Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Four - Having Dinner at Wrathead\'s

ling down the big stairs, she sloppily got into the last vacant seat with a grumpy face, she then folded her arms and refused to eat.

”Im not hungry! Let me go outside to play with my sword! ”

She said this while looking at her mother, who was probably the more lenient parent out of the mother and father.

Her mothers name was Beth, she was Scots brothers wife, and she always had a fragile look to her, however talking to her a little beforehand I could tell that she was a kind person

By now, the entire cheerful atmosphere suddenly changed, and it had changed for the worst.

However just before Edward was about to blow his rocket, Elizabeth stopped talking to Scott and said-

”Claire dear, is there any reason why you won eat your food? You have to be hungry, I know I am. ”

When Claire heard this voice, her entire mood changed from one of grumpy to ecstatic.

”Aunt Elzy! ” Claire said, while getting off of her seat and running towards Elizabeth, giving her a big hug.

Aunt Elzy? What kind of nickname is that? I could hardly keep my laughter in.

However, how did Elizabeth know Claire?

When Scott saw my confusion he explained that Elizabeth had once gone away for two weeks to study over at the Wrathead estate and Claire had become quite fond of Elizabeth, and when she was leaving she promised Claire that she would bring her son over in a couple of years and Bring her over the present.

”Aunt Elzy, did you bring the present that you said you would last time you left? Claire avoided every other question and asked about the present, very typical of a five-year-old.

”Yes, Dear I have it right here, but eat up your dinner first, It will get cold-

Elizabeth said it and then started talking to Beth who started talking about the weird rabbit she saw in the garden last week.

”Okay! ” Claire hurriedly picked up her utensils and started scoffing up her food, if I had to describe it, I would say it was very unladylike, she even chocked a couple of times and had to be patted on the back by her dad.

After finishing the last of her soup, she pointed to me, and asked-

”Daddy, who is that boy? ”

I thought I had done something wrong when she pointed to me, thankfully it was nothing.

”That boy is your cousin James, say hello. ”

she then greeted me, thus i responded.

I greeted her as I did to everybody else present.

After a while I had finished my dinner, Claire suddenly got out of her seat and came up to me.

What was she planning to do? Did I do anything wrong?

She grabbed onto my hand and tugged- ”Lets go play outside. ”

Does she want to play? Do I look like some kid… oh wait.

”Alright ill play for a little bit, ” I told her as I got out of my seat, as we were about to go out the back door Scott reminded me about something

”James make sure you are back in time for the ceremony. ”

After I nodded I was dragged out the door by Claire and we went outside to play.

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