Long Hui and Yu Qi walked into one of the nearby restaurants.
The restaurant was in the district which was not busy.
Yu Qi ordered some fried chicken and meatball with black pepper sauce.
The owner told them it would take about half of one hour to ready.
Yu Qi did not mind since they had the time.

Long Hui ordered two drinks for him and his beloved Qi Qi since the meal would be ready in half of one hour.

The customers at the restaurant were only them.
Probably because it was already past the lunch hour.

The waiter came and put the drink for Long Hui and Yu Qi.
Long Hui wanted to drink it.
However, Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand under the table.
Long Hui turned to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi leaned closer.

”You have to pretend to drink.
Something is wrong with this drink. ” Yu Qi whispered.

Then she giggled to Long Hui.
It was because the waiter was looking at them in a suspicious way.
It seemed that he wanted to confirm that the customers drank the drink or not.

Long Hui played along with Yu Qi.
He also noticed the strangeness of the waiter.
Long Hui took the glass and pretended to drink.
Yu Qi was also doing so.
Seeing this, the waiter smiled and left.

The reason for why was Yu Qi doing this was she had smelled something else in the drink.
Maybe some kind of knock out drug.

Then a group of men, probably about thirty men came into the restaurant.
The men gave a dangerous look when they were watching Long Hui and Yu Qi.

Long Hui and Yu Qi became alert.
Long Hui gave a look to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi nodded and smiled casually.

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”Hello. ” A man greeted them with a smile.
He seemed to be the leader of this group.

Long Hui glared at the man.
It was a cold look.
It was a kind of murderous look that telling people that this man had killed people before.

The man gulped.
He could tell this man was a dangerous person.
However, he thought that he could win this since he had a few men with him and the man was alone.

If he could win this, he could get the money and enjoy the beauty who was sitting silently in front of the man.
He could see this beauty was very rare around here.

”Dong Yi, close your door, right now. ” The man shouted.

The owner of the restaurant quickly ran to the door and closed door.
It seemed the owner of the restaurant, Dong Yi was their accomplice.

The men surrounded the two of them.
Long Hui quickly pulled Yu Qi and protected her behind him.
His hawk eyes were eyeing the people that surrounded them.

”Brother Hui, can I fight too? ” Yu Qi posed a question.

”But… ” Long Hui wanted to say something but…

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”Brother Hui, there are too many of them.
I can help you. ” Yu Qi interrupted.

Long Hui looked at her outfit.
His beloved Qi Qi was wearing the long skirt.
It would hinder her movement.

Understood the given look by Long Hui, Yu Qi smiled.
”Don ’t worry.
I will not be using my legs. ”

Watching the couple was flirting in front of them, the man said, ”Bro, don ’t worry.
I will take care of your girl. ”

Long Hui sneered.
Without waiting for any longer, Long Hui attacked the men.
It seemed they had some training.
Long Hui would have some difficulties to defeat all of them.

While Long Hui was surrounded by the men, Yu Qi had been surrounded by some men too.
They thought this beautiful and delicate young girl was a weak girl that had been protected by the man over there.

”Beautiful girl, let me take care of you. ” The leader of the men said while looking l.u.s.tily at Yu Qi ’s body.

”Dare to come closer, you will suffer for the rest of your life. ” Yu Qi gave a warning.

”You think that man over there will save you, huh? I actually don ’t want to force you but since you are very stubborn, I don ’t have any choice.
Brothers, grab her. ” The leader ordered while giving a sinister smile to Yu Qi.

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The men slowly approached Yu Qi.
One of them tried to grab Yu Qi.
However, Yu Qi blocked his hand and gave a push on his chest.
The man was pushed back strongly until the wall had to be his stopper.
He then coughed some blood.
He closed his eyes slowly.

One of the men ran to him and checked his breath.
”Brother Ren, he has died. ”

The moment the man said his friend died, the men who wanted to approach Yu Qi looked at the girl in horror.
How strong this girl was as she could just kill the man with one push on the chest? They also could see the indifferent look given by this girl.
Like she felt nothing when she just killed a person.
Only the person that killed before could possess this kind of indifferent.

Yu Qi smiled.
The inner energy that she had been practised for months finally bore the fruit.
At first, she did not believe the martial arts that she had been practised had this kind of power.
However, Bo Ya was telling the truth about the martial arts.
She could feel the warmth gathering toward her palm when she pushed the man ’s chest.

Sensing the girl was in deep thought, the leader signalled the men to take down her now.
The men ran toward the girl.
Then something strange happened.
About half of the men fell down on the ground.

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