Today was the second day and the last day for the conference.
Like the first day, the presenters promoted their research.
However, there would be a slight difference from the first.
After lunch, there would be a ceremony announcing the best research according to the categories.

Yu Qi walked with Ding Na An following the other her university ’s female students.
Meanwhile, two of the male students walked behind Yu Qi and Ding Na An.

The female students did not want to get closer to Yu Qi.
Probably An Shu Lin badmouthed her.
Well, Yu Qi did not care about that.
Yu Qi followed Ding Na An to the booths that Ding Na An marked during breakfast.

During three hours, they managed to go through all the booths that they wanted to go.
They listened and asked the presenters about their topic research when they did not understand about it.

”I think it was enough for our report. ” Ding Na An said.

Exactly, all of the students that came here would have to send a 20 pages report or more than that.
So, to write 20 pages report for this medical conference, it would be better to get as much as possible the information.

I think so. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi sat on the chair that prepared for the evening ceremony.
Ding Na An went to get some mineral water.
Yu Qi watched the videos that she recorded just now.
There was a lot of the topic research that interesting especially regarding the heart of the human.
And also, the topic of the clone of the organs, it was also fascinating to know and understood about that.

”Here, your drink. ” Ding Na An gave a bottle of the mineral water.

”Thank. ” Yu Qi took the bottle.

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”What are you looking at? ” Ding Na An glanced to Yu Qi ’s phone.

”The videos about the topic research when we went through booth by booth. ” Yu Qi showed to Ding Na An.

”You want to eat lunch? ” Ding Na An asked.

I ’m still full. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

I ’m hungry.
I will go to eat some lunch.
See you later. ” Ding Na An lifted her hand.

Yu Qi began to write the report on her phone.
She was totally focused on typing on her phone.
She did not pay attention to her surrounding, so she put on earphone on her ears to block all the sound.

Then someone caressed her back.
he did not have to guess the identity of the person since she already knew from the smell.
The lotus fragrance.

”Brother Hui. ” Yu Qi turned while calling his name.

”How do you know it is me? ” Long Hui asked.

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”I knew your smell. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”You dog nose. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s nose.

”Ouch, that ’s hurt. ” Yu Qi said.

Long Hui laughed.

”Where are my grandfather? ” Yu Qi looked around.

”He is meeting with the organiser. ” Long Hui explained.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi nodded.
Then she looked at Long Hui with her slightly blush face.
”Brother Hui, last night… ”

What about last night? ” Long Hui asked.

”I fall asleep last night after…
That thing…
How do you manage to… ” Yu Qi was very embarrassing to complete the sentence.

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Long Hui grinned devilishly.
”What do you think? ”

Yu Qi was very very very shy to explain.

Long Hui grinned when looking at his beloved Qi Qi like this.
Last night was a happy and cruel night for him.
When Yu Qi completely fell asleep.
Long Hui hugged her.
However, Yu Qi ’s hand was moving around.
She accidentally caressed his little brother.

Having someone caressing him, Long Hui ’s little brother that half woke during the kissing was fully awoken due to Yu Qi ’s hand.
Long Hui enjoyed the caress and then Yu Qi suddenly stopped and turned around.
Long Hui felt like he went crazy.
His beloved Qi Qi really knew how to torture him.

Because of his little brother, Long Hui went to the bathroom and took a cold shower.
After he finished, he sat on the bed watching his beloved Qi Qi ’s sleeping face.

”I ’m sorry. ” Yu Qi said.

”No need to say sorry, Qi Qi.
I already told you that I will be waiting for you until you are ready. ” Long Hui caressed her cheek.


Wang San Yi arrived at a company.
The receptionists welcomed Wang San Yi.

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”Welcome, Sir Wang. ” The receptionist bowed to Wang San Yi.

”Is my friend inside his office? ” Wang San Yi asked.

The chairman is in his office.
You can go up. ” The receptionist pointed to the elevator.

They already received the order from the chairman if Wang San Yi came, he could directly enter his office since he was the chairman ’s doctor.
Wang San Yi was also chairman ’s best friend.

Wang San Yi thanked the receptionist and went into the elevator.
He felt the elevator was very slow at th moment.

Wang San Yi could not wait to tell his best friend about what he had met yesterday.
The elevator reached the highest floor.
Wang San Yi went out and straight to his best friend ’s room.

”Yo, Guang Qi. ” Wang San Yi opened the room.

There was an old man that still handsome on his age sitting on the chair.
In front of him, there were papers that needed his attention.

When the old man heard someone entered the room, he already knew the identity of the intruder.
No one had the encourage to enter his room like that.

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