Royal Guard

Chapter 4/ A Visit from the Viscount

” Sh*t ”

”Don cuss father ” Thalia disapproved of such behaviour.

” Sorry ” the father apologised.

”Father lets hurry before its too late and or else we will be forced to spend our night in Rhysend ” Ambrose reminded the father

”Yes yes ” Elmer responded.

He took both of his children by their hands and started running through the city.


” Huff Huff ”

Elmer was panting heavily so were his children.

After running for a while he realised that both of his children didn have his stamina and they were lagging behind him.

So he had to tug them in his lap and start running at his max speed.

Running at this speed while carrying two extra weights was too much for this 40-year-old.

”Huff huff….how much…huff…for….huff… ride…huff…back? ”

”2 silver per person ” the ferryman answered straight-faced.

” Huff…..what?! It was 1 silver per person in the morning ”

” Yes but the return trip is reserved for ticket holders others pay extra ”

” Ticket holders? ”

” Ticket that allows one to travel in the ferries ”

” What I didn know about such a system ”

”Enquire on the port office if you want to know more about it ”

Elmer looked at the ferryman with sorrowful eyes but he didn budge.

Defeated Elmer had to pay 6 silver coins to board the ferry.


” Lanceret!!Lanceret!!Lanceret!! Off the board Lanceret!! ” the ferryman shouted.

The Michaund trio got off the ferry and made their way to the shorelines as it was faster through that way to Hillskeep than through the main city.

”Aah ” as if remembering something the steps of Elmer halted.

He jolted back to the port and searched for the ferry office.

” Hello, how can I help? ” said a bored-faced man.

” I was trying to enquire about the ferry tickets ”

” But it was the trip here so buying any tickets won help you ”

” No no, I was asking whats the difference between using a ticket and giving money directly to the ferryman ”

” The tickets come in a variety like monthly ones, weekly ones and daily ones. With validity monthly one having one month, weekly one a week and the daily one for single use on that day ”

”The tickets can be used for one complete trip in a day for monthly one with 15 silvers, weekly 6 silvers and 2 silvers for the daily ones ”

”So I could have saved only 1 silver by using the ticket ”

” Yes but if you buy more tickets you can get a discount ”

” Like? ”

” Like a family of three can buy three tickets for 4 silvers ”

”What?! ” this revelation baffled Elmer.

”So I was ripped!!! ”

”Sir, take your rage out somewhere else its already closing time ”

” What?! ”

” Its already night sir and I have to go, home sir ”

”Ok-Okay ”

Saying so, Elmer came back with drooped shoulders towards his children.

” Father its already late and Im also feeling hungry ” Thalia urged.

” Yeah me too ” Ambrose joined.

” Okay lets hurry ”

The Michaund trio started making their way to Hillskeep.

As they moved under the light of the moon a shout was heard.

” Stop!! ”

Everyone stopped on their feet.

A soldier with leather armour and a spear in his hands came into their view.

”Identify yourselves ”

” Elmer Michaund, current Royal Officer of the Lanceret region ”

Saying this Elmer passed a card to the man.

The soldier took the card and put his mana in it.

The card glowed.

The soldier gave back the card and deeply bowed to Elmer.

” You may leave, Sir ”

Elmer while putting the card in his suit asked the soldier.

” When I used this route during daytime why was no one guarding it? ”

”Sorry Sir, there was a mishap today so our squad arrived a little late. I promise sir such things will not happen anymore ”

The soldier replied in a crying-apologetic tone.

” No no, I was just curious Im not blaming you guys or something ”

” Thank you, sir ”

A look of relief appeared on the soldiers face.

After talking with the soldier about a few more things Elmer and his children made their way toward the villa.


” Darling we were a little late ”

A frightened Elmer said.

In front of him was the incarnation of war, death and fear, Samantha Michaund.

Samantha glared through her husbands soul sending shivers through the mans body.

” Darling, please don be angry, we had to search the whole city to find a shop which sells potion equipments ” said Elmer.

” Also the ferry overcharged us and I have to search for different boats ” lied Elmer.

” Yes mother and we were confused between different sets that were presented ”

” Yes mother I also bought a new suit ”

Thalia and Ambrose supported their father.

Looking at the children Samanthas anger eased a little.

” Ok, wheres the set? ” Samantha enquired.

” It will be delivered a few days later ”

”It will be delivered?! ”

” Honey I know its expensive but such sets are usually delivered and set up by the workshop people ”

”Hmm ”

Samanthas anger refused to quell.

But she forced herself to look at her children and asked

” Lets see your dresses ”

”Th-That will also be delivered alongside the set ”

Elmer replied meekly.


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