Grandpa Tang arrived together with Long Hui and another two bodyguards.
Yu Qi explained to Grandpa Tang that the two students also wanted to follow them to visit the herbs shop.
Grandpa Tang did not mind because he also liked that the students took the opportunity to learn about the herbs.

However, Long Hui was not happy with the two males, especially, with the one who looked younger.
He kept looking at his beloved Qi Qi with the sparkling eyes.
He needed to guard his beloved Qi Qi from been infected by the shotacon virus.

They arrived at the herbs shop.
Grandpa Tang led the way in.
Yu Qi was very excited to see the herbs that were produced in Fanghai Nation.

”Welcome everyone to our Ciankui Herbs Shop.
What can I help you with? ” The shopkeeper was welcoming them.

”Is Su Jin here? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

The shopkeeper was startled when this old man directly called the owner of this herbs shop.
Probably this old man was an acquaintance of the owner.

”Wait for a moment sir, I will call him.
In the meantime, you can look around to see our herbs. ” The shopkeeper had time to promote the herbs before leaving to the upper floor.

Yu Qi turned and looked around.
Ding Na An also looked around.
Seeing Yu Qi was alone at the moment, Yun San wanted to approach Yu Qi.
However, when he was about to step closer, he saw a man, Grandpa Tang ’s bodyguard, put his hand on Yu Qi ’s waist and looked at Yun San threatening him to stay away from Yu Qi.

Yun San was confused.
Why was that bodyguard casually touching Yu Qi? Yu Qi seemed not angry and just showed a little annoying expression to that bodyguard.

Kang Wan approached Yun San and patted his shoulder.
”He is Junior Tang ’s boyfriend.
You should give up. ” Kang Wang gave Yun San a piece of advice.

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”Her boyfriend? ” Yun San heard about Yu Qi had a boyfriend but he never saw her boyfriend before.
He also thought it was just a rumour to make a bad image of Yu Qi.

”Yeah, it seems that their family already know about them. ” Kang Wan wanted Yun San to give up early so that he would not be hurt by it.

”Thank you, Senior Kang, for telling me. ” Yun San nodded.

Meanwhile, Yu Qi had been followed by Long Hui very closely.

”What are you doing, Brother Hui? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
Looking Long Hui acting like this, she felt something fishy.

”I ’m protecting you from shotacon virus. ” Long Hui said in a serious tone.

’Shotacon virus? Is that some kind of new virus? ’ Yu Qi already in deep thought.
In the end, she still did not get it.

”What is the shotacon virus? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui directly.

”Someone younger than you is eyeing you. ” Long Hui explained it simply.

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”Huh? ” Yu Qi was thinking again.
’Someone younger than me is eyeing me? Someone younger than me…
What? Hah! My Long Hui made another jar of vinegar. ’ She suddenly laughed making everyone turned their eyes to her.
Feeling embarrassed, she laughed silently while watching Long Hui.

Long Hui knew that his beloved Qi Qi already understood what was he talking about.

”Brother Hui, you are cute. ” Yu Qi made a comment.

”What? Cute? ” Long Hui did not know what to do, whether he had to get angry or laugh when to be called cute by his beloved Qi Qi? Personally, he never thought any man would be happy to be called cute by his woman.

”You are jealous.
But I like it. ” Yu Qi whispered to Long Hui ’s ear.

This girl really knows how to tease me. ’ Long Hui felt a reaction on his body when his beloved Qi Qi whispered something like that to him.

Yu Qi was surveying the herbs again.
She found three of the herbs that were particularly hard to find in the Binhai Nation.
Yu Qi wanted to buy some seeds of the herbs so that she could try to plant the herbs in her greenhouse.
If that was not working, she would plant it inside the space.

Grandpa Tang was nowhere to find.
Perhaps he was currently meeting with his acquaintance, Su Jin.
Yu Qi approached the shopkeeper.
The shopkeeper was very polite to her.

”Sir may I know, can I buy the seeds of these three herbs? ” Yu Qi put the herbs that she picked just now.

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The shopkeeper looked at the herbs that the young girl put on the table.
It was not very rare herbs.
He could just give the seeds.

”These are common herbs.
Can I ask you what will you do to the seeds since these herbs could not grow outside Fanghai Nation? ” The shopkeeper knew that the group with the old man did not come from Fanghai Nation.

”I will find a way to make it grow. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Then, wait for the moment. ” The shopkeeper had disappeared into the back door.

Yu Qi was waiting until her grandfather patted her shoulder.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi called.d

”Do you find something interesting in this shop? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Of course.
I found three of them…
” Yu Qi started to explain about the herbs.

”She is indeed your granddaughter. ” Su Jin laughed.

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”Yu Qi, this is the owner of this herbs shop.
You can call him Grandpa Su. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”If you want you can call me, Brother Su, I don ’t mind. ” Su Jin made a joke.

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