It was the weekend.
Yu Qi did not have any activity.
After morning jogging, she occupied her space experimenting the medicine.
The medicine was for Grandpa Mu.

Suddenly her phone was ringing.
She answered the phone without looking at the caller.

Yu Qi: ”Hello. ”

Long Hui: ”Qi Qi. ”

Yu Qi: ”Brother Hui? ”

Yu Qi took a look at her phone.
The name was really Long Hui.

Long Hui: ” Qi Qi? ”

Yu Qi: ”Yeah? ”

Long Hui: ”Where are you right now? ”

Yu Qi: ”In my room. ”

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Long Hui: ”Can you come out? ”

Yu Qi: ” Huh? ”

Long Hui: ”I ’m standing in front of your hostel, right now. ”

Yu Qi: ”Huh? Really? Wait for a moment. ”

Yu Qi quickly left the space.
Aoi was dumbfounded with it.
Usually, his master would bring him out too.

”What happens? ” Aoi looked at Bo Ya.

”That man came. ” Bo Ya answered.
Since he was inside Yu Qi ’s mind, he heard the conversation.

”Oh. ” Aoi made an ’O ’ with his mouth.

Yu Qi ran outside.
It was weekend but there were a lot of female students in the lobby.
They were whispered in blush while pointing to one direction.
Yu Qi glanced to that direction.

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’I know it ’ expression appeared on Yu Qi ’s face.
Long Hui was standing outside his car.
His figure was very good.

Yu Qi walked slowly to Long Hui.
When Yu Qi appeared in Long Hui ’s sight, his cold look had been replaced by a gentle look.
He looked at his beloved Qi Qi with loving eyes.

”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

Long Hui did not answer her yet.
He pulled Yu Qi into her hug.
When that happened, they would hear some scream behind them.
Long Hui ignored them.

”You said you missed me last night.
So, here I am. ” Long Hui whispered into Yu Qi ’s ear.

Hearing those words, Yu Qi understood why was he here.
It was because she said those words.

”I miss you but you should not leave your work. ” Yu Qi enjoyed the lotus scent.

”I can not focus while thinking about you. ” Long Hui smiled.

”Let ’s go to a different place.
We can not talk anything here. ” Yu Qi suggested.
Those students were still there looking at them.

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”Okay, Qi Qi.
Let ’s go. ”

Long Hui opened the door car and invited Yu Qi to go in.
This scene made those students screamed even loud.

”That Senior Tang ’s boyfriend? He is so handsome. ”

”I wish I had someone like him too. ”

”I saw him before.
He is still handsome. ”

”I think it is the reason why she had so many bad rumour. ”

”Bad rumour? ”

”Yeah, it happens last year before you enter our university. ”

”Someone spread the word that she was a mistress to an old man. ”

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”Really? Are those rumours are true? ”

”Of course not.
She is also from a rich family.
Why does she need to be a mistress? ”

”Oh, that ’s right. ”

People were talking about her.
But she did not know about that neither she cared about that.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi to a restaurant.
Since she did not eat her lunch yet, she was quite hungry.

”You don ’t eat lunch yet? ” Long Hui asked.

I ’m kind of busy before you come. ” Yu Qi scratched her cheek.

”Qi Qi, you are too slim.
Eat some meat. ” Long Hui could not help to feel worried about his girlfriend.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi eats as Long Hui asked.

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A trace of warmth could be seen on Long Hui ’s eyes.
His beloved Qi Qi was indeed cute.

”How can you be here? How about your work? ” Yu Qi asked while eating.

”Don ’t worry about that.
There is not important work at this time.
I already assign some people to do the work. ” Long Hui said.

On the military camp

”Long Hui, your bastard.
Asking me to do this kind of work…
While you enjoying your date with your beloved…
Inhuman… ” Ren Qian Yi shouted facing some of the doc.u.ments.

Back to the restaurant.

Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I know you have something to tell me. ” Long hui said.

Yu Qi stiffened.
Long Hui really knew from their conversation yesterday.

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”If you don ’t want to tell me, then it ’s okay. ” Long Hui used a different approach.

”No, I do want to share this news with you. ” Yu Qi looked to Long Hui.
”You do know that I ’m an orphan right? ”

I know. ” Long Hui nodded.

”I found my real family. ”

”Oh, really? ”

”Yeah, I want to share this news with you but I don ’t want to tell you through the phone.
But I never expected to see you here.
I ’m so happy. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui also gave a smile when Yu Qi thought so.
It was very worth to come here and met his beloved Qi Qj like this.

After lunch, they decided to walk around.
It was a date.
Long Hui casually put his hand on her waist.
Yu Qi did not mind since Long Hui was her boyfriend.

There were a lot of people looking at the couple.
Among them was An Shu Lin.
She was together with some friends.
When she looked at Yu Qi, she was very jealous.
She too wanted a handsome boyfriend like that.

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”That is Junior Tang ’s boyfriend? He is so handsome. ” One of An Shu Lin ’s friends said.

It ’s the first time seeing him. ”

”Shu Lin, you must become close with Junior Tang since you went to the conference together, right? ”

”No, we are not close. ” An Shu Lin said with her eyes rolled and walked away.

Her friends looked at each other and followed An Shu Lin after that.

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