Yu Qi was in the flight.
It was the first time that she was boarding a flight.
She was a little nervous when the flight started to fly.
Her real grandfather was beside her.
She almost could not believe that this was happening in her life.

Suddenly she became the granddaughter of the Mu Guang Qi, a rich businessman in Fanghai Nation.
Yu Qi did not expect her origin would be this complicated.
From Grandpa Mu, her parent was missing about 20 years.
No one knew where they were.
They had completely disappeared despite the resources that Grandpa Mu had used to find them.

Also, she was her daughter of his son from Grandpa Mu ’s first wife who had died during her father ’s birth.
Grandpa Mu was in love with his first wife, so her son was his favourite son.

Grandpa Mu married his second wife due to the force of the Mu Family.
Otherwise, he would be a widower for the rest of his life.

Because of his love for his son, he wanted his son to marry someone who was equal to him.
However, his son chose a normal girl who did not have anything at all.

Grandpa Mu said if he wanted to marry the girl, he would be removed from the family genealogy tree.
He had just said that only to scare his son.
He did not have expected that his son had taken it very seriously and left the family.

For the beginning, Grandpa Mu did not care about the matter.
Years after years, he slowly started to miss his son and regret his words.
If he had not had said those words, his son would be still here.

The flight safely landed at the Fanghai International Airport.
Since Grandpa Mu ’s status was very higher here, the car was waiting right after they came out from the flight.

”We will go to the Mu family house.
I will introduce you to the family later on. ” Grandpa Mu said.

Yu Qi only nodded.

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Being stared by many people was not a pleasant thing for Yu Qi.
She was currently being stared at by a bunch of people.
All of the Mu family members were here.
Grandpa Mu had asked all the family members to gather because he said that he wanted to introduce someone to them.

Grandpa Mu ’s second wife, Kang Pian Sue looked at Yu Qi with a sense of hatred.
It was because this girl was completely similar to the Grandpa Mu ’s first wife, Dian Yi Yi who had died earlier.
Because of Dian Yi Yi, she was known as Mu Guang Qi ’s second wife.

”I have gathered all of you here just only for one thing.
I want to introduce you all to my granddaughter, Mu Yu Qi.
She is the daughter of my son, Mu Xiao Ye. ” Grandpa Mu ’s words made everyone to look around and mumble.

”Grandfather, are you sure she is our family member? ” Mu Rong Xie gave a disgusted look at Yu Qi.

”That ’s right, grandfather.
We should make sure it is true or not.
We don ’t want a shameless person to come and enter our noble family. ” Mu Man Su sneered.

”You all don ’t need to worry.
She is indeed my granddaughter.
I already have done the DNA test.
The result has proved that she is my granddaughter. ” Grandpa Mu successfully blocked others.

”So, where do you live before? ” Kang Pian Sue smiled while asking Yu Qi.

”Yu Qi, she is your grandmother. ” Grandpa Mu introduced the woman who had asked Yu Qi.

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”Answering to grandmother, I was adopted by Wang Family from Binhai Nation. ” Yu Qi answered Kang Pian Sue with respect.

”You are not even from Fanghai Nation? Humph. ” Mu Man Su said.

Grandpa Mu ’s expression worsened.
Jiang Na Na, wife of the third son of Mu family, Mu Zi Lin noticed her father in law ’s mood.
She pulled Mu Man Su to stop her talking unrestrainedly.

”Mum, what are you doing? ” Mu Man Su asked in a low tone.

”Just don ’t talk.
Your grandfather doesn ’t like it. ” Jiang Na Na told her daughter.

Mu Man Su glanced to her grandfather.
It was true his grandfather had glared at her.
Mu Man Su gulped her saliva.
Mu Man Su kept her mouth quiet.

”You all can leave now.
You can get to know Yu Qi some other time. ” Grandpa Mu said and chased away other family members.

They left the room.
Mu Rong Xie was the one to be first announced her annoying thought about Yu Qi to others.

”Grandfather is biased.
What is so special about her? She is just a wild bastard. ” Mu Rong Xie said.

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”But she is quite beautiful. ” Mu Kuang He smiled.
A trace of l.u.s.t could be seen in his eyes.

”Rong Xie, you should not talk like that.
Grandfather would not be happy to hear something like that. ” Mu Yian glanced at Mu Rong Xie.

”But Sister Yian… ” Mu Rong Xie wanted to retort.

”Rong Xie. ” Her father, Mu Li Zie said her name.

Mu Rong Xie shut her mouth up.
She was scared when Mu Li Zie said her name.

”But who knew how our father go to Binhai and found our niece there? Father is very lucky. ” Mu Zi Lian said in half-joke.

”Your father loves Mu Xiao Ye very much.
So, he may love Mu Xiao Ye ’s daughter so much. ” Kang Pian Sue commented.

Mu Li Zie and Mu Zi Lian looked at each other.
His father ’s love toward their eldest brother was known for a long time ago.
Everything was given to Mu Xiao Ye first.
If Mu Xiao Ye did not like the things, only then, they could choose.

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