or else I won let you in when you come ” he said before walking away.

It always amuses me when he switched from being a romantic lover to an Educator in a minute.

I tried to suppress the giggles threatening to burst out of me with my hands as I looked at my friends face all swollen up like tomatoes but she noticed and gave me one hell of a scare with her looks.

”I wonder why he chooses YOU instead of me!..and wonder where luck was when it decided to pair us as friends ” She complained.

”Class now, save complains for later. He might be my lover but right now he is my lecturer, so hurry before we both face his wrath ” I said as iy dragged her to class.

Out of the seven courses I offered as a level 3 mass communication student at our institute, he teaches us just a single course which is also an elective course which happens just once a week, I still didn understand why I always bother to attend it because he always give me an extra tutorials when he comes visiting but I guess the jealous part of me could not imagine other girls ogling my property so I had to protect my possession.

The hours flew fast as I succeeded not in understanding but in distracting him throughout the lectures by sending him looks and calls on his mobile phone. He left after an hour and Jiddah nudge me on the arm which silently means she was hungry and wanted us to go to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria located not less than three blocks away from our department was filled with student when we got there. We found a quite spot and after our food was delivered, just when I was about to take the first bite of my hamburger, Jidda squealed excitedly while looking behind me and my curiosity got the better of me as I wanted to know more than ever what got her excited and started to turn around when she stopped me.

”No please don look! ” She pleaded.

”Why and who is it? ” I asked while raising an eyebrow demanding an explanation.

”It is Jabir and he is heading this way ” She said and blushed.

”Jabir?..oh no! not again ” I said and roll my eyes before attempting to stand and leave but Jiddah held on to me and pushed me back on my seat.

”You ain going nowhere. You owe me for stealing my brother away from me this morning so sit ” and without having a say I complied.

Jabir the most handsome, arrogant, and sexy guy who has a reputation for being the baddest playboy of our institute walked right to us and sat next to me. Even I had to admit that he was very attractive.

He was tall and has a very hot body with a pointed nose and his grey eyes. His dimple always showed when he smiled. I wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers on his chest but then I knew he wasn my type. Girls flock around him like sheep including my annoying best friend. I saw nothing in him but he has gotten his eyes on me. I was fuming inside when he sat right in front of me, staring at me and before he could utter a word, I quickly took my bag and left him there, together with my best friend.

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