”Why are you here? ” Mu Guang Qi lifted up his face from reading the doc.u.ment.

”I have something to show you.
Wang San Yi excitedly told Mu Guang Qi.

”What is it? ” Mu Guang Qi looked at Wang San Yi.

”I went to the medical conference yesterday.
Guess who I met there? ” Wang San Yi asked.

”Who? ” Mu Guang Qi asked him back.

”Tang Jiang Man. ” Wang San Yi said.

Mu Guang Qi recalled a doctor whom he had met from Binhai Nation years ago when he was still young.

”Oh, I remember him. ” Mu Guang Qi nodded.

”He is still strong.
He came here to attend the conference as a special speaker. ” Wang San Yi told Mu Guang Qi.

”I see. ” Mu Guang Qi just acknowledged him.
He was not that close to that Tang Jiang Man.
They were just acquaintance.

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”However, what the thing I want to tell you is not this.
It is about his granddaughter. ” Wang San Yi excitedly said that.

”His granddaughter? ” Mu Guang Qi did not understand what was Wang San Yi excited about.
It was just a granddaughter.
Not like Wang San Yi did not have one by his own.

”Wait until you see the picture. ” Wang San Yi put out the picture that he took yesterday and put it on the table in front of Mu Guang Qi.

When Mu Guang Qi got someone that looked very familiar in the picture, his hand grabbed the picture.
He stared at the picture so hard.
Stared on that person.

”She really looks like her, right? ” Wang San Yi gave a smile.

”She is… ” Mu Guang Qi inquired.

”As I told you just now, she is Jiang Man ’s granddaughter. ” Wang San Yi said.

”His granddaughter…. ” Mu Guang Qi gave a sad smile.

”When I first time saw this girl, I thought I ’m seeing a ghost.
I have never expected that she was Jiang Man ’s granddaughter. ” Wang San Yi recalled the memories.

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”I see.
She is his granddaughter. ” Mu Guang Qi sighed.
He also thought the girl in this picture was her if Wang San Yi did not mention about Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter.

’She died.
I put her in the coffin and buried her myself. ’ Mu Guang Qi leaned over.
This girl in the picture coincidently having the same face.
But 100% similarity, how was that happen?

”This girl like his grandfather aiming to become a doctor. ” Wang San Yi told Mu Guang Qi about the girl.

Mu Guang Qi keeps staring at the girl in the picture.
He almost felt that the woman that died years ago came back to life again.

Wang San Yi knew Mu Guang Qi was no longer listening to him.
In Mu Guang Qi ’s mind, only the face of the woman that died years ago.

”You can keep the picture.
I think you need it more than me. ” Wang San Yi excused himself.

When Wang San Yi stepped out from the room, he encountered the second son of Mu Guang Qi, Mu Zu Lei.

”Oh, Doctor Wang.
You are here too.
How is my father ’s condition? ” Mu Zu Lei asked about his father ’s condition.

” Your father ’s condition is very good. ” Wang San Yi left right away after he answered the question.
He did not want to stay here anymore.
He did not want this Mu Zi Lei to dig out any information from him.
Mu Guang Qi was strictly ordered him not to reveal any of his medical condition to any of his family members.

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Mu Zi Lei only smirked when he watched Wang San Yi left.
This old man really guarded his father very well.

Mu Zi Lei knocked his father ’s door.
When he heard a voice from inside the room telling him to enter, only then he stepped in.

”Father. ” Mu Zi Lei bowed a little bit to his father.

”What are you doing here? ” Mu Guang Qi did not look at his son, he only sat there and reading the doc.u.ment.

”I heard Doctor Wang came to your office.
I thought something happened to you. ” Mu Zi Lei explained.

Only then Mu Guang Qi looked at Mu Zi Lei.
”Really? ”

”Of course, father.
I am just worried about you.
You are really old.
Better… ” Mu Zi Lei did not finish his sentence.

”Enough! I ’m just fine.
You don ’t need to worry about me.
Just worry about yourself. ” Mu Guang Qi slapped the table.

Mu Zi Lei nodded.
”Okay, father.
Since you are okay.
I will excuse myself. ” Mu Zi Lei turned with a grim face and walked out from his father ’s office.

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Mu Guang Qi stood up and looked at the window.
He knew her second son, Mu Zi Lei wanted to convert his place.
He sighed.
Mu Zi Lei was a clever person but he had a black heart.
Otherwise, he would like to handle this business to him.

Many of his relatives aimed at his business.
This business was his family business.
Only his direct descendent could inherit this business.
However, he could not see anyone who was worth to inherit this business.
He let a sigh escaped again from his mouth.


At the medical conference.

The ceremony just ended.
This indicated the medical conference had ended too.
Starlight University ’s students gathered at the corner of the venue waiting for their lecturers to come.
They got the instruction that the lecturers wanted to meet all of them here.

Grandpa Tang sat not far from the group.
He was just waiting for his granddaughter.
Long Hui stood behind Grandpa Tang with his two subordinates, acting as a bodyguard.
However, everyone who watched him knew that Long Hui was playing an eye game with Yu Qi who was also looking at him.

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