She stayed alone for about an hour inside a wide, gloomy, and boring room in which one of the side walls had a huge mirror. She couldn see the other side but she knew they observed her through that observation mirror.

A gorgeous young woman, having short hair reaching her shoulders with bangs, wearing a shirt and jeans, relaxed with her back leaning on the chair time she waited for those who made her wait.

Two people stepped inside and sat facing her the table between them. One is a woman facing her directly and beside her is a man.

The woman (Jin Yan) in a casual outfit far from someone with higher rank, short and messed curly hair putting herself in a position of those who don put any effort about appearance but her face remaining beautiful, opened the laptop effortlessly.

”Name, Lin Lijun, age 25… ” Reading the details dramatically ”You don have any criminal records on you ”

Lijun remained unaffected staring at her.

Jin Yan turned the laptop to Lijun and play a video, Lijun saw herself in the video sitting on a bench playing with a phone.

”This was the day presidents daughter Celine Wen went missing at the airport. Miss Lin Lijun, can you tell us what you were doing? ”

Lijun remained silent with no intention of opening her mouth not now or later.

Jin Yan gave a faint smile and turned the laptop to her side. ”Do you think we called you here for mere videos spreading on the internet? We surmised you are the person behind kidnapping the presidents daughter. We just have to find strong evidence to bring you to court. But the most priority now is to find Celine. Where are you hiding her ”

Lijun still didn show any reaction to those words. It was like they weren talking to her, to begin with.

Jin Yan interrogating Lijun seeing Lijuns reactions couldn help but smirk because Lijun didn deny being behind Celines disappearance so what left is to make her reveal where she is.

”Miss Lin Lijun do you know where you are?! ” Jin Yan raised her voice a little becoming seriously

Suddenly, Lijun put her hand on her chest and didn take long for her to fall from the chair to the floor struggling. Her body starts sweating turning completely red. Officers observing her were confused watching her abruptly change.

She started vomiting blood same time her eyes, nose, and ears bled. It was terrifying to everyone so immediately they called the Ambulance and quickly carried Lijun heading to the hospital.

It was already evening time. When the ambulance was on the road hurrying to the hospital. But at that moment another stunning car followed not too far. Inside a car, a young girl (Lin Ruo) was driving.

Somewhere on their way to the hospital unexpectedly, a truck ran to the ambulance and crashed it unmercifully.

Lin Ruo stopped her car creating fierce noises. She lifted her head while breathing heavily from shock and turned her eyes to the front window gazing out at the ambulance.

The ambulance was crushed to remain upside down.

”No! No! ” she removed her seatbelt in a panic her hands trembling. She witnessed the truck hit the ambulance disappearing in her sight.

She knew wasn a normal accident how the truck crashed the ambulance and everyone who witnessed could think the same.

It was already dark, time Lijun was brought to the hospital with other victims from the accident, and Lijun was brought to the operating room.

The moment a nurse run outside the operation room she was caught by Jin Yan

”Is she going to die? ” raising her brows

Lijun as a person who knows whereabouts of the daughter of the president got into an accident. They didn know what state the daughter of the president is in wherever she is but they found out a person behind everything, in the blink of finding the truth she got into accident.

Lin Ruo wasn too far with her fallen expression paying no heed to them not until she heard someone asking a lame question about Lijun so she turned to look at her.

”She was poisoned before she got into an accident so we are trying our best to help her please be patient ” answered a Nurse

”Just get to the point will she die or not ”

”Please I have to get something. Its urgent ” the Nurse scurried away

”ugh! what a trouble so I have to wait and see ” She complained to herself running her hand in her hair ”Poison? when was that ”

Jin Yan remembered Lijun didn eat anything in the interrogation room then how she was poisoned? she asked herself.

Lin Ruo steps toward Jin Yan. She glared with her red-rimmed eyes nearly piercing her

”Was you? It was you who made my sister like that?!! ” she asked in anger

Jin Yan realized a new fact about Lijun with surprise. In her information, Lijun didn have a family.

