.” Lan He stopped the three keepers.

“Master brings her in?” Huang Jin looked at Yu Qi. 

Moreover, she is Young Miss Qin Yue.” Lan He stated.

“Impossible.” Hong Zhou shouted.

“Young Miss Qin Yue already passed away a long time ago.” Huang Jin said.

“We all know about the tragedy.” Luse Man added.

“If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Master.
You should know that Master had returned.
Until then, you can’t do anything to Young Miss Yu Qi.” Lan He protected Yu Qi.

The other keepers looked at each other. 

“Let’s ask Master first.” Luse Man decided.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Both Hong Zhou and Huang Jin nodded.
When they were about to go to Qin Xia’s place, they sensed another. 

“Master is going to advance?” 

They looked at Qin Xia’s place direction.
The Qi was indeed being pulled in that direction.
They immediately rushed to Qin Xia’s place.
They could see Qin Xia was indeed at the centre of the turbulence. 

Qin Xia sensed them, opened his eyes and looked at them.
“Protect my junior sister for me.” Then he closed his eyes again. 

The order confirmed Yu Qi’s identity.
It was really Qin Yue.
But how? Since Qin Xia already confirmed Yu Qi’s identity, they would protect her.

“We are sorry, Young Miss Qin Yue.” Luse Man kneeled down.

Both Huang Jin and Hong Zhou also followed him. 

“No need to kneel to me.
Please stand up.” Yu Qi stated.

The three of them followed her order. 

“By the way, don’t call me, Qin Yue anymore.
I now go by the name Yu Qi.” Yu Qi told them. 

“Okay, Young Miss Yu Qi.” The three of them said at the same time. 

Yu Qi sighed.
She told them to call her just Yu Qi, not Young Miss Yu Qi.
She would let them call her whatever they wanted. 

Her senior brother would advance in rank.
In the cultivation world, he already became the strongest.
No one could challenge him anymore.
And now, he would be going to advance again.
It was really a good thing.

People in the cultivation world noticed the situation.
They came over to watch the situation.
Even people from the great families also came.

“Grandfather, is someone going to advance in rank?” Bucong Nanyi asked.

“I think so.” Bucong Guang nodded.

“Then, let’s go and watch it closely.” Bucong Jian stated.

“Young Master Jian, you can not be reckless.” Jiang Nan Shu stated.

“Jiang Nan Shu, what do you mean by that?” Bucong Jian asked.

“Do you realize where this place is?” Jiang Nan Shu asked.

“What?” Bucong Jian did not understand.

“This mountain belongs to the ancestor.
Do you want to be killed?” Jiang Nan Shu opened his fan. 

“This mountain belongs to the ancestor? Is that true, Grandfather?” Bucong Jian asked his grandfather.

“Yes.” Bucong Guang answered.

Bucong Jian felt stupid.
He glared at Jiang Nan Shu.
Jiang Nan Shu just smiled at him.

Lan He and others already noticed people gathering around the mountain. 

“Hey, you can go and tell other people that they can’t enter this mountain right now.” Lan He said.

“Do we need to do that? People already knew that this mountain belongs to our Master.” Hong Zhou stated. 

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