Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter One-Why is this happening to me


I guess this is truly the end for me, ah Im losing consciousness, Im even going to die a virgin, what an ironic life I had.


How long has it been? Its felt like an eternity, have I really died? Is this the afterlife?

I see nothing, I hear nothing, but.. but I feel warmth, what is happening to me? Who am I?

I finally can open my eyes again, who is this man and why is he making goofy impressions to me?

I i- cant move, why can I move, and why are my arms so small?

Have I been reincarnated? No that cant be right, this is just a vision after death, being reincarnated cant happen, it only happens in anime and manga.

I tilted my head to the left and saw a stunning woman who looked to be in her mid-20s

She smiled at me and extended her hands at me, is she planning to lift me up, I mean it looks like I am a baby again so I guess so, wait, why am I wrapped in cloth? Have I really been reincarnated?


Its been about 6 months since I have been reincarnated, at first I found it hard to believe but I guess these things really happen. About the man and woman who were with me when I was born, those are my parents, the man is called Scot, and my mother is called Elizabeth, and I am called James.

From the looks of it, we live in the wilderness, but I can tell that my family is wealthy, well we are wealthy enough to employ a maid.

I have decided my first goal is to understand the language of this place, although It does not sound like any language from my world, so I have concluded that I really have been sent to another world, I have no idea why but if there is a way to get home, I have to do it, I have to get back to my family.

The fact that I have a new family still makes me quite uncomfortable, but in time I think I will get used to it.

Apparently Scott and Elizabeth met when they formed an adventuring party, yes there are things called Adventurer Guilds in this world.

Since I arrived her six months ago I have gained much valuable information, however due to me not being able to do anything physically yet, all I do is sit at home watching the days and nights pass by.


Going into the future by another four years, I am now Four and a half years old, these years have not been easy, although they have been essential in expanding my horizons of this new world, I am now almost fluent in the language of this world and I am able to properly walk, my father, Scott says I am a natural genius.

Sadly with all the differences from this world to my own, the food here is not up to my worlds standards, although it is still good.

While exploring my surroundings I have heard Elizabeth and Scot talking about bringing me to see Scotts family, they decided to do it when I was five years old, so I only have half a year left, at first I wondered why we had not went to see them yet, but apparently Scott is on bad terms with his family.

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