Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Four - Having Dinner at Wrathead\'s

Chapter Three

The Next day I woke up to the sound of a carriage pulling up to the house, it was quite a luxurious one, as expected of former adventurers, they have lots of money, the journey was going to be for a week so we had to stop at a few small towns before we reached our destination.

On the night of our first day, our carriage was stopped by some tough-looking bandits, probably ecstatic to find such a luxurious and rich family with no guards in it, and after getting a look at the stunning Elizabeth their eyes become those of lust, however, they started running after Scott effortlessly beat the toughest looking one into a pulp with two punches, leaving his face unrecognizable.

Only one thing bothered me, and that was the unnecessary amount of praise Elizabeth gave to Scott, I mean he hardly had to move one inch to make the bandits run for their lives, I bet even Elizabeth could do that.

The following morning we arrived at our first pit-stop, we had around half a day to spend here so wanted to explore, however, we had to go clothes shopping with Elizabeth, and through it, all, both me and Scott had gloomy faces, because it took up almost the full half day that we had.

Thankfully I and Scott got to sneak away after Elizabeth said she was going to go back and wait for us at the carriage.

So we did the only thing we could, we went to the public and mixed-gender bathhouse.

But to our disappointment, the only girls here were those above sixty.

After finishing up with the bath, we decided to go get something to eat.

”Hey James, what do you want, they sell your favorite curry, ” Scott said while pondering at the menu for what he wanted

So I responded-

”Father, could I try some chicken soup? I heard some of the old men talking about how the soup here is the best in town. ”

After nodding, a waiter walked over to us and we placed our order, it unexpectedly didn take long before our food came through, and the old man at the bathhouse was right about this soup, it could even beat the standards of the world where I came from.

After leaving a tip for the waiter, we decided it was best to start going again, however just before, Scott told me that we should get some presents for the family.

We first went to a shop that sold adventuring equipment.

Everything here was nothing out of the norm, however, my eyes were caught on a particular small dagger with an articular looking pattern on its sheath, so I pointed to it and Scott replied with-

”My son you have a good eye that little thing would be great to give to a girl, however, I don think- no wait a minute, I think my brother has a girl around your age who is aspiring to train with the sword, who knows she might cherish this gift and fall for your charm. ”

he said that all the while laughing.

isn that a bit weird? I mean falling in love with a family member, I mean for my old world standards it is, however, after reading through the history of this world I learned that it was a pretty common occurrence for family members to marry each other.

Anyways we decided to buy the little dagger and a few other things, fortunately, Scott is rich because the whole amount for everything was shockingly large, I thought we were getting scammed however Scott looked Delighted at the price, so I guess it wasn that much.

After buying a couple more things we headed back to the carriage, when we got there Elizabeth had a face of boredom, however, when she saw me she suddenly hugged me tightly and didn let go for a while, which almost led me to suffocate.


Another couple of days went by and we only had one more town to go through before we got to the Wrathead Estate, this town was the closest to the estate so it was the biggest we had seen, it was one of the biggest towns in the whole kingdom, and I could see why.

It was bristling with different cultures, races, and age groups, you could see Adventurers going in and out of the adventurers guild, and you could see merchants setting up their stalls for the customers that come early, but the one thing that excited me the most was the smell of the morning baked bread.

Although we were at such a magnificent place we decided to just go through it without stopping, because we were so close to our destination. which left me somewhat disappointed.

And just a few hours later, when we turned around the last corner the estate came into view, it was what i could only describe in one word, extraordinary, truly.

It was well maintained, and almost every detail of the structure looked as though they were sculpted by god himself.

When the carriage stopped and the doors opened I could see two lines of maids bowing and waiting for my arrival, this was the first time I had experienced this in both lives, It made me feel happy to be somewhat important.

”Greeting Young James, we have been anticipating your arrival for some time, it is great to finally meet you. ”

As the only and most senior-looking old man, who I had guessed was the head butler greeted me in such a friendly manner-

”Hello, Ill be in your care from now on, I hope to get along. ” I said while giving a smile that Elizabeth had taught me just before leaving.

she had taught me the formal courtesy of the noble world, so I wouldn embarrass myself, and it looks like it worked out.

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