Yu Qi already recovered her health the next day.
She wanted to meet the old man that had kidnapped her.
Well, to be more precise, she wanted to ask him about the white powder.
Yu Qi got some information that the old man and the scarred man was still at the same police station.
They would be transferred to Hiso City shortly.

Yu Qi asked Uncle Song Nan to drive her to the police station where they were been held.
Grandpa Tang gave his permission to Uncle Song Nan to drive his granddaughter.
He could not let Yu Qi went there alone.

The chief of the police station there recognized the girl.
Major Long told him that the old man had been arrested in the first place because he kidnapped the girl in front of him.
So, to make sure that the old man stayed behind the bar for a long time, Major Long gave the evidence of the old man smuggling drugs into the country.

”Welcome Miss. ” The chief welcomed the girl.
”May I help you? ”

”I want to see that old man. ” Yu Qi stated her purpose in coming here.

”Okay. ” The chief quickly agreed to her request.

The chief asked his subordinate to bring the old man to a room.
The old man thought someone came to take him out, so he was smiling as he walked into the room.
However, when he saw the devil girl inside the room, he was frozen.

Yu Qi saw the old man, she smiled.
”Come in.
We need to talk. ”

Seeing that the old man did not move after Yu Qi asked, the chief pushed the old man in and made him sit on the chair in front of Yu Qi.
Then the chief went out.

The old man was silent.
He was scared to be left alone with the devil girl.
Yu Qi smiled.

”I just want to ask you a few questions.
I hope you will cooperate with me. ” Yu Qi began.

”Yes. ” The old man quickly agreed because the sooner they finished talking, the sooner the devil girl left him.

”Who are you to Wang Fu Ya? ”

”That girl is my mistress. ”

”What is she tell you about me? ”

”She told me that you were an ungrateful person. ”

”I see.
I should teach her a lesson so that she will never come after me anymore.
Or maybe I should kill her. ” Yu Qi gave a cold smile.

When the old man saw her smile, a cold shiver went down his back.
He was so afraid when he heard this girl in front of him talking so smoothly about killing someone.
He was glad that she had spared his life back then.

”I will decide later about that matter.
Now, one more thing.
Tell me where did you manage to get that white powder from? ” Yu Qi was back to asking her questions to the old man.

”White powder? ” The old man did not know what the devil girl was asking about.

”The thing that you put inside my food. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, that! I brought through the black market. ” The old man replied.

Yu Qi sighed.
The Black market? She did not want to enter that.

”I finished then.
Thank you. ” Yu Qi stood up and left the room.
Seeing the chief outside the room she said thank you and left the police station.

Yu Qi went back to Shiwa Town.
’Wang Fu Ya, you need to teach a lesson.
I didn ’t disturb your life, but you disturbed mine. ’ However, that could wait.

Wang Fu Ya was in a happy mode and was in her house, humming some happy tune.
Since she had become the mistress, she did not have to work.
The money just flew into her pocket.
She just had become an obedient girl to that old man.

The reason why she was so happy right now because of Yu Qi.
Two days ago, she got a call from that old man who stated that he had already kidnapped Yu Qi.
She was very happy when she thought of Yu Qi probably losing her virginity to that old man.
That old man was probably still enjoying Yu Qi since he had not called her since then.

Well, she did not care about that old man, she only cared about his money.
That old man promised her that she would get some of his fortunes when he died.
He did not have a wife, but only had four illegitimate children, consisting of two sons and two daughters.
However, that old man did not pay much attention to his children.

”Sister, do you have 100 RMB? ” Wang Yu Jin asked his sister since his sister was at the house.

”What do you want to do with that? ” Wang Fu Ya asked him back.

”Well, my stationery supplies are almost gone, so I need some money to buy more. ” Wang Yu Jin smiled.
It was a lie, of course.
He needed that money to play.
Recently, he could see that his sister was loaded with money, so it was only fair that his sister shares that money with him.

Wang Fu Ya went to her bedroom and took out some money and gave to Wang Yu Jin.
”Here. ”

Wang Yu Jin felt happy when he received the money.
”Thank you, Sister. ”

Since Wang Fu Ya felt happy today, she gave Wang Yu Jin the money without asking too many questions.

”I see you look happy, Sis.
Did something happen? ” Wang Ha Na appeared from her room.
She could see her sister was humming.
It was a sign that her sister was happy.

”Of course, I ’m happy.
That bitch is finally ruined. ” Wang Fu Ya told Wang Ha Na.

”That bitch? Do you mean Yu Qi? What ’s happened to her? ” Wang Ha Na was interested to hear the story.

”My boss, he is interested in that bitch.
He asked me whether I know that girl since I came from here.
So, I told the story of that bitch.
I also suggest that he should just kidnap her.
Two days ago, my boss called me telling me that he had already kidnapped that bitch.
That bitch must be ruined by now. ” Wang Fu Ya laughed.

”Really? She deserved it. ” Wang Ha Na said.
She was so happy hearing this news.
’That bitch is ruined now.
I should get a chance to get to know that handsome man she was with.
If the handsome man knew that bitch already ruined, he would quickly leave her. ’ Wang Ha Na was secretly thinking about that handsome man.

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