Yu Qi stood up after a few whiles and changed to her uniform.
As So Fan requested, she went to the entrance and waited for So Fan at the entrance door.
Five minutes later, So Fan appeared with a smile. 

”Let ’s go, then. ” So Fan said.

Yu Qi followed So Fan.
So Fan walked while explaining all the place.
Yu Qi needed to remember since she might be appointed to do the work at certain places.
Yu Qi nodded.
She took a note on So Fan explanation.

Two hours of walking, lunchtime arrived.
So Fan brought Yu Qi to the worker canteen.
The workers needed to follow their shift to eat. 

So Fan told Yu Qi that they should need to eat first.
They would continue after lunch.
They eat together.

”So, how old are you, Yu Qi? ” So Fan asked.

”I ’m 19 years old. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Oh, you are still young.
I thought you are already 20 years old and above.
So, you don ’t further study? ” So Fan casually asked.

Yu Qi was silent for a moment.
It was not like she did not want to further study but she could not.
Her result was stolen by Wang Fu Ya.
Since Wang Fu Ya was her younger sister, she thought she could sacrifice herself for her younger sister. 

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When she told her mother that she wanted to retake the test to apply for university, her mother scolded her for being non-reasonable.
Her mother said she should work instead of thinking to retake the test.
She needed to help the family. 

”Yu Qi…
Yu Qi… ” So Fan called Yu Qi since she did not get the answer from Yu Qi.

”Oh, sorry.
I just thought about something.
Actually, my family had a finance problem.
So, I need to help them since I already am a.d.u.l.t. ” Yu Qi gave her answer for So Fan ’s question below.

”Oh, I ’m sorry. ” So Fan quickly apologized thinking about her rude question.
Usually, families in a remote town like this had the same finance problem.

”It ’s okay. ” Yu Qi shook her head giving a small smile.

So Fan did ask many questions about Yu Qi since it was better to ask herself rather than heard from someone.

After finished eating lunch, they continued what they were doing before.
So Fan explained about the hotel to Yu Qi for the whole day.

We are done for today.
Tomorrow you will assign to a certain job.
Complete the work nicely.
I will be watching you.
You can go to your room to rest.
See you tomorrow.
Oh before I forget, dinner at seven.
You can go to the canteen where we eat lunch before to have dinner.
Okay, bye. ” So Fan leave. 

Yu Qi bowed.
” Thank you for today. ” 

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So Fan heard the words and waved her hand without looking back. 

Yu Qi walked to her room.
She took the shower and laid down on her bed.
She wanted to skip dinner since she did not actually hungry and feeling lazy to go to the canteen.


Mostly six months passed.
Yu Qi still worked at the hotel.
Yu Qi worked in many positions.
Gardener, waitress, housekeeping service, laundry maid, as well as the receptionist.
She really gained a lot of knowledge from the position that she worked on.

One day, Yu Qi had been called by Hong Wen Yi herself.
The six months period was going to end.
It was possible Yu Qi would get the permanent position.

”Sit down, Yu Qi. ” Hong Wen Yi welcomed the girl.

Hong Wen Yi was very impressed with the girl.
Hearing So Fan ’s view about this girl, it was very great.
She was kind, helpful to others and the most important to smile and keep calm.
However, she was a little bit shy in front of the customers.
Hong Wen Yi already thought which position that she should put the girl. 

”Yu Qi, the reason why you are been called here is I want to tell your permanent position in this hotel. ” Hong Wen Yi said.

”Really, Madam Hong? ” Yu Qi did not even hide the excitement that she felt.

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Of course. ” Hong Wen Yi nodded.

”I assign you to be the receptionist. ” Hong Wen Yi announced.

Yu Qi was shocked.
”But Madam Hong, that position belongs to Sister Lan and Sister Qun. ” The receptionist position usually for two people.
They would take turn who would work at night, who would work at daylight.
If Yu Qi had been assigned there, meaning one of them would be leaving the position.
She did not want to take another person ’s source.

”Oh, you don ’t know right? Qun will get married soon, so she requests to leave the job.
She also recommends you to take her own position. ” Hong Wen Yi informed Yu Qi.

”Oh, Sister Qun will get married.
It is really nice. ” Yu Qi was happy for her co-worker. 

”So, the receptionist position belongs to you.
You will be a partner with So Lan. ” Hong Wen Yi stood up, took a fail and got some papers out from it. 

She then placed the paper on the table.
The cover stated ’Permanent Contract For Worker ’.

”This is the contract.
You can read first. ” Hong Wen Yi pushed the paper to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi took and read it. 

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”This amount… ” Yu Qi lifted her face and looked at Hong Wen Yi.

”Is it not enough? ” Hong Wen Yi asked.

It just too much I think. ” Yu Qi did not expect the Hong Wen Yi would be so generous about it.

”It is worth. ” Hong Wen Yi said.

Yu Qi continued to read the contract.
She was very satisfied with the contract.
So, she signed it on the spot.

You can go and greet your partner now. ” Hong Wen Yi smiled.

Yu Qi stood up and bowed deeply to Hong W Yi. 

”Madam Hong, thank you very much.
I will work harder. ” Yu Qi said expressed her gratitude.

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