The time to check in the flight was here.
Yu Qi checked in and safely sat at her seat.
She adjusted her seat.
She put on the sleeping mask.

”Na An, I want to sleep.
If something unusual happens, wake me up. ” Yu Qi told Ding Na An that sat beside her.

”Okay. ” Ding Na An nodded.

Yu Qi slept for a long time.
When she woke up, she was surprised when she saw a handsome man beside her looking at her with a doting look on his face.

”Are you awake? ” A gentle voice came out from Long Hui ’s mouth.

But what are you doing here and where is Na An? ” Yu Qi adjusted her chair to normal.

”I change my seat with her. ” Long Hui said.

”You don ’t force her right? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

course not. ” Long Hui did not look at Yu Qi ’s eyes when he answered her question.

Yu Qi chuckled.
Her Long Hui turned around avoiding her eyes meaning he was lying.

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Yu Qi was stretching her body.

”Are you still feel tired? ” Long Hui caressed Yu Qi ’s face.

”It ’s fine.
Are we arriving now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Not yet.
Still have 2 hours to go. ” Long Hui said.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Suddenly her stomach gave out a small sound.
Yu Qi lifted up her face looking at Long Hui with an embarrassing expression on her face.
Meanwhile, when Long Hui heard that sound, he was half-worried and half-laughed.

”You, don ’t laugh. ” Yu Qi gave a warning to Long Hui.

”Alright, Qi Qi.
I will not laugh at you.
I will call the flight attendant. ” Long Hui pressed the button to call the flight attendant.

Not long after that, a beautiful flight attendant came to greet Long Hui.
She was very surprised to see such a handsome man.
It would not be a waste if she did not try to know this handsome man.
She changed her body language to charm Long Hui.

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Long Hui kept his cold look.
He knew this kind of body language.
He always had seen this kind of act.
It made him felt ridiculous.

”What I can help you with, sir? ” The flight attendant asked Long Hui with a very gentle voice.
A normal man would like this kind of woman.

”Bring my girlfriend something to eat. ” Long Hui said.
He did not even look at the flight attendant.

The expression on the flight attendant ’s face stiffened as well as her smile.
She did not expect that this handsome man would be travelling with his girlfriend.

Sir. ” The flight attendant nodded and walked away.
Even though she was embarrassed, she still walked elegantly.

”She wants to seduce you. ” Yu Qi commented right after the flight attendant left.

”I prefer you to seduce me, especially on the bed. ” Long Hui smirked.
He pressed the word ’on the bed ’ firmly.

Yu Qi suddenly coughed.
’This man become very good at making me cough.
He is so shameless. ’ Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

Seeing his beloved Qi Qi coughed in embarrassed with what he had been spoken, he was feeling great.
He also imagined what it would be when Yu Qi would be seducing him in the bed.
Thinking about that making his blood rushed up to his nose.
He quickly stopped imagining about that.

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Another flight attendant came to deliver something for Yu Qi to eat.
Because she was very hungry, she ignored Long Hui and started to stuff the empty stomach.
Aoi who sat in the cage under her chair called her through the telepathy.
Aoi was also hungry.

She took him out and gave him a leftover of her food.
”Hold back with it.
After this, I will give you a lot of food, okay? ”

Aoi nodded.
He ate the food.

”How about my grandfather? ” Yu Qi asked.

”He is in the first-class cabin. ” Long Hui answered.

”Then you come here to sit at the economy-class and changed the first class with Na An? ” Yu Qi looked weirdly to Long Hui.

”What? It is worth because I can sit with you. ” Long Hui lifted his eyebrow.
He was clearly seducing Yu Qi.

’What is he thinking of seducing me here? What if I can not control myself and attack him? ’ Yu Qi shook her head so that she could stop thinking that.

Long Hui smiled when saw his beloved Qi Qi ’s reaction.
It was too funny.
She must be thinking about him.
Who did not like when their beloveds were thinking about them? The more the better.
He wanted to know what was his beloved Qi Qi thoughts about him at this time.

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If long Hui knew that his beloved Qi Qi was trying to hold back herself from been seduced by Long Hui, Long Hui would have increased his charm and seduced his beloved Qi Qi more.

”Will you go back to the military base after landing? ” Yu Qi asked.

After sending your grandfather to his home. ” Long Hui nodded.

”I see. ” Yu Qi did not notice that there was a layer of sadness on her voice.

However, Long Hui noticed that.
He grabbed his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand firmly.

”Qi Qi, I love you.
Only you, the woman in my life. ” Long Hui declared.

”Brother Hui, remember your promise.
Otherwise, I will just kill you and that woman. ” Yu Qi gave a warning.

Long Hui smiled when hearing a warning from his beloved Qi Qi ’s mouth.
Anyone who dared to destroy their relationship, he would take care of them nicely without waiting for his beloved Qi Qi to act.

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