”We need to look out.
What if someone sneaks in and disturbs Master? ” Luse Man asked. 

I agree. ” Huang Jin nodded.

”I will go and tell the people that Master is advancing. ” Lan He said.

”Do you need my help? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No, Young Miss Yu Qi, you just need to stay here watching Master advancing.
Hong Zhou will stay with you. ” Luse Man said.

”Me? ” Hong Zhou pointed to himself.

”You don ’t want to stay with me? ” Yu Qi titled her head.

”That is not what I mean.
I will stay here then. ” Hong Zhou awkwardly agreed to it. 

The three keepers went to different places.
Lan He appeared in front of the gathered people.

”It ’s Sir Lan. ”

They cupped their hands and greeted Lan He with respect.
Lan He just nodded.

Bucong Guang stepped forward and asked about the situation.
”Sir Lan, is someone advancing here? ”

”Yes. ” Lan He nodded.

”Who? ” Bucong Guang asked.

Everyone held their breath waiting for the answer.

”It is my master. ” Lan He stated.

”The ancestor is advancing? ” 

”Really? ”

His strength is already the strongest here and now he is still advancing.
He is indeed a legend. ”

”A living deity. ”

They commented on the subject.

”Sir Lan, is it okay for us to stay here? Does it disturb the ancestor? ” Huo Xie asked.

”It is okay as long as you don ’t enter the area. ” Lan He said.

”We will stay here then. ” Huo Xie smiled.

Then the Dian family also arrived.
TheDian Family arrived late because they just got the news from an insider.
So, they rushed over.
Not all of them were coming.
Only Great-Grandpa Dian, Grandpa Dian, Dian Jung Gi, Dian Zin Fang, Dian Qi Qi and a few family elders in the family were coming.

It was a coincidence that Dian Qi Qi was with her Great-Grandpa Dian when Grandpa Ray rushed over to tell him the situation.
Dian Qi Qi insisted on coming with them too.
Great-Grandpa Dian could throw her off.
So, she ended up coming here too. 

Great-Grandpa Dian led the lead.
He went to his friend, Huo Xie. 

”What happened? ” Great-Grandpa Dian asked.

”The ancestor is advancing. ” Huo Xie told him.

”He is advancing? ” Great-Grandpa Dian was shocked. 

”Yes, Sir Lan already confirmed it with us. ” Huo Xie nodded.

Of course, Great-Grandpa Dian knew who Lan He was.
If Lan He already confirmed the news it meant it was true that the ancestor was advancing in rank. 

Yu Qi looked at Qin Xia.
It had been a while since she saw the advancing process.
Not to mention, Qin Xia ’s advance. 

”Master ’s finally advancing.
I am very happy. ” Hong Zhou suddenly said.

”Finally advancing? ” Yu Qi did not understand.

”After the tragic incident, Master could not advance at all.
He could not overcome his inner demon. ” Hong Zhou said and then sighed.

”Tragic incident? You mean when my other senior brothers and I were killed? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” Hong Zhou nodded.
”Maybe because Master finally brought you back.
The knot inside his heart untied leading him to advance today. ” 

”I should have remembered him earlier.
Otherwise, he would have suffered for such a long time. ” Yu Qi ’s voice trembled.

Hong Zhou did not know how to comfort the woman.
So, he kept silent.
Yu Qi really appreciated it.
Her eyes did not look around.
She kept staring at Qin Xia ’s advancing. 

The Qi became bigger and bigger surrounding Qin Xia.
Qin Xia sat tightly absorbing the energy.
As Hong Zhou guessed earlier, he could not advance in rank before, it was because of his inner demon.
He could not overcome it. 

However, after bringing his junior sister back to meet with his master and his junior brothers, the knot untied.
He could make it work.  After one hour, he finally succeeded.
He could feel it.
He smiled. 

The turbulence and Qi disappeared.
Qin Xia stood up.
Then he could sense someone rushing toward him and he felt that someone hugged him.
He realized it was his junior sister.

”Senior Brother Xia, congratulations. ” Yu Qi congratulated Qin Xia.

”You congratulate me.
Then why are you crying? Are you not happy with me advancing? ” Qin Xia asked.

”Of course not! I am really happy.
But when I am thinking it was because of me that you couldn ’t advance after all these years, I am feeling horrible. ” Yu Qi stated. 

”It is not your fault. ” Qin Xia comforted Yu Qi.
”You don ’t need to think about that anymore, okay? ”

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded like an obedient little girl.

The keepers saluted Qin Xia.
They had returned the moment Qin Xia succeed in advancing in rank. 

”Master, congratulation on advancing in rank. ” The four of them kneeled down.

”Stand up.
I will go and greet people outside. ” Qin Xia stated.

”Yes, Master. ” 

Qin Xia and Yu Qi walked over followed by the four keepers.
When the people saw Qin Xia, they immediately congratulated Qin Xia in a respectful manner.

However, not all of them could do so. 

”What are you doing here? ” Bucong Jiye pointed to Yu Qi who stood silent beside Qin Xia.

”Jiye, what are you saying? ” Bucong Guang was shocked to hear Bucong Jiye ’s question.

”Look at the woman beside the ancestor.
What is she doing over there? ” Bucong Jiye shouted again.

Everyone began to notice Yu Qi beside Qin Xia.
They knew the girl.
It was the new girl who had been acknowledged by the Dian Family. 

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