”Okay, the medical conference has already ended.
Our flight is tomorrow night.
So, you have spare time to go and take a look at Fanghai Nation.
However, remember to take care of yourself. ” Mrs Mo told them.

The students were happy when the lecturers told that they could walk around the Fanghai Nation.
The girls already formed a group and discussed where they wanted to go.
Ding Na An and Yu Qi looked at each other.

”Let ’s walk around tomorrow. ” Yu Qj suggested.

”Okay. ” Ding Na An nodded.

The lecturers told the students that they were free after this.
Yu Qi and Ding Na An went to Grandpa Tang.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi called him.

”Let ’s eat. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”But… ” Ding Na An wanted to reject.

”Ding Girl, you can follow my granddaughter since you are my granddaughter ’s friend. ” Grandpa Tang did not give Ding Na An ’s room to reject it.

”Okay… ” Ding Na An said.
She already accepted it because Grandpa Tang said she was his granddaughter ’s friend.

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Long Hui ’s eyes were not leaving Yu Qi ’s figure.
His eyes seemed to flirt with Yu Qi.
Yu Qi ignored Long Hui ’s flirt.
’This man always flirts with me when his eyes laid on me. ’ Yu Qi went to Grandpa Tang and hugged his arm.

”When will you go home? ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang.

”Same as your flight.
The next day at night. ” Grandpa Tang told Yu Qi.

”Really? Then, we can get some time for touring some places. ” Yu Qi said happily.

”I want to go to my acquaintance ’s shop.
He has been selling some herbs that only exist here. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Really? I want to go to. ” Yu Qi excited when she heard about the herbs.
She turned to Ding Na An.
”Na An, do you want to follow us? ”

Why not? ” Ding Na An did not reject.
It was better than just sitting in the room for a whole day waiting for the next day ’s flight.

”Then it settled. ” Yu Qi said.


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Not far from Yu Qi ’s standing, there was an old man who was sitting in a cafe enjoying his coffee while looking at Yu Qi.
That person was Mu Guang Qi.

”She does resemble you, Qing Wei.
I really do not expect to see someone with your face.
If you live and our son is still here, I might have a granddaughter like her. ” Mu Guang Qi was mumbling that himself.

He was jealous of that Tang Jiang Man.
Tang Jiang Man was really close to his granddaughter.
His eyes kept looking at the girl.
He really missed his late wife who died during giving birth to their son.
How could he not be longing for his late wife? And now someone with his late wife ’s face appeared.

”Chairman Mu, there are some matters that need your attention right now.
Can you come back to the office with me? ” His secretary asked politely to Mu Guang Qi.

Mu Guang Qi sighed.
”Okay, let ’s go. ” Mu Guang Qi stood up and turned away, walking away from the place.

If he stayed for a second later, he might notice the girl whom he kept staring at, turned around and looked at her direction.
But sadly they were not destined to meet here.


Yu Qi felt something, so she turned away looking around.
Nothing in particular that unusual.
Just now, she felt someone was staring at her.
Well, not in resentment intention but a longing intention.
She did not know anyone here except for his grandfather ’s old friend, Wang San Yi.
Ignoring the feeling, Yu Qi walked away with his grandfather.

”I want to buy something for Aoi to eat.
He must be hungry since he missed lunch. ” Yu Qi told them.

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But be careful.
Long Brat, accompany my granddaughter. ” Grandpa Tang ordered Long Hui.

”Okay. ” Long Hui smiled.
Of course, he would be following that order, since he would be together with his beloved Qi Qi.

Grandpa Tang knew the meaning of Long Hui ’s smile.
Well, he did not mind.
He just wanted to protect his granddaughter even he ended up using a major of the nation to do so.
Well, that major seemed to be happy to obey the order.

”In that case, I will go first. ” Ding Na An said.
Because the hotel was nearby, she could get there on her own.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi replied.

Grandpa Tang and the two of Long Hui ’s subordinates walked away leaving Yu Qi together with Long Hui had been smiling to Yu Qi.
The onlooker especially women turned to the smiling Long Hui.
Yu Qi felt annoying when other women looking at her Long Hui.

”Stop smiling.
Others are looking at you. ” Yu Qi glared to Long Hui.

Long Hui realized that his beloved Qi Qi was feeling jealous.
So, he grabbed her waist and leaned closer to Yu Qi ’s ear.
He then whispered to her.

”Don ’t worry.
I don ’t smile at them.
I only smile at my beloved Qi Qi. ” Long Hui whispered.
He particularly seducing his beloved Qi Qi.

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Yu Qi ’s ear turned red.
’This man is really good at seducing me. ’

”Qi Qi, let ’s go.
Aoi must be hungry. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand and lead Yu Qi to walk together with him.

The women who had been watching the couple were very jealous.
It might be better if their boyfriend was loving as much as that handsome man.
The girl was very lucky since she met someone like him.

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