”Miss Bucong, what is this matter to you? ” Yu Qi smiled.
”Of course, I have been here for a while.
The ancestor invited me. ” 

”What? That is impossible. ” Bucong Jiye said.

”I did invite her.
But how did it matter to you? ” Qin Xia asked the same question.
He then looked and asked Yu Qi.
”What do you call me? The ancestor? ”

Yu Qi gulped.
”Senior Brother Xia. ” She immediately corrected the call. 

Everyone there was shocked when they heard the name.
Only one person called Qin Xia by that name. 

”There is no need for you to be here anymore.
Go home. ” Qin Xia stated.

Bucong Jiye did not want to leave yet.
But her grandfather pulled her away.
After a while, only the Dian family was still here. 

”Senior Brother Xia, I want to see my family for a moment. ” Yu Qi said.

We will return soon.
Make it quick. ” Qin Xia nodded.

Yu Qi rushed to the Dian Family. 

”Great-Grandpa Dian.
Grandpa Dian, others. ” Yu Qi greeted them.

”Sister Yu Qi, what is going on here? ” Dian Qi Qi asked Yu Qi. 

”Why do you call the ancestor, Senior Brother Xia? ” Great-Grandpa Dian asked.

He wants me to call him like that.
I think it was better to call him that instead of the ancestor. ” Yu Qi made a little lie.

”He forces you? ” Great-Grandpa Dian frowned.

”Of course not. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
She did not want Great-Grandpa Dian to go and confront Qin Xia.
I came to the cultivation world with him.
I will go back with him.
I will talk to you later when I go and visit you again. ”

Yu Qi rushed over to Qin Xia.
The Dian family was a bit speechless. 

”Let ’s return home first. ” Great-Grandpa Dian said.

Since there was nothing they could do here, the Dian family returned to their house. 

Yu Qi and Qin Xia also returned.
They returned to the mountain.
The sky had turned dark. 

”I will send you to your house. ” Qin Xia stated.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

They descended from the mountain.
However, when they were about to go to Qin Xia ’s car, they were stopped by a few people.
It seemed they were some kind of gang.
Their arms were full of tattoos. 

”I never thought to see beauty at a mountain like this.
It already turned dark.
What are you guys doing here? ” One of them asked.

”Maybe they were doing a deed. ” Another one said.

Then they were laughing.
However, those laughs did not last long.
The one who said that Yu Qi and Qin Xia were doing the deed went flying after being slapped by Qin Xia.

He only managed to stop after his body was crushed into a tree.
He could feel that his bones were broken.
Then he coughed some blood.
Because of the intense pain, he lost consciousness.

”Senior Brother Xia, you can not do it.
They are still normal human beings. ” Yu Qi sighed.

”Well, I did hold my power a bit.
They are just too weak. ” Qin Xia snorted.

”You just leave and bring your friend to the hospital.
If you are still here, your friend can not make it. ” Yu Qi gave advice to the people.

Even though Yu Qi could treat the people here, she would not be so kind-hearted to a person who tried to make trouble for her.
Those people finally snapped out.
They rushed to their injured friend and left the place.

Then, Qin Xia and Yu Qi saw another car rush over to this place and strangely the car stopped in front of them.
The driver ’s door opened and Long Hui jumped out.
He pulled Yu Qi in his hug.

”Where have you been? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi was stunned.
In his hug, she could feel the heartbeat.
It was beating so fast.
Yu Qi became worried.

”Calm down.
I am okay. ” Yu Qi said.

”You went missing.
I called you over and over but no answer.
I went to your hospital to ask about you.
But they said you did not come to work today.
Your family also did not know where you are.
How can I not worry? ” Long Hui said trembling

A sudden disappearance.
He imagined a lot of things.
Did she had an accident? Had she been kidnapped by someone? He even imagined the worst. 

Yu Qi could hear the horrified tone in Long Hui ’s tone. 

”I am fine…
I am sorry for not contacting you earlier. ” Yu Qi said.
She really felt guilty about this.

”Since he is here, I will leave first.
You both also should leave this place.
It is not a safe place at night. ” Qin Xia said that and left the couple. 

”Let ’s enter the car first. ” Yu Qi said.
”Can you drive? ” 

”I can. ” Long Hui stated.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi did not want to argue even though she knew that he was not in the best state to drive. 

After entering the car, Yu Qi did not allow him to drive yet.
She wanted Long Hui to calm down first.

”Where had you been? ” Long Hui asked.

”I went to the cultivation world with Senior Brother Xia. ” Yu Qi told him.

”For what? ” Long Hui wanted to know the reason.

”Well, today is my master ’s death anniversary. ” Yu Qi ’s voice became hoarse.
”Because of that, I forgot to call you to let you know.
I am sorry. ” 

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