”What an interesting fact from her. She had a sister ” said Jin Yan in an amusing way ”I am among those who wish her alive because she has a huge debt. So little sis don make a bad impression of me, compared to your sister am a good person ”

”She. Isn . a bad person ” putting pressure on each words

”Is that so? What a protective sister. If you wouldn admit she is your sister I would never believed it ” Jin Yan took her identity and show Lin Ruo ”My name is Jin Yan, from the special unit of crime investigation. You will be seeing a lot of me from now on. ” she returns her identity

”If you are not a dumb officer then you shouldn have believed those fabricated videos on internet to arrest my sister… ”

”What is your name? ” snapped Jin Yan

Lin Ruo closed her lips.

”Ugh! like your sister. this is annoying. okay, miss Lin. take care of your sister I will return tomorrow ” then she walked away.

After a couple of hours, the operation was done. Doctors walked outside and immediately Lin Ruo run toward one of them.

”Doctor, how is my sister? will she be fine ”

Before the doctor replied Lin Ruo saw Lijun brought outside from the operation room. She was being transferred to another ward.

She followed the bed and herself supporting and moved her sister to the VIP ward.

It has been two days since everything happened. Midday inside the hospital, Lin Ruo was at the Vending machine and took a bottle of water before she turned to leave.

She halted in her tracks after seeing two young men around her age in front of her. Her utterly pale face started to darken in some way seemed she hated meeting with them.

They are so good-looking that most of the girls passing by couldn help gazing their way.

”You have been following me? ” she asked

”No we didn ” one of them replied so quickly with a vigorous shake of his head.

”Why would we? Its not like we will gain anything ” replied the other one in a sarcastic tone

He is more captivating in his looks than his fellow even in height but his presence was of those enfant terrible.

”Then get lost from my sight ” said Lin Ruo before she started walking past them

The second young boy (Zhang Ren) turns and asks a little louder ”You are here because of your sister, right? ”

Lin Ruo stops her steps and turns to him, anger writ on her face. She looked darker than before and everyone can see how she is suppressing her rage with difficulty. Her impudent eyes glared at him

”You keep getting on my nerves. How much do you know about me and my sister? ”

”Pretty much, Which one should I tell? the fact she was attacked at the hotel? Waylayer? accident?… ”

”Hey what are you talking about, what Waylayer has to do with her sister ” asked his fellow (Zifeng) who seems a third party to everything

”What do you want?! ” she asked in a rancor manner

”Lets see ” he put his finger down his chin as if he is calculating then donning a serious expression says ”What if I have some interest in your sister the first time I met her? ”

”This is my last warning, don let me hear you talk about my sister. Don blame me for what I will do to you ” and then she left

Zifeng heaved a sigh of relief seeing Lin Ruo leaving and nothing happened

”Hey! is her sister… I don get it ”

”I will tell you everything on our way ”

”But you keep having bad terms with her you will make my school life difficult. What is in your mind? ”

”Playing around with her temper ”

At the police station to the investigation unit, a handsome young man who seems running to reach thirty soon( Zhang Liang), is at his desk reading some information on a laptop.

A woman having short hair (Bai Hwae Ru) stridden to stand near his desk ”I was checking on the hotel which was attacked with explosives a few days ago. You will be surprised to hear this ” she said in a way to draw attention

Zhang Liang raises his eyes at her.

”The president of the hotel is Lily Wang ”

”What surprising? ”

”Lily Wang, when you look into her information, she is twenty-five years age. Don you find it mysterious? in a profile, there is only a flower and at the hotel, no one has ever seen her ”

”What does it relate to the case? ”

”What if are the same people? Lin Lijun 25, Lily Wang 25, and at the hotel she was the first one attacked and refused to cooperate with us… ”

”She could be the one who was behind attacking the hotel ”

He suddenly paused and looked like something hit him. He get up and grabbed his coat.

”Where are you going? ”

”Ling hotel ”

”I am coming with you ” she runs to tag along

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