”I don ’t feel my leg anymore. ” 

”Me too. ”

”What has just happened? ”

”Brother Ren, help us.
We don ’t feel our legs. ” 

The leader looked at Yu Qi.
Just now, he did not look the girl moved at all.
The men were shouted saying that they could not feel their legs.
Yu Qi just made a faint smile. 

All of the men that fell on the ground was her doing.
This time she used the poison that destroyed the part of their nerve system.
As for how she gave to them was by using the needle.

On the other side, Long Hui already finished the fight.
The men already laid on the ground, probably unconscious due to the pain.
He did not kill any of them.
He quickly turned and looked at his beloved Qi Qi.
He ran to her.

”Are you okay, Qi Qi? ” Long Hui asked.

”I ’m fine. ” Yu Qi said.

Long Hui looked at the situation.
He could see some of the men were laying down gripping their legs and one of them were stuck at the wall.
He did not know what had just happened since he was totally focused on fighting those men. 

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Yu Qi stepped towards the leader.
Seeing Yu Qi stepped toward the leader, the leader stepped backwards.
He did not want whatever happened to others happened to him. 

”Don ’t do it. ” The leader begged the couple since he knew that he could no longer do anything.
He even kneeled down.

”Just answer my question.
Why are you doing this? ” Yu Qi looked down at the leader.

It… ”

”Tell the truth.
Otherwise, I will inject something into your body. ” Yu Qi coldly glued to the leader.

”Someone wants to humiliate you.
She wants us to r.a.p.e and make a videotape about it.
After that, she wants to sell you to prostitution. ” The leader told Yu Qi trembling. 

”Someone? ” Yu Qi could not think of anyone.
She did not even know anyone from here.
So it was impossible that she offended someone here. 

”You are lying, do you? ” Yu Qi posed a threaten question again.

”Grandaunt, I ’m telling you the truth.
It was a woman.
She ordered us to do it.
We had been paid handsomely. ” The leader said again.

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”I don ’t know someone from here. ” This time she told Long Hui.

”I will investigate this matter. ” Long Hui hugged Yu Qi.
He then asked that leader.
”Do you remember her face? ” 

She hides her face with a mask and sunglass.
But I remember she has some kind of bodyguards around her when she walked away. ” The leader recollected back his memory during the day.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
Thinking the person that wanted to harm her.
She needed some information about that woman.

”How did she contact you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, yesterday night, I suddenly got the phone call from a man.
He told me that someone wanted to meet me and offer a job.
So I go to the place that the man mentioned.
When I arrived there, a man probably the man who had called me yesterday brought me to meet the woman. ” The leader said.

”Where did you meet her? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”At a bar.
Not far from here. ” 

”So, she told you to harm me.
How did she pay you? ” This information was very important.

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”She paid directly to my account. ” The leader answered.

Yu Qi was smiling.
Her finding culprit might be easy as ever.
”Give me your account number. ”

”Why? ” The leader felt scared when hearing the girl in front of him asked him about his account bank.

”Just give it to me if you want to live normally. ” Yu Qi threatened the leader.

The leader wrote down his account bank number.
His ability to walk normally was much important than money. 

”Don ’t worry.
I will not take even one cent of your money. ” Yu Qi said.
’Well, I will not take it because I will let someone take the money from your account. ’ 

”Can you let us go? ” The leader begged. 

Yu Qi gave a sinister smile.
The leader and other shivered when they saw those smile.
Like now, Yu Qi was like a devil that wore the goddess ’s appearance.
They thought they might be having trouble with the handsome man that standing beside the devil.
But they never thought the girl was more troublesome than the man.
They very regretted about this.
However, there was no cure for regret.

Yu Qi turned to the waiter and the owner and said, ”Call the police right now. ”

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The two of them did not move at all.
They were looking at each other and looked at the leader.
They were hoping the leader might have the heart to save them.
If they called the police, they would be caught with the men as well because they also involved. 

”Call the police right now if you don ’t want to end up like that. ” Yu Qi told them as she glanced to the men that laid down.

The owner and the waiter gulped.
The owner asked the waiter to quickly called the police.
He did not want to be like those men.
Probably been arrested by police was a safe choice than losing their leg.

Long Hui silently watched Yu Qi who handling the matter.
He felt his beloved Qi Qi was very effective.
Calmly collected information about the person who wanted to harm her. 

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