After Grandpa Tang was gone from their sight, Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.
Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.

”It is slightly cold.
Let me warm your hand. ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi smiled.
Not only her hand was warm, but her heart was also getting warm.
She came closer to Long Hui.

”You know what, Grandfather just told me that he was forced to agree to have the escorts. ” Yu Qi said.

Your family insisted.
Otherwise, they would not let him come here. ” Long Hui walked as he enjoyed the walking with his beloved Qi Qi.

”And you coincidently became his escort? ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Qi Qi, this is not a coincidence.
I used my power to become his escort to come here and meet with you. ” Long Hui grinned while telling her the truth.
He knew Yu Qi would have guessed it.

”You are being honest.
I like it. ” Yu Qi laughed.

”I will always be honest with you. ” Long Hui kissed her hand that he was holding.

Yu Qi knew Long Hui from the start, she always felt honesty in his feelings.
She was thankful to him for giving her a chance to feel this love.

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”I love you. ” Yu Qi suddenly confessed her feeling.

Long Hui stunned and he stopped walking.
Yu Qi also stopped walking because Long Hui held his hand.

”Qi Qi, you just can ’t say something like this all of a sudden. ” Long Hui grinded his teeth.

His urge to kiss his beloved Qi Qi emerged.
Long Hui ignored other people and pulled Yu Qi into his embrace.
He placed his hand on Yu Qi ’s cheek and caressed it.
Then he leaned over and gave his beloved Qi Qi a passionate kiss.

Yu Qi who received the kiss already had forgotten where they were.
She missed Long Hui so much.
So, she let Long Hui kiss her as much as he wanted because she also wanted to kiss him too.

Sensing his beloved Qi Qi did not resist his kiss, he deepened the kiss.
His tongue played around her tongue.

Yu Qi m.o.a.ned.
Long Hui stopped the kiss.
Yu Qi frowned when Long Hui pulled over so suddenly.

Long Hui leaned over to her ear.
”Sorry, I have lost control of myself.
We can ’t do this here. ”

The reason why Long Hui stopped the kiss was the people around them.
There were a lot of people who were currently watching them.
He did not want people especially men to see and hear Yu Qi ’s face and her m.o.a.n.

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Yu Qi snapped.
She realized they were on the road.
Yu Qi was so embarrassed.
Long Hui understood that, so he quietly pulled Yu Qi and left that place.

They arrived at Yu Qi ’s hotel.
Long Hui wanted to send Yu Qi up to her room.
Aoi looked at his master.

’Master, I will wander around. ’ Aoi ran away after saying something like this.

Yu Qi was dumbfounded.
Was Aoi giving his way to Long Hui?

”Where does he want to go? ” Long Hui asked.

”A walk. ” Yu Qi lied.
How could she tell Long Hui about her dog ’s consideration? Long Hui might think she was crazy.

They entered Yu Qi ’s room.
Long Hui sat on the bed.

”Do you want to have something? ” Yu Qi opened the refrigerator.

”Oh, yeah. ” Long Hui answered.

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Actually, Long Hui wanted to have something else.
However, he did not want Yu Qi to freak out.
So, he just played along with Yu Qi.
Yu Qi sat beside Long Hui and gave him a drink can.

”Is it okay to leave your duty? ” Yu Qi asked about his job about escorting her grandfather.

”Just dont worry.
The two men are my direct subordinates.
They can handle it.
Your grandfather also wants me to send you back. ” Long Hui said.

”I see. ” Yu Qi understood.

When she was about to turn and look at Long Hui, she saw Long Hui had already leaned over and caught her lips.
Once again, Long Hui kissed her.
The kiss was very aggressive but passionate.

Bump! Yu Qi fell onto the bed while Long Hui was still kissing her.
She already lost her strength and m.o.a.ned.

Long Hui heard the m.o.a.n and stopped kissing Yu Qi.
He looked at Yu Qi ’s expression.
Yeah, it was the expression that he did not want to show to others.
Only he could see this.

”Qi Qi, I love you. ” After saying that phrase, Long Hui kissed Yu Qi again.

This time, not only her lips had been kissed by Long Hui.
Long Hui also attacked her ears.
He knew that her ears were one of the most sensitive parts of her body.
He kissed and licked her ears.

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Yu Qi could not help but tremble when she sensed Long Hui ’s lips which licking her ears.
She started to m.o.a.n.

Then, Long Hui went down to her white neck.
Her white neck was very beautiful.
He kissed her white neck many times.
He wanted to mark his beloved Qi Qi but he could not.
He did not want his beloved Qi Qi to be embarrassed on the next day.
Her hand clutched Long Hui ’s hair.

Yu Qi m.o.a.ned more and more.
Her breath became faster and faster.
When she felt Long Hui wanted to get up, she released Long Hui ’s hair.

Long Hui knew his way.
He steadily opened the buttons of Yu Qi ’s blouse.
Then he looked at the woman beneath him.
His beloved Qi Qi looked very enhancing with her blue undergarment along with her slight blushing face.

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